A good friend of mine is looking for work

Many of you on the Monster Hunter Nation know Jack Wylder (that’s not his real name by the way). He is a really good friend of mine, and for the last few years has been helping me with my merchandising and web stuff on the side. He is the one who took care of the Challenge Coin Kickstarter, designing the art, and processing all the orders. All the various shirts, hats, mugs, and assorted oddball fun things we’ve done on this blog, Jack was more than likely the one who actually put it together.

Jack’s real job was as the marketing director for a well-respected gun company. If you have read a gun magazine in the last decade, you’ve seen his work. What most people didn’t realize though was that he wasn’t the manager of a department, he was the entire marketing department by himself. He designed the ads, placed the ads, handled the advertising budget, did their website, handled their social media, even shot the photos, and basically did all the stuff that most folks in the gun business assumed was done by a team of people. Before that he was one of their sales guys (that’s how I met him), and before that he was quality control.

Jack was laid off. Everybody in the gun business knows his work, but it isn’t a huge industry, so there aren’t a lot of open positions for full time marketing people. He found another marketing job at a start-up gun company, but before he’d even started working they ran into some legal trouble and put everything on hold.

So Jack is currently unemployed and looking for work. The man has serious skills. I vouch for his character without hesitation. To give you an idea, when this blog started having technical problems when Jack offered to help, I said here are the keys to everything and my credit card, I trust you, have fun.

Jack lives in the Austin area. The man is Texan to the core, so it would have to be something pretty sweet to move, but I think marketing is one of those things where you can do it remotely too.

I don’t think he wanted me to post this. Jack is a proud guy, and not the type to ask his friends for favors. So that’s why I’m using his internet name instead of his real one and leaving the above description of his work history vague about who he worked for. If your company needs a marketing wizard, post in the comments below so I can put you in touch with him, and he can send you his resume.


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  1. I just started here so I don’t know for sure if there is a marketing need but I’ll ask/look/listen a bit this evening and let you know.

  2. I’m in Austin as well, and I would be happy to help. I’m in IT, but I do a lot of networking. Here are some ideas –
    http://www.meetup.com/Local-Austin-LinkedIn-Networking/ is well worth attending
    TechShop locally could use better marketing, but even more than that, some of the members are doing various start up projects and could really use marketing help. http://www.meetup.com/Local-Austin-LinkedIn-Networking/
    I’m sure he already knows about Battle Road in Davilla, there could be some opportunities there.

    I do various other things, it would be cool to meet up for lunch sometime. Feel free to contact me.

      1. Jack, I’m in Austin. I’ll BUY you lunch. 🙂 I am an IT guy as well, but I know a few marketing folks here as well as other places. I’ll be glad to get you an intro. I’m in LinkedIn, Jon Nials.


  3. I hate to ask, but I’ll ask anyways: Would he be willing to do a little spot work for an ebook author? I suck at marketing, completely, and I’m sure a lot of other indy authors are in the same boat as I am. I’d be willing to pay for some professional help. Just hope I can afford him if he is interested!
    Heck, there are enough of us out there, he could probably start his own business just selling us services.

    1. Hmm, I second the notion about would he be willing to do small-time hires for us wee indie-authors? Just a thought especially about the whole ‘small time jobs’ that he might find a market for.

      (I’m afraid that’s about all I could think of. =( I haven’t got a clue about US marketing since I’m in Australia. )

  4. He might have to work outside the firearms industry until something opens up. Sell cars for a day job, apply at night for the jobs he really wants.

  5. I know that the Michigan a Academy of Physician Assistant (MAPA) is looking for a marketing consultant to help raise awareness about PAs and increase membership. I know it’s not the normal line of work, and it is probably a 1-year gig but.it might be worth a shot. The website is http://www.michiganpa.org. They’ve sent out some emails to members, but will probably make the big push at the October conference . The current director will be retiring soon, so I’m not sure if they will make a decision before or after that. Contact info is in their webpage. I can send them a note, but I don’t have any special “in” . Good luck!

    1. That’s a pretty good deal. The company I work for also has a matching 6% 401K plan. We have had free retirement and financial planning sessions with a national Accounting firm and they always tell us that is the highest they have ever seen. It’s normally around 3%. I’ve been there 18 years and hope to retire in another 5.

