MHI Series II Challenge Coins- Update #1

Jack Wylder here. As most of you know, the ILoH is currently holding court at DragonCon so it falls on me to give the update. The Series II funding portion has now officially closed! So what’s next? I’m tabulating all of the results now and I will place the full order on Tuesday. (The full order will consist of enough to cover all orders received, plus we’ll round up the numbers.) The mint has already completed all of the molds so the manufacturing time shouldn’t take too terribly long. I will post an update as soon as I have an estimated time of delivery. Once I have them all in hand I will pack these orders up and get them out to you just as quickly as possible. (Again, I will keep you all updated as to the progress of the project every step of the way.) Judging by last time, it is important I make this note: Once we post here that all orders have shipped, if you do not receive your order within say 2 weeks max LET ME KNOW! Do NOT contact us in 2017 to ask about an order that should have been received in 2015. I can not stress this enough- I can’t track orders from 2 years ago! I can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

The members of the Monster Hunter Nation are amazing and we appreciate every one of you. On behalf of the International Lord of Hate and Wendell the Manatee, we at CorreiaTech would like to thank you for supporting Capitalism. Thanks!

Back from DragonCon
MHI Challenge Coin Update

22 thoughts on “MHI Series II Challenge Coins- Update #1”

  1. Thanks Jack! If there’s two things I love, it’s Capitalism and the CorreiaTech Nation. Glad to support both.

    Oh, and can I suggest Larry’s next sketch comic be Wendell and Larry swimming in a pool of money as a bunch of anti-Puppies shout stuff about him not being a real author? I think it would be appropriate.

    1. Larry tried the whole Scrooge McDuck thing but it turns out that gold coins aren’t NEARLY as fun to swim in as the cartoons make it look…

      1. Yeah, a swan dive into a pile of coins is a quick trip to brain and spinal injuries. So how about a hot-air balloon fueled by $100 bills with Larry and Wendell showering the joyful throngs below with coins?

  2. It cost $45 to ship a single patch up north? It does’t even weight 0.1 oz.
    I got a bike shipped to me for lesser.
    Your International shipping is killing me.

    1. Do *NOT* order a single patch right now!
      We can only do one flat rate and after losing tens of thousands on international shipping last time, we erred on the side of caution and priced it as if you were ordering a full set of coins. In a few days we’ll bring it back to a more reasonable price- order your patch then! (I’ll make the announcement here)

    2. That shipping rate was temporary while we were doing the coins. Shopify only allows one shipping rate. Shipping bags full of metal gets expensive. Now that the coins are done the shipping will go back to normal.

  3. Will you be posting the final tally for each coin? I bought the whole set, but I’m interested in which coins sold best, and which weren’t quite as popular.

    Thanks for your (and Larry’s) hard work!

  4. Can’t wait to see this batch. Series 1 was awesome. I recently got my daughter hooked on MHI and introduced my younger daughter to them while traveling to/from DragonCon this weekend.

  5. You’ll do another run of the coins, or there’ll be regular ordering from now on?

    I hope the latter, to be honest.

    1. Ummm, neither. We’ll probably do a series III at some point, but with Series II the order goes in tomorrow and that’s that. ShadowDancer, use that email up there and drop me a line…

  6. Will there be coins going up on the Swag site for the slowpokes like me that missed the order date? Abject apologies if this was a ready addressed…

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