Next BOOK BOMB, Monday the 28th, Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost

I’m happy to announce that the next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb will be on Monday the 28th.

I’ve known Julie Frost for years. She’s a great author, but she’s best known for her short fiction. This is her first novel.


For those of you unfamiliar with Book Bombs, I pick a novel from a good author who needs a publicity boost. Then we try to get as many people as possible to buy their book on Amazon on the same day. Because the sales ratings change hourly, this causes the book to go up in the rankings. The higher it gets and the more lists it shows up on, the more new people see it, and the more exposure the author gets.

We’ve had some really good results with these in the past. I get a ton of requests for BBs, but I can only do them so often, and I have to read the book first to make sure it is something the regulars here will like. I think you guys will like Julie. She’s awesome.

So mark your calendars. Monday. Werewolves!

Book Bomb Postponed!
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20 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB, Monday the 28th, Pack Dynamics by Julie Frost”

  1. What kind of creepy cis-gendered hetero-normative shitlord neo-colonialist patriarchal misogynistic oppressive ploy is this? It is well known in the science fiction community that you hate women, minorities (even yourself), gays, LGBTQQRTLKJ$#F, and all other non-white non-straight people. I bet this is some kind of reverse psychology. I’m posting this on Tumblr under the topic heading, “Wow guys, just wow” if you want to see the public’s reaction.

    I require your response and my pronouns are “xe” and “xer.”

  2. This is available for pre-order with delivery on Monday, the day of the book bomb. If I pre-order, does that show up as a first day sale or does this dilute the book bomb?
    This would be useful to know for those of us who forget things on Mondays…


    1. It would dilute it. We need as many *sales* on Monday as possible.
      Having said that, if Monday doesn’t work for you by all means pre-order! I’m sure Julie would be thrilled anyway.
      One thing the ILoH left off there is if you read it and you like it, leave a review! It really does help… (& if you read it and don’t love it- shut your pie hole!)
      I kid, I kid…

  3. ooooh, vampires and werewolves are right up my reading valley! and it does sound pretty interesting so /putting a note on a callendar

  4. I got mine at Salt Lake Comic Con Thursday – and a good thing too.

    When I went by the booth today around 2pm there were literally 3 copies left to sell.


    1. Special Task Force Unicorn wouldn’t have used creepy recordings to scare the enemy, they would have just had Earl step out from behind a rock and say ‘boo’.

      1. So maybe the use of the recordings was just a cover story? To explain away the sounds of an actual undead outbreak caught on audio?

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