12 thoughts on “The Aloha Snackbar”

  1. I was an early supporter. I’ll ALSO mention that he has an all-star cast of business and IT advisers backing him up on this. . .

    1. I’ve been disappointed at how many of my acquaintances don’t get the pun in the name.

    1. ?
      As far as I know, he does cook “hunted” meats (if he can get his paws on them) as well as the butcher bought pieces.

      Slightly more in depth explanation, Outdoorsman style blood drained non-pig meat, produced via hunting (ie: deer, bear, gator and so on) is acceptable if you are looking for Halal meat. (Though it may not be kosher, as I think there are some more constraints on Judaic view on acceptable meat but don’t quote me, I’m not entirely familiar with it’s requirements)

  2. Thanks for highlighting this kickstarter Larry. Your endorsement motivated me to pledge.

  3. Wow, I knew that guy in high school. Great guy. I wish I had the money to help out. If he gets it up and running, I’m gonna go find that truck, though.

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