Writing Updates, what I’ve done, what I’m working on next

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little weird over the last few days, but that’s because we were moving to a new server. I’ve got some cool stuff I want to start doing on here, but we couldn’t do it on the basic WordPress program.

What I’m working on now:

Last week I wrote two short stories. One about Practical Shooting for Galactic Games (I get to be in an anthology with George Martin and Robert Silverberg?) and a Hammer’s Slammers story for a David Drake anthology (I started reading Hammers Slammers in 1985, so I really nerded out on this one). If you follow me on FB or Twitter then you know the three weeks before that I was doing crazy word counts every day, but that was so that I could get the sequel to Into the Storm out the door for Privateer Press.

Yesterday I did tax stuff. Yay.

Today I am working on a fantasy short story for the upcoming Champions of Aetaltis anthology.

Tomorrow, I am working on the next book after Dead Six and Swords of Exodus with Mike Kupari. (and by work, I mean painting minis while listening to 40 hours of audio books to get myself immersed back into the world, because I have the best job ever). Mike is doing the final edits on his solo space opera that is coming out later this year. I believe the space opera is going to be called Her Brother’s Keeper, but I’m not sure that’s the final title or not, but anyways, it is awesome. Toni loved it.

After the last D6 book is done, then I’ll be concentrating on the next two Monster Hunter novels. I’m doing something a little bit different for those, and I can’t talk too much about them yet, but the plan is to release them within a few months of each other. There are still more books in the series after that.

Sons of the Black Sword will be coming out in October. I’ll be doing another month long book tour for that. There are currently two more planned for that series.I am really excited for you guys to read this. I don’t know the eARC date yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know.

I got my Larry Emore cover for Sons, and holy moly, it is cool.

I have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950s, as well as two stand alone novels set in the same universe. Tokyo Raider and Murder on the Orient Elite both gave peeks into what I’ve planned for those.

After that I’ve still got a bunch more books under contract to Baen, but they are further down the line after the stuff that pays all my bills. I’ve got a bunch more books planned.

In related to writing news, I’m going to be teaching a creative writing class at Weber State in May. It will be taught at the Layton campus, but it will also be streamed on the internet. More details to come later. I believe registration starts in a couple of weeks. I’ll post more about the class soon.

What I’ve done in total:

I posted this on Facebook the other day. Curious, I added it up. Since 2008 I’ve written 13 novels:

Monster Hunter International
Monster Hunter Vendetta
Monster Hunter Alpha
Monster Hunter Legion
Monster Hunter Nemesis
Hard Magic
Dead Six – with Mike Kupari
Swords of Exodus – with Mike Kupari
Sons of the Black Sword
Into the Storm
Into the Storm 2 (haven’t finalized title)

I’ve also written and sold 23 works of shorter fiction, though I’m suspicious I’m forgetting something on there.

The Losing Side (a Hammers Slammers story for a David Drake anthology forthcoming)
Shooter Ready (Galactic Games forthcoming)
Absence of Light (V Wars 3)
Hold Back the Dark (Privateer Press)
Force Multiplier (V Wars 2)
Father’s Day (Shared Nightmares)
Tokyo Raider (Baen Big Book of Monsters)
Murder on the Orient Elite (Audible)
Detroit Christmas (Baen)
The Worthy (Privateer Press)
Great Sea Beast (Kaiju Rising)
Step Outside (Privateer Press)
Murder in the Honor Fields (Privateer Press)
Dead Waits Dreaming (Space Eldritch 2)
Destiny of a Bullet (Privateer Press)
The Keeper of Names (Shattered Shields)
Instruments of War (Privateer Press)
Sealed with Fire (Crimson Pact)
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Crimson Pact)
That Which We Fear (Crimson Pact)
Sweothi City (Baen)
Tanya Princess of the Elves (Baen)
Christmas Noun (Wordfire Press)

There is also the MHI RPG from Hero Games that has several short pieces of MHI fiction that I wrote

At Your Service
Maxim-um Fun
Reckoning Day (love that one, Shelly the Orc will return in another book)
Lawyer Fight

There there is the stuff that I just wrote for fun and stuck on the blog. (though as you can see above, I did end up getting paid for a Christmas Noun)

The Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 2 The Nounening
Christmas Noun 3D The Gritty Reboot
Christmas Noun 4 Occupy Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 5 Fifty Shades of Noun Choose Your Own Adventure Edition
Christmas Noun 6 Yes Wendell There Really is a Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 7 Attack of the Social Justice Noun
The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimenstional Insurance Agent
TAoTS: Arbitration at Mordor Station
TAoTS: Live From KhanQuonCon

Then I wrote all the game fic for Writer Nerd Game Night. My share of those came out to a small novel, but of them there were a few pieces that I was as proud of them as anything I’ve ever written in my life, like:
The Toy Maker’s Craft
Tenets of Bushido
In the Shadow of a Pale Oak
Lessons from the Dojo of the Crab.

