New Kickstarter, Champions of Aetaltis. I wrote for it.

Check this out.


Marc Tassin put this fiction anthology together. It features a bunch of really good authors with all new stories.

I first met Marc at GenCon, where he is one of the organizers of the writing track. He told me about his RPG project, and the world he’d created for it. He wanted to know if I’d write a story for it. I get a lot of writing requests and have to turn most of them down, but after I read through the world guide, I had to do it. They’ve created something unique and fun here.

In the world of Aetaltis there is an order of mystical warrior monks called the Kinjatsi. There is also a stoic, tough race called the Drothmal, who worship the god of suffering. Once I got done reading the world guide, I contacted Marc and asked if anybody had claimed Kinjatsi. No? Score. 🙂

My story is already done and turned in, and I think it came out pretty darned good if I do say so myself.  So please, check it out.

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17 thoughts on “New Kickstarter, Champions of Aetaltis. I wrote for it.”

  1. Thanks for informing us about this, Larry. That’s quite a lineup of authors.

    It’s great to see John Helfers on the list. At my first Gen Con, he agreed to take time out of his crazy schedule to give me some pointers on the business.

  2. A chance to get in on the ground floor to support short fiction from several authors I know and follow, in a cool-sounding universe I had no idea existed?

    Score, indeed.

  3. Thanks for your support AND your amazing story, Larry! I won’t deny how excited I was when you agreed to take part. I think the toughest part of this whole thing is waiting to share your story with the rest of the world. It’s SO good!

    And thanks for the kind words, everyone! It’s been a lot of work to get here, so it’s wonderful to see people getting excited about it!

    1. You’ve got one heck of a great team of writers there. I’m looking forward to reading all of those stories.

  4. Two qusestions:

    Larry are you going to make it to Gencon this year?
    Marc Tassin, do you have more information on your world and rpg?

    1. I’m not Mark, but I backed his Aetaltis Kickstarter, and it is awesome. *grin*

      Find more info here, and Heroes of Thornwall is free as .pdf right now. It’s a Pathfinder compatible rpg with its own entire world, new races, rich history, and adventures to discover. Good stuff for the pen-and-paper geek.

  5. If you pledge $150 for Cannon Fodder, “You get to pick the name, gender, fantasy race, general appearance of the first death…”

    Hum. What race should this redshirt Scalzi be? Or, wait, no. That Tor lady.

    Oh, look. There’s another one…

  6. Backed! This should be good. I just finished reading the last of the MHI books and they were a lot of fun.

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