Mad Mike’s Trigger Warning Shirts, MHI approved

Mad Mike is performing a community service by providing valuable trigger warnings.

Because Mike did these as a result of my provoking people over trigger warnings, with a lack of trigger warnings, by posting pictures of actual triggers, he even used my favorite gun in the whole wide world. (inside joke for those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a LONG time).

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17 thoughts on “Mad Mike’s Trigger Warning Shirts, MHI approved”


    These awesome shirts don’t come size 3XLT. Obviously you hate TALL FAT GUYS!



    (Guess I’ll have to make do with a 3XL and hope I don’t look like I’m wearing my little brother’s t-shirt)

  2. Added bonus: the shirt not only makes you look fat, it makes everyone you look at look fat too.

    Thanks for all the great recommendations, just got through Wright’s “Star” — wow. Sorry I missed the Jan deadline for SP, so much work last month.

  3. Hmm… MHI conceptualizing… Actually probably just being weird, but hoping Mr. C. and Mad Mike are in forgiving moods.

    Don’t fire until you see the multiple eyes

    When the going gets tough, the tough go full cyclic (Reverse) Monster silhouette with holes everywhere.

    When you care enough to charge the very gates of Hell… Abomination!

    I Wonder If – it is big enough to stop that gargoyle? IWI Desert Eagle .50 AE

    Julie – I’ll tell you when you can stroke that trigger

    Owen Pitt – This Side Toward Enemy

    (Selective Fire Switch) Safe, Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom…. haw-haw-haw-haw

  4. Message for the back from Korval:

    In an ally, considerations of house, clan, planet, race are insignificant beside two prime questions, which are:
    1. Can he shoot?
    2. Will he aim at your enemy?

  5. Love that most excellent German engineering. 😉

    As to “Trigger Warnings,” well my tuppence of JIMHO, yes some people who have had traumatic events in their life can have flashbacks triggered by certain events. (An UK ex-services mental health charity once ran an fund-raising campaign, “The bravest man I ever knew, but now he can’t bear to turn a corner.”) And I think it’s good manners to prefix a panel at a con, or a fanfic with warnings that some people mind find the subject matter upsetting. (One author wrote a fanfic, based on personal experience, dealing with senile dementia in a parent. They posted a warning saying that some people might find this distressing, but they personally find it helpful to have written it.)

    But . . .

    When it turns into don’t say anything which anyone might just possibly find upsetting . . . and Neil Gaimen gets taken to task over a title and a cover blurb. -geez- What ever happen to having a little perspective?

    1. (Nods) It’s like the concept of privilege. A perfectly good concept chloroformed, kidnapped, taken to Room 101, and tortured until it admitted that 2+2=5.

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