And a thousand blog posts.

That’s a lot of words. I’m tempted to add up the actual word counts, but I know that down that path waits only madness.

Son of the Black Sword eARC available now
Final Reminder for Sad Puppies, Hugo Noms are due today!

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  1. Congratulations and thank you creating wonderful reads and for demonstrating the power of hard work. Consistent effort towards goals guided by a consistent set of principles is a recipe for success. I’m sure that there are young writers (and maybe some seasoned citizens) out there who will be inspired to follow your example. GOT would certainly be finished in timely fashion.

    1. I’m one of those younger writers you’re talking about. Hearing Larry talk about how he built up his fanbase was what inspired me to start doing something similar. Between him and Howard, I’ve got some serious motivation.

      That said, I’ve been tallying my daily word counts, so I’ve already begun the madness (but may or may not have been mad to start with, after all, I’m trying to make a living writing).

      1. Between MHN, Mad Genius Club and According to Hoyt, I get a daily dose of writerly* inspiration.

        (*totally a word)

          1. “After that I’ve still got a bunch more books under contract to Baen, but they are further down the line after the stuff that pays all my bills.”

            I LOLed when I read that line. Dude if you wrote what you had for dinner last night on toilet paper during your morning….umm yeah, it would make money cause you just have a way of making something like that either interesting as hell or funny or most likely both.

            Now hurry up and get my books dun.

  2. Thanks for posting this update, Larry. I’ve been wondering what would come of all those high word counts.

    Can’t wait for all of it! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the update, and the list. I think I have missed some of those.

    You may be the only person on the planet who can say “tax stuff. Yay” and I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

  4. I don’t see you on the schedule at Weber yet, but Registration for Summer semester starts on April 6th. If you want to sign up for the class you will need to be admitted (not difficult as Weber is an open enrollment school) and you can sign up as non-degree seeking. Contact the admissions office for more information (801-626-6050 option 6). A PSA from a Corria fan who works at Weber.

  5. Did you previously announce a plan to do a co-authored book with John Ringo? Or did I hallucinate that in a mil-sci induced haze of ‘splody goodness?

  6. Would it be too nosey of me to ask for an estimate for total book sales you have from those 13 novels? Adam Werthead recently did a blog post ( http://t.co/JQLBN4LsgG ) ranking authors by sales from figures he could find, and I was wondering where you fit in that list.

    1. I’m going to be in the 170 or 180s on that list, but I can tell you just by skimming it that the numbers on there are incredibly inaccurate. I know a bunch of authors on there personally, and the numbers they’ve got for some of them are way the hell off.

      1. He tweeted about that, said he’d been contacted about a lot of the numbers being out of date. He had to rely on open source info for the numbers, such as publicity blurbs put out by the publishers. It would be interesting to have the numbers more readily available, but I’m not sure that all the authors would appreciate that.

  7. “we were moving to a new server.” Uh, oh. That server wouldn’t be in Chappaqua would it? Be careful you don’t lose your posts.

  8. So is one of those books in the Grimnoir universe going to be Lady Origami’s back story? I am not sure if you meant to or not but in the Universe you set up, it suggests that she and her original husband were more then vocally speaking out against the chairman, at that sounds like it would be a really interesting story to read.

    1. I don’t have that planned, but there is a cool story there. Yes, her first husband stood up against the Imperium. It didn’t end well.

      1. I knew you had to have some bigger story behind them since the simple explanation in Warbound would have been a big plot hole if it was that simple. Them standing up against the Imperium pretty much meant that they were not kidnapped and sent to the schools growing up, which in turn means they spent their child hoods hiding there powers. With how the Imperium rules that could never be any thing other than a serious crime so you would not admit to having powers even as an adult. So two people growing up with the same secret meeting each other would have been extremely remote unless they were part of some underground movement.

    1. Hi Larry, you planning on coming back to Minnesota on the next book tour? It would be great to see you again. Offer for dinner still stands if you have the time.
      Take it easy and keep up the great writing

  9. Larry: You mention working on taxes–surely a national treasure like you is exempt from such distractions? PS Yeah for MHI 6 & 7. Just tell me when to send the money.

  10. WOW! Are you going for the Issac Asimov record??
    Seriously , I work at a library and STILL have trouble keeping up with reading all your stuff!
    ( dont slow down though,I took speed reading back in parochial school )
    Thanks for keeping the Muse ragged!

  11. Will the Into the Storm sequel feature Cleasby? (I loved that guy, though the other characters were good too.) And will the audiobook be read by Ray Porter?

    1. I can’t speak for Audible, but I hope so. Ray did a great job.

      Cleasby is the main character in this one.

