40 thoughts on “Wendell’s Roughnecks shirts”

  1. I can see a story here- “Mrwhooon’d on the Island of Noun. The Verbing” Where some castaways get “Sad Puppied”

  2. Trigger warning next time, please Larry. That much awesome nearly knocked me off my feet. That’s what I get for checking your blog right as I climb into an elevator. My elevator traveling companions kept looking at me funny as I snickered like a five year old who just did something very naughty. I think they thought I was standing in the back silently breaking wind, and I couldn’t come up with a coherent way of explaining my mirth was manatee inspired.

    1. It’s CafePress so unfortunately they only go to XXLARGE 🙁
      We DO have XXXL in the MHI shirts on the swag page…

      Hey here’s a question- if we as the Monster Hunter Nation could design a shirt for our peeps going to Worldcon, what would it be? Artwork from the ILOH, of course, but what overall design do you think would be appropriate? }>:)


        (I’m planning to wander about with a large (foam, peacebonded) tetsubō with this sign attached:

        FAN CLUB

        Now, whether I’m implying clubbing Hatey McHatersons, Larry’s fans, fans in general or am simply announcing ILOH GATHER HERE, well, that’s an excellent question, isn’t it?

        (Five bucks says someone whines about feeling threatened within the first three hours. :V ))

  3. (Looks up from building all the servers that have to be upgraded before July 14th…) “Wha…Oh, SON OF A…I already had plans for my next paycheck! Dangit! I’m almost out of 300 blackout (literally 27 rounds left…). DANGIT! At this rate, I might as well just add Larry to my freaking checking account.

  4. You know, Larry, I just got done with Warbound! My wife says the fun money is all tapped out! It’s just not fair!

    That said, I’ll eventually get some more hard-earned disposable income to add to your pile. Please continue executing awesomeness like this. When my kids get a little older, I’ll turn them into Correiatech junkies, too! In the meantime, I like TallDave’s suggestion. How about a “Wendell’s Wuffnecks” onesie for the little ones?

  5. Hey Larry. Do YOU fit in a 2XL? Wendell is my spirit animal. I want to wear Wendell schwag to the gym.

    I started swimming a mile each evening about 6 months ago. Down from 5XL to 4XL so far. When I feel discouraged by how far I have to go I’m just like “HOON! Manatee power!”

    So please. Take my money. For 4XL.

  6. Aw, no team patches?
    I would love to start a paintball team with that name!
    Wendell’s Roughnecks…I love the sound of it.

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