Projects and Rumors of Projects

Okay, some of you have seen John Ringo posting snippets of an MHI related story he’s written on Facebook, and you’ve been asking me about it.

Can’t comment yet. Business stuff.

But yes. It is awesome. 🙂

And there are two, well, actually three, MHI related projects that I can’t talk about yet because the contracts aren’t all done. But they are also really cool.

I can confirm the new stuff is not the TV show. Those rights are still with Entertainment One and Sky Network, and I’ve not heard anything new from them since the last update where they’d brought in screen writers and moved it from option limbo into development. However, if it isn’t in production soon, that contract is almost up and movie rights will be coming back to me.

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  1. Mmmm… more MHI stuff. I confess, I’m eager to see what Ringo’s take is on the “day to day” jobs of a monster hunter. I mean, “Hi, Honey! How was your day?” “Oh, the usual. Put down a couple of loup garous and had to exterminate some giant spiders.” Don’t get me wrong, I like reading about Owen and the rest… but since he joined they’ve been in “Save the Universe” mode.

    1. Ross….Your comment confused me…there are MHI books BEFORE Owen’s character appeared?
      I wasn’t aware there were earlier MHI books.

      1. I think what he was saying is that since Ringo’s stories are pre-Owen then things aren’t quite up to a “Saving the Universe” level of intensity.

    2. Funny you should mention giant spiders…


      Ringo’s posted a few plot details in the Facebook thread. If you’re curious, you should go take a peek.

  2. grumble grumble grumble

    I DETEST fb! I guess I’ll have to look John up. Oh well, it’ll give me a chance to join the Huns and Larry, too.

    grumble grumble grumble

    1. Get a bare fb page. Leave it blank, turn the privacy settings all the way up, and never post fb comments.

      That way, you can look at fb pages, and not worry about your data being sold off … all they get is your name, a redacted scan of your ID, and home phone number, which is probably for sale from other info vendors already anyway.

      1. I already have a real one, and I have the security settings turned all the way up, and not very much info there, and I’m choosy about who I have as friends, and that is entirely too many ands. It’s just that the shiny wore off looong ago.

        1. I wouldn’t grass friends by associating with them through fb.

          I just leave mine blank and unused so I can view fb links that people insist on using to publish on the web.

          1. Yup, This blog is now completely disconnected from my WordPress account. If I go to my followed blogs, it only goes to the article from 12 days ago (which mentions the move to a new server) and new posts don’t show in my feed. Although since the URL is the same, the link still goes here.

  3. I beseech you please keep The MHI universe a Budweiser free zone. Alright, the villians can drink it.

  4. I think a MHI anthology would be cool. Where Larry invites other authors to come play in the MHI sandbox.

  5. John Ringo asked me…no actually more like told me to come up with a list of iconic guns from the 1980s.

    And then Email it to him. Naturally he didn’t tell me what his Email address is. I’ve tried posting it to his FB page, naturally it won’t post.

    If you can get this to him, awesome.

    GUNS OF THE 1980s

    I’ve shaved this list down to the most iconic and fashionable of the decade.

    9 MM

    The Beretta 92f

    The Army chose this one to replace its beloved but largely broken down stock of 1911s. This naturally sparked a lot of interest in the model. Actually the Sig had performed better in the trials but Beretta beat Sig on price and politics. 1980s pop culture appearance: Riggs side arm in Lethal Weapon.


    There was a lot of interest in this gun From Behind the Iron Curtain. Mostly because Col. Jeff Cooper USMC (ret) gave it the thumbs up, which he never did for 9mm. Also it wasn’t that easy to get ahold of, so it had an exotic appeal. 1980s pop culture appearance; none that I know of.

    Glock 17 (1st gen)

    In 1985 every time you fired a Glock, a hippy cried. That was reason enough to own one. Gentle reminder, in this pre internet world, a ridiculous story about how this “all plastic gun” could get through any airport metal detector, was met with jaw dropping credulity from the gun control loons.
    1980s pop culture appearance; freaked out gun control rallies.


    This one was a little weird. Based on the S&W model 39 and issued initially only to field intelligence officers. It saw a very limited production run in the 1980s for the general public. Only 2000 were made. It had clear lexan handles, so you could see how many bullets you had left. It saw the first use of teflon as a lubricant. It featured an offset trigger guard. And it had a really strange sighting system called Guttersnipe, The designer of the Guttersnipe came up with his own “Quell” marksmanship stance. Quell, would have an agent completely resting his head on his shoulder and aiming with his left eye. 1980s pop culture appearance; John Gardner’s, James Bond used it to replace his Walther.


    Piece of shit. Popular with gang bangers. The Assault Weapons Ban didn’t do a lot of good but at least killed this cheap, machine stamped, accurate as soccer ball, insta-jamming, turd in gun form. 1980s pop culture appearance; Big Trouble in Little China, which is the only thing it ever had going for it.

