Podcast Interview with Me & Toni about Son of the Black Sword

Toni Weisskopf and I did an interview for the Baen podcast where I went into great detail about Son of the Black Sword, the writing process, and some of the stuff I tried to accomplish.


I kind of got on a roll, so this is part 1.

I did two radio interviews this morning arguing against gun control and further government encroachment on civil liberties. I’m about interviewed out. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Me & Toni about Son of the Black Sword”

  1. Listened to SOTBS on Audible. Loved it. Can’t wait for the sequel – but I can’t decide whether I want the next Owen Pitt novel or next Ashok novel first.

    BTW: Tim Reynolds is outstanding. I loved his work on Michael Sullivan’s Riyira chronicles, and loved him on this.

    1. In order, you’re getting Ringo Monster Hunter, then the last Dead Six, then Own Pitt, then Julie Shackleford, then the next Ashok.

      1. What ever happened to the book you and Ringo were going to co-write? The one about giant ants? Is that still a thing?

        Also, is there a date for the Larry Correia/Jonathan Maberry story collaboration? Because having my two favorite authors team up has had me excited since you announced it.

        1. That planned collaboration turned into MHI Grunge instead.

          The collaboration with me and Jonathan will be out next year in Urban Allies, but I don’t know when. I believe the title of the story is going to be Weaponized Hell.

          1. Awesome! Thank you. I buy your books as Christmas presents for people, so I think you may be getting all of my money in the next couple years.

      2. To be honest l’m more excited for the next installment of the MHI series. Not so much for the next Ashok. SotBS didn’t really work for me. The setting, the characters, and the plot just felt flat and one dimensional for me. The only thing that makes the book worth reading for me were the fight scenes/action sequences, those were vivid and riveting.

  2. I hope this isn’t spamming, it shouldn’t be I make no money on this, but Son of the Black Sword and every other one of Larry’s novels are on sale on Audible right now. I own all of Larry’s audible novels so I can’t take advantage of this sale but there will never be a better deal this at least on Audible. If you love audio novels and Larry’s work you just HAVE to check it out.

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