12 thoughts on “The Aloha Snackbar”

  1. I was an early supporter. I’ll ALSO mention that he has an all-star cast of business and IT advisers backing him up on this. . .

    1. ?
      As far as I know, he does cook “hunted” meats (if he can get his paws on them) as well as the butcher bought pieces.

      Slightly more in depth explanation, Outdoorsman style blood drained non-pig meat, produced via hunting (ie: deer, bear, gator and so on) is acceptable if you are looking for Halal meat. (Though it may not be kosher, as I think there are some more constraints on Judaic view on acceptable meat but don’t quote me, I’m not entirely familiar with it’s requirements)

  2. Wow, I knew that guy in high school. Great guy. I wish I had the money to help out. If he gets it up and running, I’m gonna go find that truck, though.

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