Next BOOK BOMB, Thursday the 7th! Unforgettable by Eric James Stone

Mark your calendars, our next Book Bomb is going to be Thursday the 7th, for Unforgettable by Eric James Stone.

Eric is a really good guy, probably one of the greatest short fiction writers alive, and now he is a fellow Baen author. I introduced him to Toni Weisskopf a few years ago, and she loved Unforgettable. Eric has won some Prestigious Literary Awards and stuff, but we won’t hold that against him. (come on, it was about Space Whales! That novella was awesome.)

The goal of a Book Bomb is to get as many people as possible to purchase a specific book on the same day on Amazon, that way the book is shoved up the sales ratings, so that it shows up on more lists, so that more new readers see it. Success breeds success, and the author gets more exposure than they normally otherwise would have.

Because Amazon has put in a really long delay between the purchases and the changing of the sales rank numbers (and watching the crazy swings through the day was half the fun) I tried an experiment with the last Book Bomb for Her Brother’s Keeper by Kupari, by actually starting the Book Bomb the night before, so by the morning of the actual Book Bomb day, it was already on the rise. That seemed to help the author’s stats, so we’ll be doing the same thing this time. I’ll actually put up the official post on the night of the 6th to get things rolling for the night owls. That way by the 7th it should already be rising.

The delay still sucks though, and we probably won’t see our max highest ranking until the middle of the night when everybody is in bed. On the bright side though, they usually hang out up there for a few days after, which means lots of new eyeballs see the book.

So tell your friends. Eric is a great guy, super talented, you guys get a cool new book, but the whole point of the Book Bombs is to get a worthy author some more exposure and new readers (well, and most importantly, the author GETS PAID) 🙂

BOOK BOMB! Unforgettable by Eric James Stone
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12 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB, Thursday the 7th! Unforgettable by Eric James Stone”

  1. I got to hear the elevator pitch for this book at SLCC a few months ago; it sounded awesome, but I’d already spent all my book money on Larry, Julie, and Steve. So now I get to buy it in a Book Bomb. Everybody wins!

  2. This book looks friggin’ awesome! I’m 100% in. Fyi, don’t know who else to tell but there’s a typo on the book’s Amazon description “attempts to steal the same technology for the Russion Mob.” Probably want to fix that before D-Day

  3. I purchased Unforgettable as soon as it was available (kindle version was available some time ago); and posted the first review on Amazon. It was a very fun read, although I may be biased towards fiction which stretches science in the service of a good tale.

  4. I already own the book via Baen Ebooks, so I won’t be taking part, but I can say that it is well worth the money. Unforgettable is awesome.

    1. Move them both to the top of your list, will not be disappointed. I looked forward to Unforgettable from the when it first appeared on Baen’s schedule. It took will power to put it down and to go to sleep.

    1. I have, but I can’t promise anything. I get hundreds of requests, years in advance sometimes, and I can only do one every couple of months.

  5. Duly purchased, oh ILOH. Although from the description, “Forgettable” would have been a better title.

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