Book Signing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 11th

I will be signing books at the Cottonwood Corners Barnes & Noble, in Albuquerque, Saturday July 11th at 2:00.

I’m in town for a family thing, but having never stopped anywhere in New Mexico to sign before, I figured I had better do this. I’ve spoken to a lot of you online and look forward to meeting you in person.

Normally signings are for when a new book comes out, but since Son of the Black Sword doesn’t drop until October, if you have any particular title of mine you want to make sure they have copies on hand to sign, you can call and request them at 505-792-4234. Otherwise bring your old stuff in, or just drop by and say hi.

Somebody sent me a Sad Puppies holster
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19 thoughts on “Book Signing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 11th”

  1. Will you also sign MHI t-shirts, MHI coffee cups, MHI patches, MHI ball caps, or other MHI merchandise? (Asking for a friend… 🙂 )

  2. On an off-topic note, I just voted for the Hugos and am only sorry I couldn’t vote for Monster Hunter: Nemesis. Best of luck on you book tour and hopefully I can catch you when you swing through Texas next!

  3. Cottonwood Mall… I will be there! Or at least, I’ll be where ever it is once I figure out where that is!

    Helpful hint to those of us South of ABQ or on the East Side… they’re doing road work on the Coors intersection with 40, and I’ve no idea how messed up it is or if it will be done by July. Might be time to check out the brand new Paseo del Norte bridge. 🙂

      1. Wow, you must really want a signature. For those of y’all not from around here, that would be longer than driving from Washington DC to Columbus, OH.

        1. Yep, got a copy of the MHI Employee’s Handbook and Roleplaying Game that needs a signature.

      2. Heh. What will you be driving in? If it’s something large enough to haul two engines and transmissions… We might be able to work something out whereby all of your gas gets paid for.

        email ogre at izmm dot com if you see this…

  4. The sadness. 🙁 It turns out that I have to be on the road to Minnesota that morning at the latest.

    I have discovered another cause of puppy sadness.

  5. Will pictures be possible? I know #1 son would be thrilled to have a picture with you. And thanks for coming to ABQ.

    1. If you want anything autographed, but can’t be there, call the B&N and they’ll stash them for you to pick up later.

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