  6. Tor Book Publishing is looking for a publicist:

    Post Date 7/20/2015
    Title Publicist
    Organization Tor Books
    Requirements Tor/Forge Books seeks a highly-motivated and creative Publicist to join its publicity team. The ideal candidate will have three to five years publicity experience, possess excellent writing and organizational skills, be familiar with key print, broadcast and electronic media, and have a successful track record in publicizing a variety of genres. Reporting to Director of Publicity at Tor, this individual will work closely with marketing and sales efforts to implement successful campaigns while developing and strengthening media and author relationships.

    1. I can see it now- ‘Hey we’ve got an application here from a guy who’s been eyeball deep in the gun industry since the 90’s who’s apparently a really good friend of our buddy Larry Correia! According to this he’s also friends with Ted Nugent, Jim Scoutten, and Roy Huntington!’ ‘Geez, if only he were a Texan he’d fit right in here in NY, huh?’

      1. To be fair, the position is with Tor Books, not Tor.com.
        Just make sure you clarify that you’re speaking for yourself not the company when you call people names, and you should be good.

        1. Honestly, Doherty at least might be eager to hire some conservative friendly people (with actual conservatives even better) if only as ‘proof’ that Tor isn’t a politically hostile workplace.

  7. a) Not familiar with his work, and don’t need a marketing expert, but may be able to offer some occasional work for graphic design and copy writing If that’s in his wheelhouse, I can put him in touch with our web development side to see if we have some work.

    b) tried to register under “connect with” for google and wordpress and both failed

  8. I hope he finds something quickly. Being out of work sucks for people like us that actually HAVE a work ethic.

    1. Yes it does- BIG time. I HAVE been keeping myself (very) busy with side jobs and one offs but I need the stability of a steady check…
      (And at this point I think I’m finally too old to just go back to manual labor)

  9. The company I work for, ClearOne, is looking for a Marketing Manager. While the listing is for our SLC office, we do have an Austin office. If Steve really does well on the interview and is the best candidate, the exec team may be open to having the position be in Austin. The company website is http://www.clearone.com.

  10. Pardon me for cluttering up the comments, but I just wanted to say that this post, in and of itself, illustrates the difference, the awesome, badass difference, between monster hunter nation, its members, and pretty much anyplace, especially anyplace neoliberal or leftist occupied, else on the web. Just awesome. Good luck Jack! Oh, and I, too, think that should be your real name. It is just too awesome sounding.

  11. I’m another person that isn’t far from Jack, so I’ll keep an eye out. I’ll toss any findings here since It’s hard to send info to an address you don’t know.
    Btw there should be an MHI Austin meet & shoot sometime…

    1. I’m in. I vote for Dahlia’s cafe in Liberty Hill, followed by loud bangy things at Best of the West!

      1. Actually enough to make me wish I was in Texas. (I live north of the Red River so perhaps you understand the surprise. 😉 )

      2. I second the BotW idea- great folks, great range!

        edited to add: you can always get me at CorreiaTech1911 at gmail dot com

  12. Hi there, I work in marketing at Dell here in the Austin area. Many of us work from home regularly and it’s a great place to work with some very cool people. I would be happy to promote your resume any way I can if you are interested. There are plenty of us gun enthusiasts in the tech world.

    1. Makes you wonder if being in the tech world is causal to us being gun nuts… (said the guy with over 21 years in IT) 🙂

      1. I suspect it comes naturally to the “hands on” kinds of people who go into technical trades and professions.

        Although judging from the “stupid user” stories my IT friends tell me, I can see why people in that field would be drawn to firearms, or martial arts.

    2. I’d love to! Shoot me an email and I can get you the resume…. CorreiaTech1911 at gmail dot com

  13. I sent a link to a job from Apple. It isn’t exactly marketing but I thought it might be a possibility.

  14. I sent this post to a buddy of mine who is part owner in a small local manufacturing shop. I don’t know how they’re fixed for marketing folks, but it never hurts.

  15. The folks here at MHN are just amazing. Thanks, all! Appreciate all of your kind words (& possible leads)

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