9 thoughts on “Fan made MHI mini hobby blog”

  1. Off topic but my coins came on Saturday! They look great and my thanks to Larry, Mr. Wylder, and assistants. Merry Christmas!

  2. Nice work there. I like the second iteration of Franks. The first version looks something like how I pictured him in my mind, but the second one makes him look, well, sharper? Like V1.0 is a blunt instrument while V2.0 is an ax.

  3. How do you desecrate a Church of Dagon?

    Put copies of Izsac Walton’s book in the pews, and spread around old fishing rods and gear. And then get the hell out of Innsmouth before anyone notices.

      1. I’ve been using the MHI RPG as a major source of inspiration for my mini project. I’m not a roleplayer, but it’s got great info and art in it! Highly recommend. -supervike

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for posting this Larry. I just updated the blog with some Agent Franks stuff. I’m really having a blast with this mini project and it’s great to get some feedback. You really made my day!! Thanks again, Jim aka supervike.

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