Maps from Son of the Black Sword

LokMapColorYou can’t write a big fantasy novel without a map. That’s just how it is. I’ve always wanted a book with a map in it. This is from the Son of Black Sword landing page over at Baen.

The extremely talented Isaac Stewart did the maps for this project. I’ve been a fan of his work since Mistborn.

EDIT: the sample chapters and a free short story are at that link too.

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25 thoughts on “Maps from Son of the Black Sword”

    1. Heh… Actually at one point when someone from there is asked how his home is doing, responds that it is the usual, volcanos and walruses.

  1. Probably not under your control, but maybe you can pass it on: the hardcover of What If? did something awesome w/ a map: printed it on the inside of the dust cover. When I saw that I thought it was something fantasy novels needed to start doing.

  2. Awesome map, can’t wait for the books.

    BTW – OT – but damn you. Just finished Dead 6. You left me hanging with THAT?!?

    Also – caught you discussing playing Savage Worlds on the Garagehammer Podcast. How much time do you spend in hero, and how did your experiences affect choosing hero as the system for the MHI RPG?

  3. Very nice. Though I think it needs some measure of scale, I’m not sure if it’s a big island or a massive continent.

    1. Judging by the culture Larry was modeling, the landmass is about the size of India, rotate 45 degree, with Fortress taking place of Sri Lanka.

  4. The capitol city makes sense. As far away from the sea as one can get (I’ve read the book, no spoilers). I’m trying to remember exactly how big the continent was in comparison to, say, the US.

  5. It is important for there to be many mysterious islands for pirates to live and hide within 🙂

  6. I also finally figured out that I could just comment and fill in my name and email instead of using the “connect with” options, which seem to be entirely broken.

  7. Late to the party, but wanted to say that is an awesome map. Loved the excerpt, and what you had to say about the series in your class a couple of weeks back. Looking forward to it!

  8. Dang and there goes my theory that is this a post apocalypse novel that takes place in India in the future.

  9. Grrr Larry! Great beginning! Can’t wait for it to come out! Just spent 3 hours reading the sample chapters! Why so long till it comes out?

  10. I want only to make a small boast and say that map in my imagination (after reading sample chapters) was much, much better:)

  11. Every time I open a new RPG video game yeah, old school box) I am always disappointed that there isn’t a cloth map in the box anymore. 🙁

    Ankh optional….

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