Writing Contest on the Forum

Okay, this is pretty cool. Over on the Monster Hunter International: Hunters Unite fan page on Facebook, somebody put up some cool artwork, and it led into a discussion about the story ideas inspired by that artwork, and the next thing you know my people decided to write some short stories based on it, and Jack and Jennifer turned it into a writing contest. J


I’m not involved, am not judging, (and my usual rule of thumb about any online fiction related even vaguely to my work I can’t ever admit to reading it) but figured you guys might think these are neat. You can leave your comments about the stories at the link. I think Jack is sending swag to the winner.

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5 thoughts on “Writing Contest on the Forum”

  1. I’m horribly at writing fiction, but do a pretty good job at amature game design… In fact, I have a rough draft of a MHI inspired war game that I’ve long wanted to share with the masses. Would something like that be eligible?

  2. ang! I missed it. Hey Larry…I know you can’t read them….buuut what if your foks told one or two were so good you might want to consider heading up a book of Monster Hunter short stories by various writers (even undiscovered writers). All the contributing writers get all excited and so the social media thing…and their friends and their friends…anyway, you get the idea.

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