eARC for Mike Kupari’s solo novel available now

Many of you know Mike Kupari. He’s my coauthor on the Dead Six series. His first solo novel, Her Brother’s Keeper is coming out in October from Baen. However, you can get the advanced reader copy now. Baen sells eARCs several months early. They’re more expensive than the regular ebook, but that way you get the book months in advance. And sometimes you even get to see our typos!


I was one of the alpha readers. It’s a fun, solid, good old school space opera. I really recommend it.

Plus, while you are there here is something else that just came out in eARC. Onward Drake is an anthology of short stories inspired by super author Dave Drake.


I’ve got a short story in there.

Larry Correia examines what it’s like to face Hammer’s Slammers from “The Losing Side”

I’m really proud of this one. It was a lot of fun. I started reading Hammers Slammers back in high school. I’ve been a fan of Drake’s work forever. I reread the Tank Lords to prep, and I wanted to write a story about the poor bastards on the other side. Plus I did a lot of extensive, in depth research by playing World of Tanks. 🙂  But seriously, it came out really good. I’m getting one of the special leather bound, limited edition copies of this one.

Another early review for Son of the Black Sword
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10 thoughts on “eARC for Mike Kupari’s solo novel available now”

  1. Or you could just wait for the normal release and see typos too.

    As there are always a few that slip through the cracks.

  2. I’m about 60% of the way through Her Brother’s Keeper. So far I’ve been highly entertained, and that’s coming from a guy who isn’t usually a big fan of sci-fi. The book is like an old school Poul Anderson story on the set of Borderlands (the video game) with a sprinkling of Firefly, Ghosts of Mars, and Event Horizon to give it flavor. I hope Baen has Mike working on the sequel. This universe needs a couple more books.

    1. I burned through it last night and today. I am of pretty much the same opinion . He has lots of good references to other sci-fi stories.Along with a nice variety of characters there is a good back story to the universe. technologies are explained a bit and throw in some good mysterious alien stuff for flavor and its worth reading. There is a bit of scientific explanation but he doesn’t blather on and on about it like some authors do. While its not the greatest novel ever written it is a good start to a solo career and I don’t regret spending money on it 🙂

    2. The chapters I read have a flavor of Jerry Pournelle’s CoDominium universe, with the transit points and the long slog to reach them.

  3. Oh, hell yeah for the Drake. Just saw this an ordered a copy. I, too read Hammer’s Slammers as a kid. I still remember being just stunned reading about those poor guys under artillery fire. It was the first military SF I read that was very clear that war was not all just loud explosions and fun. Still joined up a few years later…

  4. I just wanted to point out that the difference in price is about 2.60 from the Amazon list in November price to what you can purchase it today. This isn’t like a limited printing or other promotional pricing structures in publishing that are priced for collectors. This is the first time I’ve heard of this so was based on my past experiences was expecting a much steeper price increase.

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