Sad Puppies 3: Nomination DEADLINE and an audio interview with me and Brad.

First and most importantly, if you bought your membership, don’t forget to nominate. We are at the deadline.

Again, here is our suggested slate of nominees. We’ve Book Bombed everything on there. Now go forth and do whatever you want. 🙂 

And here is an interview with me and Brad Torgersen, where we talked about Sad Puppies.

And interesting little thing to think about, over the last few years of me messing with the system, I think this is the only time I was actually interviewed about the subject and questioned, as opposed to people just guessing or making stuff up. For that reason alone, bravo, Adventures In SciFi Publishing. Well done.

Final Reminder for Sad Puppies, Hugo Noms are due today!
Reminder, Kickstarters with me in them!

20 thoughts on “Sad Puppies 3: Nomination DEADLINE and an audio interview with me and Brad.”

  1. “…go forth and do whatever you want.”

    You didn’t explicitly say we had to be law-abiding. Therefore, you must be promoting lawlessness!

    Me, I’m going home to rip the tag off a mattress! I might even Fish from Horseback!

    1. Y’know, people joke about ripping the tags off mattresses, which is not actually illegal *once you’ve bought the mattress*.

      As a kid, I’d rip the tags off *in the store*.

      I sure hope the statute of limitations on that is less than 30-mumble years.

  2. You didn’t tell us not to mount a filibuster expedition to Belgium.

    Does CM like Belgian Waffles?

  3. G.R.R. Martin has just given his recommendation for best fan fiction written under the influence of powerful mood inhibitors. For me it’s a question of who’s more insane: Requires Hate or her phony so-called detractors. My own recommendation is whatever bat is hanging in whatever belfry between Maine and San Diego.

  4. Loved the interview. What strikes me is how happy you and Brad are. People have been slinging crap at you guys for years, but you don’t let it get to you. In the long run, I think that’s why our side will come out on top.

  5. The interview showed what should be evident to anyone with a brain: this is nothing more than people tired of being called racists, homophobes and woman haters merely by virtue of being white, straight and male. They are tired of being accused of being enrolled in a non-existent supremacist ideology. They are tired of people who actually are demonstrably part of a hateful ideology trying to pretend they’re not.

    The other day a typical Hugo and Nebula nominated moron with a history of daily anti-white comments Tweeted about the new movie Chappie “The ‘new!’ ‘global!’ science fiction…that is still magically all about white people. Wack.”

    That was followed by saying about the totally innocuous trailer for the new Owen Wilson movie set during a coup in Asia “This is the most racist-looking pile of steaming shit I’ve seen from Hollywood in a long while. Wow.”

    Before that it was “More white supremacist bullshit” about Scarlett Johansson playing Ghost in the Shell.

    Multiply that by 10,000 remarks like that from the SFF community alone over a year or two. They never let up on us for one second with group libel that’s not in any single way different from conspiracies about Jews. And all because they say SFF isn’t designed to have women, PoC and gays see themselves. Funny how that doesn’t keep Asian and white Americans and people all over the world from listening to rap in huge numbers. There’s nothing keeping anyone from SFF either except SJW paranoia. Imagine whites with a history of racist comments saying take a break from black rappers for a year. So because of all that paranoia based on exactly nothing white straight males have to watch open and public collusion to not read them or give them awards, racial and sexual insults from womansplaining cracka-hating cis broads aside.

  6. And just in case you thought the Demented Guardian Whiner had forgotten us:

    · 11h 11 hours ago
    Likely alongside a crappy novel about hunting monsters block voted on by Larry Correia’s libertarian douchebag minions.”

    Let’s try to disappoint him, shall we?

    1. Hey, at least he is finally correctly identifying me as a libertarian instead of a neo-con. That’s the most accurate thing he’s said so far. 🙂

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