Sad Puppy Update: Book Bomb for the short fiction this Wednesday.

Mark your calenders. We will be Book Bombing the short fiction categories this Wednesday.

The Novella Category Bomb was a huge success. Thousands of copies were moved. A week later and they’re still on their respective genres bestseller lists. So basically we made sure that these will be the most widely read items in their category.

Now we’re going to do the same thing for the short stories and novelettes. Sad Puppies is all about getting people to nominate based on what they like, as opposed to what they are supposed to like.

On that note, yes. I’ve seen the latest K. Tempest Bradford article, challenging people not to read any books by heterosexual white males for a year. I’ll do a blog post about that asinine SJW bullshit if I get a chance, but I’ve got a paying deadline looming. However there is nothing quite like being lectured by someone who grew up with millionaire parents, from a rich neighborhood in Manhattan, who attended one of the most expensive universities in America, about “Privilege”. (plus, the irony of her attacking Neil Gaiman while wearing a Dr. Who shirt is pretty hilarious).

If I don’t get a chance to write about that, just be aware that she’s just another angry SJW, mad at all you people for having fun wrong. Sad Puppies is all about you guys enjoying what you want, regardless of the finger shaking scolds.

So, mark your calenders, Book Bomb this Wednesday. Where you can check out some of the awesome short fiction we’re suggesting on our Sad Puppies slate… Oh, and I think some of the authors aren’t horrible white “cismales”, and thus K. Tempest approved, but I since I don’t give a shit I haven’t bothered to check.

Epic Mysteries Kickstarter! Bigfoots, man!
Another Czech cover. Seriously, I love these.

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out how the SJW’s haven’t figure out that repeating what they see as past wrongs with the script being flipped doesn’t really solve a damn thing, especially since the people they’re “punishing” aren’t the ones responsible in the first place.

  2. Two things:
    I own a Nook, am I considered an outcast if I get it from the B&N store instead?
    Second thing, some people don’t understand that as a hetero male that I don’t read books about certain things because I literally don’t connect to the characters. Not that I have problems with the things per se. Just I don’t care. It’s the reason I never read Little Women.

    1. Nook won’t bump up the ratings number, but the important thing is that the author Gets Paid, and so yes, it still totally helps.

    2. Getting paid is most important, but you can always buy it on Amazon on your PC and use Calibre to convert it to Nook format.

  3. Who were Bradford’s millionaire parents? Her public profiles don’t mention anything about that and say she’s from Cincinnati. (I’m not casting doubt on what Larry said, by the way, but I’d like to have proof to throw against SJW lies.)

    1. That is just what I was told, Turtle Bay. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, think $800,000 apartments the size of closets. But if I’m wrong. I’m happy to pull that down. (just like I’m sure they’re happy to pull down the bits about me only writing about manly white men having manly white adventure from my background of white privilege).

      Though I am pretty sure she did go to NYU, which is one of the most expensive schools in the world. But you can’t hardly expect me to get my facts right, since I worked my way through Utah State. Because Privilege.

      1. According to her bio, she was born in Cincy and now lives in New York:

        “I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, I’ve lived a bunch of places, including Fort Worth in Texas, Denver in Colorado, and Columbus in Ohio. I went to New York University to study voice then realized that the world of opera is filled with horrible people I wanted nothing to do with, including many of my teachers. I switched to Gallatin School for Individualized Study so that I could be individual and study. There we had no “majors”, only “concentrations”. My concentrations were in performance, writing, the history of mythology, interstitial art (though we didn’t call it that, then), and the collective unconscious. Yes, I got a degree in that.”

        Here’s the part I love the most:.

        “After leaving college and realizing that the life of a corporate drone is horrendous, I decided to throw it all away so I could attend Clarion West in 2003. I left my job, left New York, and left any notion that I’d be leading a normal life in the dust. After Clarion West I wandered around the country for a few years visiting friends, writing, and discovering that all one needs to survive in life is confidence, charm, and many well-off friends. In 2006 I returned to New York City and took up freelancing to support myself.”

        So she’s a badly educated mooch who’s never really had to support herself, but she wants to talk about other people’s privilege.

      2. “all one needs to survive in life is confidence, charm, and many well-off friends”

        Well, she has confidence and well-off friends, anyway.

    1. It made it a lot slower, and I’m guessing less effective, but even then it kicked ass. And probably ended up having a longer tail of tapering sales than normal.

