2 thoughts on “Reminder, Kickstarters with me in them!”

  1. Not on topic, but this youtube :youtube.com/watch?v=0UbvxUkQYm4 is a guy analyzing “Aliens” and ripping the SJW’s a new one. Or two. It seems quite spot on from a variety of different directions.

    Short version: Respect is earned. Feminists don’t.

  2. Larry,

    How about a Kickstarter for MHI action figures or statues?

    I’m so desperate I’m getting 7″-8″ werewolf statues from Amazon and painting them up as Earl and Heather, but there’s no Skippy or Owen or Julie or Franks or Susan or….

    Maybe at least could you get the brain trust together and make a list of moddable figures that would work well enough?

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