8 thoughts on “Final Reminder for Sad Puppies, Hugo Noms are due today!”

  1. “In the middle of writing something you go blank and your mind says: “No, that’s it.” You’re being warned. Your subconscious is saying “I don’t like you anymore. You’re writing about things I don’t give a damn for.” You’re being political, or you’re being socially aware. You’re writing things that will benefit the world. To hell with that! I don’t write things to benefit the world. If it happens that they do, swell. I didn’t set out to do that. I set out to have a hell of a lot of fun.”
    — Ray Bradbury

  2. A guy who makes anti-white comments virtually everyday surprisingly doesn’t like LC’s use of the word “skin head.” In social justice warrior-land, there are literally only white racists in the world. There is no other type of racist. You can use actual slurs, segregate rooms, use dehumanization theories straight out of the Third Reich – it doesn’t matter. Some SJW pope has offered an eternal dispensation to half-Irishmen who never shut up about how “Arab” they are and never mention the word “Irish.”


  3. Amal El-Mohtar ‏@tithenai Mar 9 @niallharrison @shaunduke @NussbaumAbigail @jdiddyesquire >presenting ballot in bad faith. I mean I doubt LC had read VD’s story last year.

    Amal El-Mohtar ‏@tithenai Mar 9 @jimchines @niallharrison @shaunduke @jdiddyesquire @NussbaumAbigail This. What it comes to for me is if people are reading or not.

    Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines Mar 9 @tithenai @niallharrison @shaunduke @jdiddyesquire @NussbaumAbigail Which isn’t something anyone’s going to come out and admit.

    That’s true Mr. Hines. It’s easier to lie than read books. Like the lies your defamation league tells about the Golden Age of SF. The SJW idea of an historical archivist is someone who knows the race and sex of who wrote what. What’s actually in the books is irrelevant. That’s why we all default to right-wing, conservative, men’s rights activists merely by not liking Ms. “Cracka Ass Cracka” writing foul things about straight white men. By that standard, GLAAD, the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League all default to some bizarre supremacist ideology. Even the completely apolitical Jack Vance joins a KKK.

  4. I’m concerned that the social justice warriors might be overlooking specious charges of racism against the novelists on the sad puppies slate.

    Everyone knows how anyone who has ever been associated with the University of Oklahoma is racist. Jim has a degree from there, hence must be super racist and want to butcher minorities.

    Chuck does not wholly present corporations in a positive life, hence is racist against persons of incorporation.

    Kurst’s people are all evil, which is totally racism on Larry’s part.

    As for Kevin, everyone remember the Diversity Alliance arc of Young Jedi Knights?

    I don’t know enough about Marko Kloos. Perhaps he is a Martian with an enmity against the Jovians?

    1. Worse. Marko’s a German immigrant. Germany is where Nazis come from, so everyone from Germany must be evil.

  5. Here’s another reminder: were the SFF community a principled one, the people who have provided motivation for the Sad Puppies campaign with non-stop racial and sexual attacks and slurs would be expelled from it – an unwelcome matt laid out – persona non grata. The simple truth is the SFF community is clueless and unprincipled. Apparently because of Jim Crow, slavery and women’s suffrage, I’ve in some manner ceded my rights to be treated like a human being and given equal protection. When I insist on those rights, I get swinish quotes about “white tears” or “Life is so hard for white dudes,” or “can someone think about the white people” or “white privilege.”

    Ironically, it’s because I share skin and sex with a perpetrator long dead, a thing social justice warriors passionately claim to be against. They claim that because they are ignorant and liars. Not all Arabs are terrrorists, not all blacks criminals, but all white men are racist sexists, apparently forever. But I have not ceded my rights to anyone, no one has the right to take them from me, nor will I allow such a thing; my rights are inalienable. Setting aside people in the social justice warrior movement who are simply racist sexist bigots (which I believe is the majority of them) this is the great failure of principle that lies at the heart of this intersectionalist-driven movement which laughingly claims to be about human rights. Were it not for these idiots, there would be no Sad Puppies campaign.

    Inalienable. Get it through your heads.

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