Smash these pumpkins, SJWs :)

I saw an interview this morning. Fifteen minutes after reading this, I’d written a song in honor of Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame being added to the growing list of artists sick of bossy Social Justice Warriors. I present to you the song:

Bullets Are Scary So I’m Triggered But Butterfly Wings Are Okay (as long as they aren’t Sexist Butterflies)

Social Justice is a vampire, sent to drain
creative freedom, Twitter mobs go up in flames
What do artists get, for their pain ay ain?
Pajama boy desires! And blue haired games
Even though we know-I suppose we’ll show
If this doesn’t rhyme, it’s ‘cause you’re racist!
Duh duh duh duh dun
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
Once artistic freedom is lost it can never be saved
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
You gave in. Now we own you,
but can you fake it, for just one more Hugo?
And what do you want? To be left alone.
But what have you got?
When your books are lame
Even though social justice knows
you can’t win and it shows
a cold wind blows
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
Once artistic freedom is lost it can never be saved
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter!
(Insert cool guitar Riff here!)
Tell me I’m the social justice one. Tell me there’s no free ones
Che Guevara is our favorite son
Tell me I’m the social justice one. Tell me there’s no Wrong Fun
And all the good reviews go to yoooooooouuuuuuuu
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on Twitter
Once artistic freedom is lost it can never be saved
Despite all my rage I’m still just a land whale on TWIIIIIIITEEEER

Geeky Hobbies: Little space dudes (Ariadna from Infinity)
BOOK BOMB! Unforgettable by Eric James Stone

56 thoughts on “Smash these pumpkins, SJWs :)”

  1. This is going to be one of those song lyrics I’ll wonder about for years: “Pajama boy desires! And blue haired games” ???

    1. You aren’t paying close enough attention. Pajama boy is a reference to a Christmas promotion for Obama care. He can be found here:

      The blue haired reference is due to the fact that almost all of the die hard feminist SJWs have dyed at least part of their hair blue. Why they are attracted to this shade of hair dye is a mystery for the ages but it is frighteningly consistent.

      1. They are all rebelling in a conformist manner. That’s why you can look at their profile pics and it is like they came off an assembly line. Rainbow haired women and chubby or wussified men, usually with weak ass beards.

        1. Maybe King Missile’s “It’s Saturday” would be a better choice:

          “I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like
          I want to be just like all the different people…”

  2. Is there a tune to go with this, and if so, could you provide a link? (I’m suspecting it’s a Smashing Pumpkins song, but I’m not really familiar with that group so have no hope of finding it on my own).

      1. lol I think Breitbart may need to learn what Mr. Corgan’s profession is. I am not sure I have ever heard him tell a joke.

        1. “Billy Corrigan. Smashing Pumpkins.”
          “Homer Simpson. Nodding politely.”

          I seem to remember him showing up in SNL skits in the episodes where he was a musical guest as well.

        2. Uh… I’m pretty sure they know. Since they open of a picture of him on stage playing a guitar. When they’re talking about comedians, they were talking about Seinfeld (Chris Rock also made similar comments) and his issues with SJW humor police.

        3. If you click on the link, the headline (now) reads “Musician Billy Corgan”… I think they mis-headlined it originally, then corrected the headline. But URLs get created from the original headline, and once created, should never be changed lest you break incoming links. And so the mistaken headline lives on forever in the URL.

  3. The lack of rhyming and scansion in “land whale on Twitter” as opposed to “rat in a cage” triggers me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m OMW to the UN to complain about it.

    (also, aren’t they on Tumblr more than Twitter ?)

    1. You stop and shout the”Land Whale onTwitter!” part, in the fashion of “White Punks on Dope!”

  4. In the case of our own genre the “tribalism” Bokhari writes of is a racial-sexual one of SJWs who become furious if you don’t emphasize our differences via racial-sexual “privilege” and assumptions about where racism and sexism live based on nothing more than race and sex; not an actual deed by an individual – which is how the principles behind law work – but the crimes of entire groups – which is how supremacy works.

    As you read this the usual suspects of SFF who vote for Nebulas and Hugos and decide who will be published or signal-boosted are still on Twitter and blogs every day, all day, selling their conspiracy theories about straight white men and how SWMs marginalize and exclude. They do this by giving the most sinister motivations to any accidental demographic spike of SWMs while ignoring their own purposeful segregation or other random spikes like boxing or the NBA.