  12. That is a truly impressive output level.

    I get the sense that Larry pumps out 10 pages each time he so much as sneezes at a keyboard.

  13. Awesome, a Correia Slammers story. I’ve loved Drake’s “Hammer’s Slammers” ever since reading “The Tank Lords” way back in the day, and recently ponied up the bucks to get the entire three-volume Slammers collection Baen recently re-released.

    So when’s the Drake anthology coming out, Larry? That’s going to be another must-buy for me.

    Speaking of anthologies, I finally got to read Maberry’s V-Wars 2 and “Force Multiplier” a couple of weeks ago…and that’s also shaping up to be a really good series.

  14. Is the one about a reality show where the contestants form teams and compete to overthrow an African nation’s government still on the list? That one sounded really interesting to me.

  15. This post is completely full of awesome! I started back in the David Drake Slammers books at about the same time, and to be writing in them as well now!? WIN!

    Loved his books but man they were dark back at the start, well at least for a young teen they were pretty dark. Until I thumbed through that book of WWI poetry that was laying around. /shudder.

    Yeah and of course the Larry Elmore.

    Dude, you win the internets. Go drive the Luchs around a bit (and cause tears) or maybe a destroyer in World of Warships if you got in the beta. (And cause more tears).

    You’ve won enough for the day!

    I’ve gotta go back through this list to make sure I’ve read all of your stuff. I know I’ve gotten all the series but there’s so much other good short stories in there too.

  16. Hey, I called it a couple of months ago. I said the over/under on MHI was 10 books. You’ve got two more coming this year (that’s 7), and you say there are “more books” coming. That means at least 9.

    I’m good with math an’ all that shit. 😉

    Really looking forward to the continuation of the series, Larry. Keep’m coming.

  17. Wait, “… a reality show where the contestants form teams and compete to overthrow an African nation’s government”? Please say this is you and Ringo. Half a sentence and that’s about the best pitch I’ve ever heard.

  18. “I’ve also written and sold 23 works of shorter fiction, though I’m suspicious I’m forgetting something on there.”

    Possibly the Agent Franks/Joe Ledger teamup with Johnathan Maberry for, what was the name of it – “Urban Allies”, I think?

  19. You go, Larry! Really looking forward to the next SoE book. Just got finished re-listening to the first two and almost forgot how epic they were.

    But if you find yourself otherwise hitting writer’s block, could you maybe find it in your heart to complete the five year TAoTS cliffhanger you left us?

  20. Hard work, enthusiasm and a nose for promotion works wonders. People used to take that for granted as a winning hand. It still is, not just as many people go that route in SFF. Some have decided to come into the genre with elbows flying and accusing everyone of hating women and anyone not white. Most people have to still earn their way and that endures.

  21. I just started reading the Omnibus 1 of Hammer Slammer’s. I dig it… any ETA on the new Slammer’s anthology?

    1. Nope. Mark Van Name is editing it, but it isn’t just Slammers. It is stories inspired by David Drake, so it is all sorts of stuff.

      1. I hope somebody writes something about Adele Mundy, a librarian after my own heart. 🙂

  22. You had me at “I have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950’s…”

    It will be interesting to see how the Power evolves and changes now that it need not fear the Hunter.

    Cog created flying cars? And scaled down man portable Peace Rays?

        1. In some ways as much of a nadir for small government ideas and ideals as 1930s era was, if not more. Should make for interesting PoVs from the cast.

          OTOH, James Bond with mutant powers!

          1. The ability to completely change his appearance every few years, maybe. 😉

  23. Sweet, cant wait for the next book in the D6 saga. Im reading D6 for the umpteenth time now. I hope Anders gets wrecked by Underhill and some explanation as to Sala Jihans pets. Speaking of which, Larry, when writing about Sala Jihans monsters, was that your MHI side leaking in and was it intentional?

  24. Will you ever get around to doing a book promo in the Blue (or is that “Blew”) state madness of New England? Seeing you interacting with Boston libs would be something I’d pay for.

    But since this is the home of Robert Parker and Spenser, there are a lot of people who appreciate a good story. So I’m sure you have a lot fans here.

    1. I was there a couple of years ago, and I’ve got some New England stops this October. I remember I’m in Boston for sure.

  25. I am overjoyed to hear there will be more Dead Six and Into the Storm! You have personally caused the purchase of quite a bit of Warmachine kit with that book.

    I’m wondering — in both D6 novels you and Mike come right up to the edge of revealing something supernatural and then skitter away. Will the third book rip the covers off at last?

  26. Man, that’s a list of busy writing that I hope to one day be able to do myself. One day…!


  27. I wanna see Larry cross the streams – “Mel Greenstein, combat auditor!”. Mel visits Hammer’s latest jobsite to determine if the quartermaster is fudging expense reports. Unfortunately, he discovers some of the new tanker recruits are unlicensed Orcs.”

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