Salt Lake City ComicCon is this weekend.

I got back from Portland late last night. I’ve got Salt Lake City ComicCon this weekend. Considering the week before Portland I was at DragonCon, and right before that I was in NYC, I’m about traveled out. Oh… yeah, I’ve still got 3 weeks of book tour starting at the end of October. Never mind. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll be on several panels, and when I’m not on those, I’ll be signing at the Wordfire Press super booth. Other authors in the booth include Jim Butcher, Terry Brooks, Bob Salvatore, Kevin J. Anderson, and a whole bunch of others.

Thursday 3:00 Outlining vs. Discovery Writing

Friday 1:00 Writing Action

Friday 3:00 Fantasy and Heavy Metal (this one is Peter Orulians’ idea, and has me and Butcher on it. I’m the only one without a glorious mane of rock and roll hair)

Friday 8:00 Choose your Own Apocalypse

Saturday 1:00 Live Plotting, Build a Story

Saturday 3:00 Creating Good Characters

Saturday 4:00 Urban Fantasy

If you want to see the huge master list of the hundreds of panels, you can go here. and you can even browse by guest.  Salt Lake ComicCon has gotten HUGE.

Series II Challenge Coins (Update #2)
I'll be at Rose City ComicCon in Portland this weekend

13 thoughts on “Salt Lake City ComicCon is this weekend.”

  1. Fantasy and Metal? Hope someone mentions A Band Of Orcs – those of Hirntodia are more outgoing and frie… uh, “amenable to being viewed by humans”. (Saw ’em open for GWAR a couple years ago.)

    1. Deep breaths, Julie, deep breaths. 🙂 Will you be at the Wordfire booth as well? I need to drop by and say hello; I haven’t seen you in ages!
      PS Sleepy geek thought: when you and I ship books, it’s not fanfic. :-}

    1. It is more of a way to meet fans. If you price out the cost of a book tour vs. number of books actually sold on tour, there are only a handful of us who would come out ahead. For the vast majority it is about meeting fans in person. You make your fans happy, and that’s an investment that pays back forever.

      That said, last SLCC I sold 9 cases of books. In that case, win/win. But that’s extremely abnormal for book signings.

  2. Man, that’s an awesome list of authors you put there. I’m greeeeeeen with envy …or lack of sleep… at the folks who get to go there!

  3. I would love to get to Salt Lake City for the con. But it’s kinda expensive to fly from Czech republic just for the con…
    I’d love to get some books signed by any of the authors in the booth…

  4. Hey Mr. Correia, thanks for coming out to Comic Con and thank you for the signed books! Already halfway through MH International and quite enjoying it.

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