33 thoughts on “The Weber State Creative Writing Class is now open”

  1. Is this more about the writing process or the marketing process, and if it is a mix, what will the mix be?

    1. First half of the classes: Get good enough people will give you money for your stuff.
      Second half of the classes: Find the people who will give you money for your stuff.

  2. Only a hundred bucks?

    Dude, you’re supposed to charge a thousand bucks for stuff like this and have everyone spend a week in some quaint New England inn, writing and critiquing unsalable poetry.

  3. E-commerce is a thing I try to avoid.
    Like messing with water pipes and stuff connected to
    them, things usually go wrong.

    Tonight, however, I went there to sign up for the
    Looking forward to it.

  4. Wait, Frank J Fleming wrote a real book?!

    I did enjoy the Bush book, in fact I think I encouraged him to publish it way back when. “Rumsfeld put on his gloves…”

  5. Well, I’m enrolled. This will be the first college-level anything I’ve ever taken, not counting a few AP classes in high school that I barely scraped by in.

  6. I’d also like an archive I can return to at a later date. I’ll be in the Philippines on the 26th, where the time and date are off, not to mention sketchy internet service.

  7. I just called and left a voicemail at Weber State on the matter of whether the class is livestream only or if there will be an archive. (Figure our host here is busy enough.)
    I’ll let you all know what I hear when I hear back from them.

    1. And the bad news is that this course is only live streamed. The gentleman (Chad, I think) I spoke with was very prompt about returning my call–as you can see from the timestamps–and seemed interested in the possibility of doing the course again if the instructor were interested when I told him there were several individuals who wanted to take the course but found that the time it’s offered at did not work.

      I’ve only heard good things about Weber State around these parts (SE Idaho) and they lived up to their reputation.

  8. I contacted Weber State last week and they indicated that the streaming was only planned for real-time – during the class period. That unfortunately killed my ability to enroll since I already have a conflicting class. I remain devastated and hope for a revelation.

  9. Registered and paid. Is there a site with instructions for log in once the class starts because I didn’t see anything on Weber’s website regarding that? Or will that information be forthcoming when the class date gets a little closer?

    1. I don’t know. They haven’t given me any details on the technical side. They’re super helpful if you email them though.

      1. I will go bug them, then 🙂

        Thanks for doing this course. I’ve been up to my ass in Six Sigma and Project Management courses for months now so I could put something on my resume besides; “kill people, break shit, make powerpoint about it.” Getting some learnin’ on writing instead of resume padding for my day job will be a great change of pace.

        Also, apropos of nothing so forgive me for thread drift, just finished Swords of Exodus, can’t wait for the next one. I’ve been to Bala Murghab, the Afghan town from the prologue, and it was neat recognizing it. I think maybe Mike Kupari and I have served in the same place at different times.

        1. Probably. He was actually in Afghanistan when D6 came out. We mailed him a case and he gave them out and had a book signing at his FOB. 🙂

  10. Funnily enough, the first book of yours I read was actually a paperback of Dead Six I stumbled upon at a USO library in the ‘Stan. I hadn’t heard of you yet, but it was Baen and the back-matter sounded fun.

    Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I’ve enjoyed all your books so far, especially when Bronson Pinchot reads them to me in exchange for an audible credit.

  11. Either my computer fu is weak or the info is hard to find – Finding the date and time for the class was not hard. Finding the building and classroom it will be in?

    Yeah. Zero Joy on that.

    I remember seeing it when I first registered, but the info is not in the confirmation email I got.

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