    SJWs who say old school SFF was racist and sexist are liars; it is they who have turned our genre into that, not us. It was our culture and the traditions of that older generation from which came Star Trek episodes like “The Empath” and “The Menagerie” which emphasized our common, shared humanity. Our traditions created The Outer Limits’ “The Man Who Was Never Born,” which showed love rejects mere appearances.

    A man obsessed with humanitarian art like Rod Serling had two teleplays televised about the supremacists (like SJWs ideology) who murdered Emmett Till, but so censored as to be unrecognizable. He went to science fiction via The Twilight Zone to get around his endless battles with censorship and present his warnings about the dangers of an addiction to identity which denies our common humanity. SF had a ready-made stable of writers like Kuttner and Bradbury and cultural traditions for Serling who were used to working in morality parables which disguised identity and emphasized principle. SJWs believe the death of Emmett Till is forever frozen in a single race; you only have to read TorCom’s “The Devil in America” by new SJW darling Kai Ashante Wilson which starts out “1955 Emmett Till” to know that. Old school SF denied that as an ugly trap.

    Anyone paying attention to the Nebula and Hugo nominees of the past 3 years recognizes a supremacist literature which operates in exactly the opposite direction of Ray Bradbury’s “The Other Foot,” C. L. Moore’s “No Woman Born,” Edmond Hamilton’s “He That Hath Wings,” Leigh Brackett’s “The Queer Ones” and “All the Colors of the Rainbow.” SJW SFF operates in precisely the opposite direction of traditions which come from the Golden Age of SF and were carried on via Serling, The Outer Limits and Star Trek. SJWs prefer anthologies like Women Destroy SF and racial-sexual revenge fantasies. That old school tradition is now dead. SJWs prefer to talk about “white dude parades” hosting the Hugos, not reading “cis white males” for a year or how most “white cis dudes” randomly punch women, PoC and gays.

    Fuck these people – and yes, they do occupy the same intellectual and philosophical space as neo-Nazis and I don’t mind saying so. The fact they’re too dumb to know that means nothing to me. Go visit them on Twitter; they never sleep and they never stop producing their new Nazi literature.

    1. So does that mean that nominating actual Nazi material for the retro Hugos would not be more offensive than the SJWs already are?

      1. SJW SFF is an anti-Serling, anti-Constitutional, anti-human rights movement which entered our genre in 2009. It opposes due process, equal protection and free speech. It is full of “banhammer,” “don’t read the comments,” analogies to blood libels and general demonization theories which light up tens of millions of people based on their race and sex. It exists in direct opposition to Golden Age SF, or even Aesop’s Fables for that matter.

        1. And anyone who’s read Barnes and Noble’s 25 best SFF novels of 2015 should be really disheartened by how much this garbage has been mainstreamed. That list is a disgrace.

          1. Barnes & Noble will not be a factor too much longer. The SJW’s are a material reason why.

          2. As long as they keep pandering to a pack of hipsters who’ll praise the books and then try to pirate them for free (if they bother reading them at all), they’ll keep losing market share, both to publishers like Baen and by indie writers.

          3. There are a couple on that list that I’d consider reading, but only because I’ve read other works by the authors and am willing to give them a chance.

          4. I didn’t mean the whole list, but it is corrupt. There is no way that list is random or based on merit. It has that stink of WisCon’s race/gender crusade about it anyone knows who’s followed this weird cult. People like Alistair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton and David Brin are many others are simply disappeared by this cult. The only reason they throw the occasional bone to Jack McDevitt is because his two popular series have female protagonists. I love both those series and his Infinity Beach also has a woman as protag and I think it may be the single best SF mystery I’ve ever read. It is genuinely creepy and eerie. McDevitt’s no WisConite. It’s pretty obvious in reading him he writes what he does for the hell of it and has no agenda. Too bad that kind of SF is being gradually and purposefully squeezed out in favor of SF with a Derrida-9000 computer and the pronoun gap.

            “Dave? Is anything wrong? zir said.
            “Dave’s not home,” ze said.
            “Dave, I think there’s a problem with the satellite dish,” zir said. “It’s only receiving binary signals. You should go outside and check.”
            “I have a screwdriver and K-Y Jelly,” ze said. “I think you should go out the pod bay doors and check yourself.”
            “Squeeeeeeeeee…!” zir squeed.

            (applause) Onto my Hugo list it goes, ze said.

