My LTUE schedule


9: Crafting Realistic Fight Scenes: Larry Correia, Michaelbrent Collins, Sara Raasch, Jared Barneck, Sara Butler, Maxwell Drake

11: Flintlock Fantasy – Guns vs. Swords: Mikki Kells, Dan Willis, Steven Diamond, Larry Correia, Todd Gallowglas


10: My Little Pony: Tom Carr, Layne Lowder, Tonya Adolfson, Kay Mildenhall, Larry Correia, Scott Bascom – Wait.. WTF? My Little Pony? I think somebody on the scheduling committee is messing with me. Nope. Skipping this one.   

11: Beginnings And Endings: Larry Correia, Jacob Gowans, Aneeka Richins, Sarah Seeley, J Scott Savage

2: How To Build An Action Plot: John D. Brown, Larry Correia

7: The Motivations of Exploration: Robert Barrett, Larry Correia, James A. Owen, James Ganiere

8: Mass book signing


9: Universal Monster Movies: 90 years of horror history:Larry Correia, Jonathon Mario, Tracy Mangum, Craig Nybo

2: Gun use in fiction: Scott Bascom, Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, Julie Frost

5: The Magic of Minis: Larry Correia, Daniel Swenson, Joe Coleman, C.R. Langille, Janci Patterson

6: Military in Fantasy: Larry Correia, L.E. Modesitt Jr., C. Asay, Maxwell Drake, Todd Gallowglas

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52 thoughts on “My LTUE schedule”

  1. Other than the minis panel (sorry, just not my thing…) I may stalk you through the whole con. The My Little Pony panel made me bust out laughing. What on earth is that supposed to be?

    I’m really, really looking forward to this. Not just your panels, but getting together with everyone that will be there.

    1. I think he should go to the MLP panel. But he needs to fake up some Ponies with eyeblack, side-mounted guns, and knives attached to their front hooves, to place in front of him on the table. 🙂

      1. I’m pretty sure he’s on the My Little Pony panel because of his previous work with Cookie Monster.

        And yeah, I’d pay good money to see the looks on the bronies’ faces.

      2. Luke wrote:
        “I’m pretty sure he’s on the My Little Pony panel because of his previous work with Cookie Monster.”

        O.M.F.G.!!! Fantasy cavalry, the Cookie Monster®, complete with M-4 and Easy-Bake® underbarrel, mounted on My Little Pony® Unicorn, charging the Vampires—Larry, this is a must attend panel!

  2. You have to do the “My Little Pony”panel! You can talk about how tender and delicious the various cuts of meat are and how to prepare them.

  3. IIRC, Expendable Henchman once mentioned that he planned on making a Rainbow Dash ‘Brony’ edition AR-14, if only to induce tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth on all sides. You should follow up on that and bring it to the MLP panel.

  4. But if you go to the my little pony one you can make comments about what caliber would work best, and where to hit one for an easy kill without ruining the flavor of the meat. 🙂

  5. Oh come on… My little pony might be a whole lot of fun. Seems sort of… open ended… I’d probably *go* to a panel called “my little pony” just to see what happened.

  6. Am I the only one who was super excited about the thought of Larry Correia on a My Little Pony panel and then disappointed when it turned out to be a joke? Surely there are other Bronies amongst Larry’s fans who want this to happen.

    I just hope the panel is an actual discussion of My Little Pony and not some Gender Studies major reading her halfway unintelligible master’s thesis about how guys who like ponies are exploring gender fluidity or whatever. I understand people like that appear suddenly and unexpectedly at pony cons. Like mold.

    Larry should show up just to give those types the same sarcastic treatment he gave Damian Walters for suggesting that guys play girls in video games because they’re exploring gender.

  7. The Universal Horror panel, dang. I’ve watched almost all of their classic horror films the past two years, and I’d love to go to that panel.

  8. While I suspect brony gun nuts are rare, this picture suggests they exist.

    Maybe I’ve seen too much MLP over my daughters’ shoulders for my own good, but once I started comparing the guns qualities to the ponies, it was way too good to pass up.

      1. As I read this reply, I realize I’m not sure if it’s rhetorical, or what the question is if not. I blame the internet for not showing me body language and inflection, since it certainly can’t be me. That last bit was sarcastic, btw.

      1. It’s the guns that they would pick, or that represent their personality. Twilight would research everything and pick a famous brand with all the extras that she thought she might need, Applejack would pick something reliable, Fluttershy is very quiet, Rainbow Dash thinks that more is better, Rarity prefers looks above all else, and Pinkie Pie is really, really loud, and likes big, loud things.

  9. I’d say go to the MLP panel. This kind of screw up or practical joke is the sort of stuff convention legends are made of 😀

  10. I can’t believe I’d never heard of Larry Correia a year or so ago — now I’ve read everything with your name on it, most of it twice, and it seems cruelly unfair there are no more MHI or Grimnoir books to download.

    Hope you enjoy your panels! I would never have heard of you except for the award controversy thing, I’d probably just be stuck endlessly re-reading old Zelazny and Glen Cook, and waiting for Neal Stephenson to publish something.

  11. “Wait.. WTF? My Little Pony? I think somebody on the scheduling committee is messing with me.”

    Someone heard you were into miniature figurines…

    1. You know, nobody would make fun of the show if it were “My Gigantic Warhorse” and aimed at boys.

      Hmmm, I would even watch that…. Spiked hooves and armor, unicorn stallions with flaming eyes and blood-drenched horns…. Pegasii with hellfire missiles…. That would be awesome.

      But perhaps it’s actually say, a panel about realistic horses in Fantasy novels? Horses are not Motorcycles. That kind of thing.

        1. Heh. On one hand, I think part of the reason there are bronies is because MLP isn’t written like a traditional “girls show” (Which these days seems to be all about Mean Girls in High School and “Fashion”) so it has some decent stories with action, but on the other hand, the Bronies certainly haven’t covered themselves in masculine glory.

  12. It’s probably to much to hope that the “Magic of Minis” is about those Gatling what’s its they stick on aircraft…

  13. I’d love to get more of your panels somewhere on the net on video. Or even just sound. Because you are awesome and you do awesome panels. And we poor Euros kinda cant go to USA just for some con (or maybe we can, if we treat it like our vacation for the year).

  14. I have to choose between:

    The Ramifications Of Fictional Religion: D. J. Butler, Daniel Craig Friend, Eric James Stone, Brad R. Torgersen


    Gun use in fiction: Scott Bascom, Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, Julie Frost

    That’s just mean.

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