Sad Puppies short story update, free Championship B’tok and Tuesdays with Molakesh eligibility

Apparently Edward’s publisher was so happy about the results of the Book Bomb last week that they put together a FREE Kindle version of the story that was actually nominated. Check it out.

Championship B’tok

[Kindle Edition]

by Edward M. Lerner


And we had some question about whether Megan Grey’s Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer would be eligible or not.  She cant’ get a straight answer, but it looks like it won’t be eligible until next year.

Hi all! Thanks so much to Larry and Brad for picking my Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer story for the Sad Puppies slate and for sharing the link again here, and thanks to all of you that are checking it out! I just heard from my editor that Molakesh had a huge spike in views, which is pretty amazing. The Hugo Committee wasn’t able to tell me specifically whether it will be eligible this year or next (they have a policy against commenting on specific eligibility), but based on the wording in the rules that an earlier commenter mentioned, my guess is that it will actually be eligible next year. But regardless of all that, I am just so honored that so many of you are enjoying the story. Thanks again!
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24 thoughts on “Sad Puppies short story update, free Championship B’tok and Tuesdays with Molakesh eligibility”

  1. The Hugo committee has a policy against commenting on specific eligibility? Why? They don’t have a simple rule that states whether a work is eligible or not? Seriously? WTF??!!

    1. If they aren’t willing to comment specifically on the eligibility of a specific work then they should have a Eligibility Committee to deal with these questions or the rule should be painfully obvious to a 2 year old.

      Alternatively, if they aren’t willing to comment on the eligibility of a specific work, then they are abdicating ANY AND ALL authority to rule on the eligibility of any submission at any time.


    2. They’re still running the background checks for the important issues: hetero-/non-hetero, white/colored, M/F, etc. etc. ad nauseum…

      1. Pwah haha! They should have a category for Best Racial or Sexual Revenge Fantasy. It’s a frickin’ sub-genre among Social Justice Warriors nowadays. It’s why so much of their junk is alt-history. They like re-writing the past or pretending it’s today.

        “Let’s run away from the white cis males. Tee hee hee.”

    3. FWIW, the rules are pretty clear on this, if it’s in a dated publication, the cover date applies, otherwise it’s copyright date. So if it was in something dated to this year, it’s not eligible yet, unless there was an earlier release.

    1. Yes, Molokesh was a enjoyable read. Though, the idea of having a demon living next door, let alone being friendly with it, is a tad…unsettling. 🙂

  2. You can usually get them to comment on a hypothetical work that meets the particulars of the work you want to know about. You just need to make sure that your hypothetical covers all of the right details. They just don’t comment on particular actual works unless they get nominated. It’s enough work without researching the publishing details and ruling on a work that may or may not get nominated.

    They aren’t idiots and take their job seriously. I question their notion that the Wheel of Time is a single work, but I don’t question their dedication.

    If a work gets nominated and gets enough votes, then they will interpret the rules with respect to that work.

    1. Agreed. It didn’t occur to me at the time I emailed them for verification, but I do totally understand that they might not want to comment on the eligibility of specific works until the nominations close. And though this story was put online at the end of December, I think that based on the rule that Skip mentioned, its eligibility will be determined by the cover date on the issue, which is January 2015. So fingers crossed for next year! 🙂

      1. It doesn’t hurt to encourage nominations for this year, the worst that will happen is that it will be determined to not be eligible until next year. However, it would really suck if it were to get enough nominations next year and then be determined not eligible due to being online in late December.

  3. I thought Molakesh was a terrific story, disappointed I can’t vote for it this year, but looking forward to voting for it next.

  4. Dear, social justice warriors, please stop writing short fiction that reads like 100 sad haikus laid end to end. I’m not impressed, and stopped being impressed after the eleventy-killionth story like that.

    Thank you.

  5. Molakesh the Destroyer is a fine work, and I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to have read it. My compliments to the author.

  6. Wow, thanks for the review, Shadowdancer! And thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed Molakesh. I’m honestly so honored that this story is resonating with people.

  7. Just finished Championship B’tok. It was awesome… maybe too awesome because now I have to read the entire series that this story comes from. Cut it out, Larry! I have only so much time available for reading, and the list just keeps getting longer. I didn’t have this problem before I started following your blog!

  8. Here’s some fun gender feminist messaging from an Elizabeth Bear short Lois Tilton rightly called out in a review at Locus:

    “‘For a moment, Dharthi considered such medieval horrors as dentistry without anesthetic, binary gender, and as being stuck forever in the body you were born in, locked in and struggling against what your genes dictated.'”

    Man, that’s just precious. Even Yamamna isn’t that bad.

    Social justice warriors were not happy on Twitter.

    Tilton wrote: “Way to jerk readers out of the story and remind them it’s not really future Venus but here-and-now 2015. I had expected better from this author.”

    Hey, Lois! Did you hear the one about the cyborg/zombie who can’t see gender? That was one extended yank. Gender feminists loved it cuz they put salt on everything, even sushi.

    What if Edmond Hamilton had written “A Yank at Valhalla” but didn’t get the joke himself?

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