    1. That is a great piece, but although we didn’t use that term our movement in SFF is more or less the same and pre-dates Milo’s entrance. Having said that, Milo is doing a great job on focusing the world’s attention on the sick movement behind all this. It’s no coincidence all of his targets have been Third Wave Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, Shanley Kane, Randi Harper, Sarah Nyberg, Arthur Chu, Julie Bindel, the annual NUS conference of feminist student unions in the U.K., Bahar Mustafa, and Charlotte Proudman.

      His other target has been Black Lives Matter, however, when you look at the manifestos delivered to the universities by BLM they are always TWF dogma. I would add that I think Larry C’s site here has been crucial in the events leading up to all that by acting as a beachhead from which we first started to fight back. That pre-dates Gamergate, the other crucial and much more publicized event which acted the same way as the Puppies. Milo’s new tech blog on Breitbart is going to constantly need new material and I think it’s only a matter of time before he focuses on the SFF community. I was just looking at one of the typical round-robins on Twitter between Kate Elliott, Justine Larbalestier, Cora Buhlert and E. P. Beaumont and the obsessive paranoia and defamation of men is remarkable, and as usual, it is every… single… day. If Milo latches on to that bunch they are not going to be happy having their supremacist party exposed on a news site with a global reach.

        1. You don’t have to be a genius to observe that Third Wave Feminists get ’em while they’re young. They target an impressionable and isolated 12-22 yr. old age group in comics, SFF, video gaming and colleges. To get away with that you also have to target free speech and in those exact venues. It’s no surprise Milo speaks at colleges (been banned as often as not) and has involved himself in gaming, the largest cultural youth demo compared to comics and SFF. The difference from SJWs is Milo asks a lot of hard questions propagandists with banhammers would prefer not to have asked, mostly because they have no answers. I found it disturbing Glyer recently thanked his commenters for the “good work” they did. What in the hell work was that? Enjoying a genre is not work, but serial lying to subvert it is. Feminists are trying to edge their way into music and movies but that’s harder to do since the fans tend not to exist within isolated echo chambers like the rest and the influence of give-no-fucks rap is hard to penetrate and explain away. The “gun porn” of movies is also hard to explain away.

      1. And it is very hard for the SJWs to attack Milo since he is a “victim” within one of their “underrepresented” groups (being gay).

        1. That’s why they have to do it without actually defining the offense, a LA Milo and Twitter.

          “You know very well what you’ve done, young man!” is the Battlecry of the Domineering Mother and the SJW Harpy.

        2. Not particularly.

          He’s conservative, beside which, he’s a white male, and admits it, so that’s probably enough for the SJWs to count him as straight.

          1. I honestly don’t think he’s *conservative* at all. He’s just willing to call them on their bullsh*t instead of pretending it’s not middling hip deep bullsh*t. Sane people on the left (yes, there are some) seem too worried about accidentally failing to affirm some nonsense because rules, you know, and it’s important to be kind to the mentally ill. Problem is that never pushing back when someone says something flagrantly absurd (such as… chain mail bikini clad barbarian warriors don’t belong on the cover of the SFWA newsletter, which is like claiming it’s wrong to put a cow on the cover of cattleman’s quarterly…) is no doubt causing the mental illness because of the constant affirmation of absurdities. Milo, instead of being *nice*, treats absurd statements like the jokes they are and the speakers as if they are fully adult, accountable, human beings. But I don’t think he’s conservative. Maybe libertarian in a very expressive “who made you boss of me when you’re an idiot” sort of way.

          2. Milo has taken the label “cultural libertarian” as his own, from the Breitbart article.

          3. Anyone who criticizes Third Wave Feminist ideology defaults to “conservative” or “wing nut.” If I don’t like being racially and sexually defamed every single day both in fiction and non-fiction then it must be because Fox News and Rush Limbaugh told me so. TWFs like to pretend they’re just “liberals” fighting the good fight rather than the anti-straight white male supremacist ideology they so obviously are. That means that by default any actual liberals get dragged in to supporting TWF whether they like it or not. The idea this braindead cult supports equal protection, free speech or due process is absurd.

            Let’s remind everyone that Tweeting “only one award went to a white male” isn’t liberalism unless you think “only one black family lives on my block” is conservatism. But that’s exactly the sick fuckery this cult wants to sell to camouflage and give credibility as to why they feel compelled to hold symposiums on the state of black SF and whine about “white tears” and “male fragility”; it’s not their fault – they’d rather not do that, but racism and sexism. Anyone dumb enough to buy into that load of bullshit can start buying their shares in Martian real estate now.

