Series II Challenge Coins: Update VII

Hey all, Jack Wylder here once again with the weekly update.

(I believe this will be the penultimate update as we are SOOOO close to being done.)

At this point I just need to pack up the export orders and a few ‘problem’ orders, plus a box that needs to be dropped off at the PO tomorrow. If all goes as expected and hoped, I’ll actually be able to ship the ILoH his coins within a week! Woo Hoo!! One slight hold up is on the MHI Smiley patches- it’s looking like 3-4 weeks before I can get more in hand. (My Shopify inventory is off by about 50. Maybe I’m the on who’s off, but I prefer to blame them…)
We are shipping most of the orders that need patches, along with a note that we’ll get the patches out ASAP. (I’m not going to hold up a domestic coin order for a patch.)

Believe it or not, when I got home from work today I was able to finally put up some Christmas decorations like my son has been begging me to do instead of worrying about the coins. Oh happy day!

I’ll let you all know when the last ones finally get out.

Ok, this week’s Q&A:

Q: I can’t believe I missed it! Will there be any chance of getting these coins again?
A: Yes, we ordered more than we needed specifically to offer up after all orders are filled. There will not be all THAT many, though, and they will be sold on a first come first served basis. These designs, like the first run before them, will be discontinued and not offered again. (Even after the summer blockbuster movie MHI:Origins or The Christmas Noun In 3D comes out and Larry becomes all famous and stuff.)

Q: Hey can I get my name on a waiting list/can you let me know first/ can you set aside an X coin for me?
A: Short answer, no. Long answer, still no. I’m not keeping track of who to contact or who wants what- when we have them available we’ll make the announcement and everyone will get the same shot at them. Keep an eye on Larry’s blog, Facebook or Twitter pages. FWIW I can tell you for SURE that I’m not going to post them until a week or two after the last orders ship just to be sure so it will likely be sometime in January.

That’s it for this week. Thank you all so much for your patience and support- both mean a lot to us.



21 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins: Update VII”

  1. Mine arrived today as well, woohoo! I’m wearing my MHI smiley pin while listening to the MHI audio book with my wife

  2. I know that you just want to turn your brain off after all this work, but any ideas about making some belt buckles? A bunch of the coins would make awesome designs.


  3. Could you tell me who made these coins for you? My boss is wanting to get some custom coins made for our organization.

  4. Jack, thank you for your hard work. Mine arrived and I am wearing my Provisional Puff exemption proudly… but please offer the permanent ones again! PLEASE!!!!

  5. Mine arrived yesterday. The Provisional Puff coin is fantastic, and the lighter has already started two conversations. Who knows, maybe it’ll find Larry a few new fans.(and of course it works perfectly, it’s a Zippo).
    Thanks for your hard work getting these things out the door. I’d have loved to get them sooner, but putting it into perspective, I didn’t have to wait nearly as long as I will for the next MHI or Forgotten Warrior book. Hey, quality takes time.

  6. Still looking forward to MY delivery. Unfortunately, the tracking number given to your fan in Reno, NV was successfully delivered to Tennessee. Ooops! Looking forward to a new e-mail for a delivery to Reno.

    1. I got a lovely surprise this afternoon. My Reno order showed up at my doorstep (different tracking number). Love everything. Thank you.

  7. Hey, hey, HEY NOW: I resemble that remark! [Q#2, specifically] Just to clarify: I was inquiring if there was some sort of mailing list to enroll on for notifications of new product availability on the web store [so I don’t miss out on the next run of stuff.] ‘Cause you know, I’m crying bitter tears that Santa won’t be bringing me a P-PUFF d-tag or Grimnoir seal this Festivus, all because I had better things to occupy my time this past August than lurking on MHN [like, you know, my job & stuff] & missed out on the pre-order thingummy.

    So, no, I wasn’t hoping for a personal email that the particular gadget I hoped to get was waiting for me, just kind of a generic piece of spam saying “Hey all y’all, we gots new stuff!”

    Back to my nice mug o’ rue-flavored tears now. Mmm, so tasty! 🙁

  8. Hey Jack, my wife and I got our coins a few weeks ago before we left for Christmas vacation with my folks. We love them! It took a long while to get here, but they did get here and in perfect condition and the quality is outstanding!

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into trying to get these out in your free time. This fan and his wife definitely appreciate it.

  9. Off topic: Kind of curious to know why the text for the menu is such a pale shade of gray. I can barely see the text. Sorry for the off topic post, but I keep seeing barely readable pale gray text being used for websites and I just don’t get it.

    1. Aesthetics. The gray matches the gray background of the center area (like around this comment) so it works. Yours is the first concern I’ve heard- would you like it darker? Because I can make it darker pretty easily…

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