    12 Gauge

    The Franchi SPAS-12.

    Italian Autoloader…okay you know this one is the Terminator’s shotgun, right? Anyway only about 1800 were ever actually imported. As pretty as bulldog. It was killed by the Assault Weapons Ban. 1980s pop culture appearance; just about everything after the Terminator.

    Speaking of Terminators

    .44 Magnum

    The Astra Terminator.

    The regular Astra was the Dirty Harry Cannon’s smarter and better looking cousin who everyone in the family loved more than you. Astra build quality was much better than the standard S&W model 29. The trigger pull was adjustable with the turn of a small wheel. Barrel length on the Terminator, 2.75 inches. Very accurate and still worth buying. 1980s pop culture appearance: Fred Dryer used it in Hunter. (Yeah I know. kinda sad. It deserved better.)


    You’ve been waiting for this one.


    Basically a scaled up Czech-75. Firing a nuclear hot 220 grain round. The round was pretty much the equivalent (in those days, if not today) of a .41 magnum. Production of the Bren Ten ran from 1983 to 1986, with a run of fewer than 1,500 total pistols. Single/Double action. Decocker and a switch safety. It’s fans claim it was the best gun of the era. The Bren Ten was the 1980s in one big haired, synthesizer music thumping, sprayed on jeans and red suspenders in a big pistol shaped package. 1980s pop culture appearance: Sonny Crocket’s every day carry for every episode of Miami Vice.

    Given his love of the Glock 20, this one was unquestionably Agent Franks’ right hand, back in the day.

    1. Oops, my mistake. I have just been informed that the Czech 75 did make an appearance in Red Dawn.

    2. The Bren Ten was also infamous for the complete unavailabilty of magazines for it. You got one with your pistol if you were lucky. Gog help you if it broke or went bad.

    3. I would think that the M16A2, M249/Fabrique Naitonale Minimi LMG, and AKM belong on that list somewhere.

      Most police departments in the 80s issued revolvers, usually S&W K-frames in .38 or .357.

      Sylvester Stallone posed with an M60 LMG for the posters for the first Rambo movie but I do not know whether that alone suffices to make it “iconic.”

    4. Just in case I didn’t make this clear. This list is for John Ringo’s MHI story.

      I’m not just randomly posting gun porn lists.

    5. Actually, Miami Vice had Crockett carrying the Bren Ten for the first season and second season. In third season, Smith & Wesson 645 and 4506 pistols were used by Crockett.

  6. This sounds very interesting…. just so long as it doesn’t turn into a BDSM textbook like the last Ringo book I read.

    And I LOVE the 80’s gun list…..

    1. The Ghost series was deliberately written to target the John Norman “Gor” fanbase.

      If you wern’t a teenage ( or mentaly teenage ) boy looking for wank material, you were not the target demographic.

    2. According to Ringo, his muse demanded that he write it. When he refused, he could write nothing else. Then he wrote it. Then he mentioned it at Baen’s Bar.
      There was demand.
      He also agrees with many of the negative reviews.

      I do think you should check out the Graveyard Sky series, though. No BDSM nonsense.

        1. You do know that it was a review of Ghost that spawned that meme?
          For that matter, Ringo himself commented on that review. And agreed with nearly all of it.

        2. I honestly have no idea why people care so much about the BDSM stuff in the books. Honestly, don’t see what the issue was, if you don’t like it, skip over it.
          I’m more insulted by the SJW stuff we see in books than by that.

          1. I should do an article about how that stuff can be very useful in a narrative. Not necessarily the Consensual BDSM thing, but the whole business of the one side restraining a member of the other side.

            It lets you temporarily take one of the chesspieces off of the board. It lets you have enemies talk who otherwise would not. And yes, if they escape, you can make SJW’s happy(ier) with the infamous “Self-rescuing princess”. (Although they will still bitch about her being a princess).

      1. If the BDSM bothered you that much, you didn’t HAVE to read Ghost all the way to the end, with selected page corners bent over for later review and refreshed outrage.

        Every time I heard JR speak on the topic, and certainly every time he wrote about it, he literally implored, “I am begging you!’ – urging people NOT to buy it.

        If you bought, read some and were offended or bored, AND you kept reading, then that is on the you, Dear Reader.

        1. Funny story…

          John was holding court poolside at Libertycon a few years back. My GF had his undivided attention (she gets that a lot) and he was telling a usual John Ringo story. He suddenly stops and looks at me.

          “She’s read one of my books, right?” he asks me. I nod.

          “Yeah, I’ve read one of your books. Jason gave me one.” she replied. After a beat, she adds “He made me read Ghost.”

          The look on John’s face, followed by the profuse apologies while he was shooting me dirty looks, was absolutely worth it.

        2. I’m sorry but did no one else find the idea of terrorists trying to torture a sexual submissive for information hysterically funny?