            If Milo is conservative then so were R. Crumb and S. Clay Wilson in 1967. SFF’s TWFs don’t produce “Dyke pirates off the larboard bow!” or “The family that lays together, stays together,” but that is precisely the type of humor that Milo sells because it uncomfortably resembles real-life TWF. Why should we be surprised that conformist morons have switched roles with conservatives and all suddenly come to the same conclusion independently within the space of 4 years that they should all read less fiction by cis white males? SFF’s feminist turd farm are sociopathic robotic sheep, not free-thinking individuals.

  5. I really despise most social media and especially loathe Facebook….yet with family, friends, and loved ones scattered all over creation, FB has ended up being the only way I can reliably stay in touch with them.

    It’s quite frustrating.

  6. Why, in a criticism of people who look for marginalization on the basis of sex under every rock, do you want to call them land whales.

      1. So if a svelte feminist makes a crazy statement, it isn’t crazy anymore? And we wonder why people pay attention to the idiot opinions of actors.

      1. Internet argument is for the benefit of the audience. If you criticize self-described feminists for silly beliefs, and in the process, make fun of their appearance, all they need do is say “this is why I need feminism” and they have scored a point.

        1. Except the audience fills in the rest of the ‘this is why I need feminism’ statement with ‘in order to continue being a lardass land whale.’ And the point goes to Larry.

          1. If you start out criticizing someone’s ideas by calling them and land whale, you haven’t actually criticized their ideas, you have executed an ad hominem attack.

            You rightly criticize nutty feminish theory for arguing from a basis of emotion and fantasy, rather than logic. I think that criticizing someone’s appearance as a way to attack her ideas is taking a page from the SJW playbook. “They did it first” isn’t a great argument.

          2. Thanks, Humor Police!

            Or I could just have written a parody song in ten minutes because it made me laugh. Man, remember back when people could mock stuff and have a laugh, because humans like to laugh, without having to go through a giant thesis on allowable victimization and finger shaking scolding? Those days must have been crazy! Yeah, I know that the stereotype of gigantic rainbow haired she-twinks exists for a reason, and their goony beard men could have come off an assembly line, but heaven forbid I make a joke about that.

            You know, instead I think that we should all tiptoe around on eggshells before saying anything that might possibly give offense in some manner, because that’s worked brilliantly. Sure, quite literally EVERYTHING is offensive to somebody somehow, but anyways, we need to absolutely rigidly police ourselves to prevent inadvertent offense!

            You know what really helps your sense of humor? Putting everything you think of under a magnifying glass to inspect it for potential rudeness before saying it. It really keeps that whole spontaneity and creativity thing going. 😀

        2. You’re concerned we’ll look bad insulting the KKK’s affirmative action division? Only the KKK thinks I look bad for insulting them. I’m not all that concerned with people who think my name is “white tears” or “cis dude” but who scream like bitchy children about institutional racism, racial microaggressions, privilege and the tyranny of heterosexuality if I ask them where they’re from, wake up white or observe animals don’t use dildos.

          1. Well calling them “bitchy children” is also an ad hominem attack, but it’s more on point, and relates their behavior to their argument. It’s a much better choice than land whale.

            Are you suggesting that it’s actually a good thing to criticize someone’s philosophical position because you don’t find her attractive? If so, then I’d suggest that they really do need feminism.

          2. “Are you suggesting that it’s actually a good thing to criticize someone’s philosophical position because you don’t find her attractive? If so, then I’d suggest that they really do need feminism.”

            No, that’s just a bonus. Cheap, easy, sure. But still funny. Especially if they are like a clone factory in their unattractiveness.

          3. Neo-Nazis are monkey bitches. Do we now need more neo-Nazism?

            The idea the reaction to “feminism” shows the need for feminism is a black hole of an argument. These Third Wave monkeys came crashing into SFF in 2009 calling everyone in fandom racists and sexists and lying about mid-century SF in order to power their affirmative action movement they call “diversity.” They are racial and sexual supremacists who sell the inferiority of whites, men and heterosexuals as often as they breathe. This cult is anti-due process, anti-equal protection and anti-free speech. Pushing back against this brand of “feminism” is a moral virtue, not an argument for even more fat fucks with blue hair to show up with “white male tears” t-shirts. I don’t know why the idea of “Jew Tears” t-shirts is such a complicated comparison for some people but it self-evidently is. That just points up the need for rules like equal protection, doesn’t it?

