Next Book Bomb, Tuesday April 28th, RESIDUE

Mark your calenders. Our next Book Bomb is going to be next Tuesday, April 28th, for Steve Diamond’s debut novel, Residue.

For those of you not familiar with Book Bombs, that’s where we try to get as many people as possible to buy the same book on Amazon on the same day, in order to push it as high as possible in the sales rankings. The higher we get it, the more other people notice it. Success leads to success, and a good Book Bomb will get an author a whole bunch of new fans, and most importantly the author GETS PAID.

I was one of the alpha readers on this one. It is a great book, and Steve is a fantastic writer. It is an action/horror story, monsters, psychic powers, and I was his gun consultant. It is marketed as Young Adult, but that just means he has a teenage protagonist and doesn’t get to swear much or sex it up. 🙂


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43 thoughts on “Next Book Bomb, Tuesday April 28th, RESIDUE”

  1. Thanks for the recommmendation!

    Gettting good books out there is a great service to both authors and fandom. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the foofraw from the bh SJWers, as much as they like to hyperventilate over Vox Day their own views are usually more repellent to the average SFF fan. Anyways, it’s the tale, not he who tells it, and that’s why they lost, and why SP is winning.

  2. Standing by for bombing run.

    You know, it’s funny, but your book bombs probably get more books bought and read than the combined screeching of your Hugo detractors.

  3. I took a peek out on Amazon and it seems interesting.

    Maybe I’m blind but I can’t find it in book version on their website. Do you know if for some reason he is offering it on just Kindle?

    1. There will indeed be a print version. Amazon messed up and listed the print version separately. It was just taken down to merge it properly in the same link as the Kindle version.

      Print version will be there.

        1. Woot! I make no promises, but I’ll read and review it.

          Would you like the Overdrive Indy press how to packet? It’s a must if you’re hoping to sell to much of the library e-book market

  4. But is it chock full of the sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and bigoted storytelling that we Sad Puppies crave?

    1. The sample chapters at Amazon Do Not Have the Checklist in them. No mention yet of religion, sexual orientation – oh wait, the dude likes the sexy competent grrl with the Sig226. There’s the Sexist thing. Dang. Not A Victim Fail, too.
      Icky Guns.
      (Is it Tuesday yet?) 🙂

    2. The content of the post had nothing to do with the Sad Puppies issue. Please don’t turn this post/thread – which is attempting to help an author out – into another rehashing of that issue. There are plenty of threads/comments in other posts for that.

  5. Well, I was going to buy the Kindle version today (since I didn’t see a dead tree version), but now that I see there’s a dead tree version as well, I’ll grab that on Tuesday instead.

    It will probably go in my Hugo Stack for 2015, knowing Steve’s writing.

  6. Mr Correia,
    I am sending you this message because I don’t know of a less public way to do so. As a result of your inspiration I recently attempted my first fisking. I will not post the link to it because I am not trying to use your platform in order to get exposure.I am simply trying to get the attention of a man far better than me at what I tried to do. All I am hoping for is your honest view of my attempt. You may contact me privately at my site, with any and all feedback. On the other hand if you would prefer to delete this post for any reason I will not hold it against you.

        1. Had me rolling on the floor, while laughing…edumacated! Classic! Loved this. You go, sir! No pun intended (Hugo) heh… An excellent fisking of an exceedingly noxious, ignorant individual.

        2. Oh my goodness! Dread elk! ROTFL

          But seriously when you got to the “You are free to disagree sir, personally I don’t give a damn what a literature professor who needs a Patreon in order to make a living writing thinks. “I cheered.

          Not bad for a goat roper.

          1. Well damn, now y’all got me blushing. Did I say that? I meant uh, nodding in a very sage and masculine fashion. While riding a grizzly bear I wrassled into domesticity.Ya, that’s what I meant.

  7. It is an action/horror story, monsters, psychic powers, and I was his gun consultant.

    You had me at “monsters”. The rest was just taunting me that it’s not Tuesday the 28th yet.


    BTW Larry, I don’t comment here much but I’ve been following your book bombs for a couple of years, have bought most of them, and you haven’t steered me wrong yet.

    I know you do this to help other writers out, but it helps me out too. Because otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered awesome books like “Freehold” by Michael Z. Williamson or “I Don’t Want To Kill You” by Dan Wells.

    So this constant reader would like to thank you.

  8. ” … but that just means he has a teenage protagonist and doesn’t get to swear much or sex it up.”

    Unless HBO picks this up.

    1. Yeah, but when publicists and publishers do organized sales pushes so authors can get more exposure and sales they call it “marketing”. 🙂

      Naw, you know what. I was going to leave it at that, but fuck you. I’ve been doing these for years. If you scroll back through them you can see that we’ve gotten really successful at it. A BB is usually worth ten book signings of sales for an author. It is great exposure for authors. I’ve BBed authors from all sides of the political spectrum. We’ve done BBs for charity purposes. We’ve done BBs to help pay author’s medical bills. We’ve done BBs for damned good authors so they could find new fans and GET PAID. We’ve done BBs for new authors to help launch their careers (like this one for example).

      All authors need fans and all authors would like to get paid for their work. Publishers have huge marketing departments devoted to those concepts. By gaming this particular system, we expose authors to wider fan bases. Mine work because I pick things that I think my fans will like, which helps build enthusiasm, and the more people tell their friends, the more books that author sells. By bumping them up in Amazon’s ratings, they get seen by more eyes, more new people click the links, see the covers, and read the blurbs.

      That’s the fucking idea, you mouth breathing imbecile.

      So seriously, fuck you.

      1. It’s called “helping your fellow man.” You should try it some time. It’s incredibly rewarding, and improves the overall dismal state of the world we live in–particularly people who can find nothing better to do than criticize others’ every move.

      2. I’m hoping Marcel’s post was meant as tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, and just ran into Poe’s Law & sarcasm not transferring over the internet. Because seriously, Book Bombs are awesome, and I don’t want to think anyone would call them “cheating” & really mean it.

        1. Steve,

          Read The Last Samurai and I have to say, it was one of my favorite from that anthology. The main reason I’m planning on participating in this book bomb.

  9. Sorta OT, but how are book sales going for the SP and RP books going since this kerfuffle started?

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