      1. So if Book Bombs were aimed at people not really reading the books (or whatever that Circular File blog is saying today) they would be really less effective. But the blog post stays up long after the Book Bomb ends, and people looking for a fun read will continue to come across the recommendation—so it probably continues to help sales and therefore ranking.

        (For those joining the conversation midway, I was referring to the changes discussed in Dorothy Grant’s Velocity and Trajectory on Mad Genius Club.)

  4. I intend to respond to Bradford’s nonsense tomorrow with a recommendation list of female and POC authors who also happen to be Sad Puppies. And by the way, you’re going on the list. After all, you are Portuguese and grew up a member of the working class. 😉

    1. The fact that she put Working Class in there as some sort of protected species really pisses me off. Outside of her academic privilege little bubble world where you mooch off your parents or spouse while you try to make it, that is MOST WRITERS.

      1. Yeah, she only really squashed reading a handful of authors, particularly in SFF, because few of us are 1%ers.

        I know I’m not even close to it. I don’t know many who are, besides you. 😛

      2. It’s hilarious that she comes from a family so rich that she finds the life of an ordinary “corporate drone” — namely, having a regular job in a comfortable environment — “horrendous.” If she paid more attention not only to the rest of the world, but even to the lives of NON-rich Americans, she’d get why she shouldn’t have said that if she was expecting sympathy from anyone save other people born rich AND clueless.

  5. there must be some way to honk the SJW clown noses versus taking a Louisville slugger to their precious snowflake skulls

  6. > I’ve got a paying deadline looming.

    Paying? PAYING? Don’t you know REAL writers do it for their Art? They’re free to create, unbound by the fetters of crass capitalist commercialism…

    [unreel as needed, wipe, flush…]

    > heterosexual white men

    Do they have a checklist? Maybe a point system to rate acceptable authors. Points for gay, Asian, female, unibrow, hairy armpits, trust fund… below some minimum number, the author and all his/her/its works are unacceptable.

    1. I’m more interested to see if Scalzi and Hines get SJW exceptions or if they are cast out into the darkness with the rest of them.

    2. I’ve always kind of wondered how that group would react to me if I were to become an author. Ethnically, I’m of Nordic and British Isles descent, but I was born in South Korea (army family), and have citizenship there, so legally I’m Korean. And since I also have US citizenship, that makes me an Asian-American, doesn’t it? Colleges seemed to think so when I was attending. I got notices I was eligible for Asian minority scholarships.

      Granted, I’m female, so I’d probably get a pass anyway, but it’d be interesting to see how they’d parse the white vs Asian thing. It’s given me more than a few amusing anecdotes in my life.

      1. ‘Fraid not – I imagine that you would fall into the same box, but even less entitled to support, as white South Africans.

  7. I love how Bradford tries to pass off a racial quarantine as if it’s ideological one. That right there tells you everything you want to know about the inner workings of the minds of bald-faced racists and intersectionalism in particular. I would say I’m truly amazed they think anyone is buying into such a transparent con game but there is a reason racial bigots have a reputation for brutal stupidity.

    Sunil Patel is the guy who Tweeted “how many of you refuse to watch/read something if it’s about Yet Another Straight White Man?” When I called him a “racist motherfucker” and told him he should go “fuck a hamburger” he replied like he was just thinking out loud. But like Mary Robinette Kowal, he also Tweeted this right after the Nebulas: “Not a single white man won an award tonight. OPPRESSION.”

    Now there’s this brand new Storify from him created by Bradford which has to be read to be believed. It has nice stuff like this:

    “Sunil Patel@ghostwritingcow It is no coincidence that my book review column features no white male authors. They can have EVERYWHERE ELSE. …”

    I never thought his bullshit was a coincidence. That’s why he can buy more hamburgers. Let’s just call this KKK what it is. They’re a pack of weirdoes that has the president of the SFWA promoting a racialized version of French Queer Theory without even knowing what it is. The whole thing amounts to no more than riding herd on a pack of man-hating racists who claim segregation is diversity because Orwell, and that white water fountains is “EVERYWHERE ELSE.”

  8. For the sake of symmetry, no heterosexual white male [or female] should read anything written by an SJW author for a year.

  9. I’m trying to imagine if Neil Gaiman was holding up a K Tempest Bradford book that was crossed out while exhorting people not to read anything by a gay, female POC . . .

    1. But he’d have to be wearing a t-shirt for a tv show about lesbian PoC which Bradford wrote episodes for. Good luck finding one.

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