LTUE starts tomorrow

For the next few days I will be at Life, The Universe, and Everything writing symposium in Provo Utah.

LTUE is the best writing con in the country. It is a full on convention, but it isn’t about fan stuff, it is by writers for writers, trying to make a living as writers and learning to write better. It still gets fannish and there will probably be a couple of people in costume, some fannish panels to gush over watever it is a group of fans want to gush over (notice, I wound up on one explaining miniatures!), but most of it is good, solid, writing info.

Here is my schedule.


9: Crafting Realistic Fight Scenes: Larry Correia, Michaelbrent Collins, Sara Raasch, Jared Barneck, Sara Butler, Maxwell Drake

11: Flintlock Fantasy – Guns vs. Swords: Mikki Kells, Dan Willis, Steven Diamond, Larry Correia, Todd Gallowglas


11: Beginnings And Endings: Larry Correia, Jacob Gowans, Aneeka Richins, Sarah Seeley, J Scott Savage

2: How To Build An Action Plot: John D. Brown, Larry Correia

7: The Motivations of Exploration: Robert Barrett, Larry Correia, James A. Owen, James Ganiere

8: Mass book signing


9: Universal Monster Movies: 90 years of horror history:Larry Correia, Jonathon Mario, Tracy Mangum, Craig Nybo

2: Gun use in fiction: Scott Bascom, Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, Julie Frost

5: The Magic of Minis: Larry Correia, Daniel Swenson, Joe Coleman, C.R. Langille, Janci Patterson

6: Military in Fantasy: Larry Correia, L.E. Modesitt Jr., C. Asay, Maxwell Drake, Todd Gallowglas

Bigfoots, man! and Dead Six gets recognized by the Audies.
Sad Puppies 3 Update 2.1 Addendum to Prior Update

11 thoughts on “LTUE starts tomorrow”

  1. I am sad to observe that you don’t list the MLP panel. I still think you would add a lot of color to the conversation.

  2. I didn’t realize that this was a writing convention. So now I am faced with an interesting problem. My brother lives about 10 miles north of Provo, so I could easily attend the con if I were willing to drive up this afternoon/tonight from Los Angeles. Would it be worthwhile for someone who is just finishing their first novel to attend, do you think?


  3. Oh great and benevolent International Lord of Hate, please grace us with official video of your panels so we may bask in your infinite glorious wisdom. Also, have you ever considered doing an introduction talk/series specifically aimed at WarmaHordes?

  4. Larry,

    Sorry that I can’t make it this year. Business is sold out for the next 13 months, and we’re working insane hours. Happily, the pay is matching. Been thinking seriously about finally getting a used AMG roadster.

    Have fun on the last day of LTUE. I hope you find some new recruits for Baen West.

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