          1. “Have you made any progress with the infidel harlot’s interrogation, ya habibi?”

            “Oh sheikh, well… at least she is screaming…”

            “But is she giving you any information?”

            “More like… instructions…”

        3. Agreed – and that’s why I quit reading it.

          My greatest disappointment was that the first half of the book was outstanding. I thought that the author did an exceptional job of convincingly showing the hero in a real struggle with his dark side, all the while doing great things. The problem with the second half wasn’t that it _included_ lots of sex, but that’s what it became _about_. Those are two very different things.

          Not being involved in the fandom discussions that were clearly going on with the author, I might have chosen a different Ringo book for my first exposure. So to speak.

          But back to topic. MHI rocks and I want to read more Earl Harbinger stories.

          1. I totally agree. I didn’t want to publish it. JIm Baen insisted on a read, called me and told me he had a $35,000 check already signed. I had a mortgage to pay and kids to keep in shoes.

            But it is not for everyone and I’m sorry you were disgusted by it. My wife cannot read it. Ce la Vie.

            I strongly suggest some other book. If you like mil-SF any other series. Hell, try Hymn Before Battle or March Upcountry. Both are available free as ebooks on the Baen website.

            And, no, no porn in this one. The character, unlike Larry’s main, is very much a dog. But he mostly discusses that in second-hand form and very little or no detail. His take is a monster hunter should not marry or have any commitments. “I’m not going to leave behind a young widow and orphans.” So ‘surgical strike with the occasional full-on arc lite is the only way to go in my opinion. Some people don’t agree. Using current slang: It’s the way I roll.”

            But with few exceptions there’s very little detail. And even that is in ‘tell not show.’

            Ghost was my only series where I went full porn.

            Also my best selling, by the way.


          2. Anyone who’s paid attention to how entire technologies have quite literally been adopted because of the porn industry will not be surprised by those last two sentences.


    1. This. My opinion, MHI and Hard Magic would work much better as season long story arcs a la Justified, Walking Dead, House of Cards, etc., rather than trying to shoehorn them into 2 – 2.5 hours of theater time. I’ll watch either one, but think the one is vastly superior to the other.

      1. I don’t know about Hard Magic. Those would make pretty great movies rather than a TV show.

        I mean with MHI you can have monsters of the week + the big story arc like Buffy/Angel/Supernatural. The budget would probably have to be huge for the last episode of the season, but over all it would work great on basically any channel that’s willing to have a lot of guns shown.

        With Hard Magic though, I mean, the second to last episode of book 1 would be a 30 second real time slow motion episode of Faye killing Japanese soldiers that last 45 minutes to our eyes. Hard Magic is totally more film than TV. Turning the epic end of the books into a 1 or 2 hour tv finale would suck compared to a 30-45 minute fully funded movie finale. Just imagine what the people who made Avatar could do with a dirgible ninja teleporting zombie fight in the middle of the pacific ocean.

          1. I don’t mean the like, writers/producers/directors, I’m talking about the special effects people.

            They took regular people and made it seem like they were giant blue kitty people flying on space dragons around floating islands while a giant mechanized horde of people-robots attacked them.

            With Hard Magic they could have a field day of epic fights.

  7. All I know is if E1 pulls a Red Eagle and puts out a half assed pilot just to retain the rights, I’m rioting

  8. I’m still holding out hope for a MHI miniatures wargame. I’ve got an extremely rough draft Of a home brew that I keep meaning to do more work on…

  9. I doubt it would ever happen but getting Marvel’s movie arm behind Hard Magic would be truly epic.

  10. *fingers crossed for the high-quality movie/TV show that MHI & Hard Magic deserve*

    The Ringo stuff: so Awesome! Ringo’s infamous muse has been triggered! 😀

    1. Ringo’s muse has been juggernaut triggered. 150,000 words in less than a week.

      Sort of stuck at the moment but I’ve got lots of possibles. I’m still ideating some of the stuff. I could write the stories I’ve already ideated and put them together but… Sort of need a short break. The last week has been ‘eat, sleep, write, sleep, write, sleep, write, eat….’

  11. Guns of the 80’s?

    AR-18/AR-180: Also used in Terminator, and in real life by the IRA

    Colt Trooper/Colt Python: The Trooper could be found on the duty belt of your local police officer, and the Python was the upgraded custom shop version of the same gun.

  12. Slightly off topic, I just got back from seeing Chappie and I couldn’t help laughing and my ass off at the fact that the villain was piloting a ginormous, gun laden robot that was
    a )called the moose
    b)had a logo that was a dead ringer for the Correiatech logo
    Any other projects that we should know about? 😉

  13. Mr. Correia, I just wanted to say that I’ve read my first book of yours. It was Hard Magic. It was awesome. I will be reading more.

    Thank you.

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