  7. “cmm on January 13, 2016 at 11:13 am said:Now I need to dig in and do some serious Afrofuturist/ Black SF reading and learning so I don’t feel like too much of an ignorant fool.

    “Jonathan Olfert on January 13, 2016 at 11:22 said:
    Had a similar feel a few months back, so I blitzed Nnedi Okorafor and Charles Saunders, plus I dabbled in a couple others (Milton Davis, N.K. Jemisin, David Anthony Durham). Stand-out favourite was either Who Fears Death or Lagoon, both by Okorafor.

    “cmm on January 13, 2016 at 11:26 am said:
    I have a couple of Okorafor books that I need to move to the top of the TBR, along with at least one Afrofuturism anthology.”

    Keep telling us there’s no affirmative action movement in SFF. Keep telling us we’re racists cuz we can’t imagine these people could ever get an award nomination on merit you fucking liars. We don’t imagine that – you do, and based on historic lies about our genre. I have never in my life seen a movement so eager to both openly and promiscuously promote and deny their own affirmative action. “Serial liars” are the only words that fit these people.

    Another moron in that comments section who recently said they have to cut down on books by straight white men mockingly uses the term “SJW conspiracy.” We don’t think there’s a conspiracy. It’s called reading. We are reading your actual words.

    There’s so much of this shit in SFF on blogs and Twitter every single day I could do one of those endless lighted news scrolls you see around the tops of buildings.

    If Entertainment Weekly ever wants to use this thing called quotes, I have an endless scroll for them.

    This is why the Sad Puppies was created. What’s a slate or even nepotism compared to hate speech and open collusion to racially and sexual discriminate against writers based on a sick supremacist ideology laughingly passing itself off as “feminism.”

    1. Afrofuturism? I had no idea that was even a thing.

      I still can’t figure out why people can’t just ignore the race/sex/gender/etc of the author and read. If they enjoy the book, awesome. If they don’t, perhaps they should just add that author to their “I don’t like” list and move on.

      For instance. Larry is a Portuguese Mormon or something, right? If someone came up to me and said “hey man, I’m reading this Portuguese/Mormon Urban Fiction that I think you might like”, I may have shied a bit away from reading it because… well… I have no frame of reference to understand Portuguese…. um… stuff…. and Mormons are those stuffy weirdos who knock on your door to ask you if you believe in bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla… (yes, that’s usually how far I get… blame ADHD or something). And on top of that, I don’t usually DO Urban Fiction. It’s not my thing. So I might have totally missed out! Instead, I was told that the story was “OK”, but the action sequences were OUT OF THIS FREAKIN WORLD and the characters were well done and interesting and I would regret not giving it a read.

      So I picked up MHI and read it, and liked it a LOT. At this point, I read every book that Larry puts out as soon as I get my hands on it, and have liked each and every one of them.

      My point is, if someone knows of a good book, with a good plot, good characters, and an entertaining story that just happens to also be Afrofuturist, please suggest it to me. Just don’t TELL me it’s Afrofuturist. BECAUSE I DON’T CARE. I just like good stories.

      If that makes me a freakin racist… then whatever…

      1. Welcome to the new awards selection culture in SFF. Basically whoever delivers or supports the delivery of the most racial and sexual slurs, incitements and demonization theories against men, whites and heterosexuals gets a literary award. An eccentric nomination process at best. It makes the Black Entertainment Television Awards look like a benign meritocracy.

        And by the way, you’ve just seen the first step in the destruction of the Oscars with the usual crying, shaming and witchhunting tactics. They will soon go the way of the Hugos and Nebulas but there’ll be a lot more fighting because of the money involved. Third Wave Feminism will destroy anything it touches. If the Oscar people knew what had happened in SFF, they’d take immediate steps to boycott back and cut these people off at the knees.

    2. Entertainment Weekly is a willing enabler of Hollywood’s rape culture.

      Look how common it was and is in movies to show wine as a part of a ‘romantic’ dinner prior to sexual activity. Someone who recently drank wine cannot consent to sexual activity, making all those scenes celebrations of rape.

      Consider also Roman Polanski and casting couch stuff.

      Boycott Entertainment Weekly. Boycott all video of members of the Screen Actors Guild.

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