Arguing with Moral Relativists on Twitter

Every time there is a terrorist attack, the moral relativists can be counted on to come out of the woodwork to educate the world about how all belief systems are equal, and western civilization is just as evil and horrible and awful and blah blah friggin’ blah. Then it is all of the usual leftist self-loathing nonsense about the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and What Have You Done For Me Lately bullshit! (built civilization?).

I’m simply done with these people.

I loathe Twitter. It takes complex topics and distills them down to the lowest common denominator. It is a medium of exchange designed for stupid people and meme level discourse. Which is why leftists think it is fantastic. However, there are a handful of conservatives and libertarians who are so mean spirited that we simply can’t help but engage the truly stupid masses to draw them out so the whole world can see just how dumb their philosophy really is.

As the International Lord of Hate, I am duty bound to participate.

This exchange is from Twitter the other day. Because my regular blog readers hate Twitter, I’ve collected some of the hilarity because I love you. Because copying and pasting from Twitter is a formatting nightmare, and there were dozens of people commenting back and forth, many posts are missing, and some of these might be out of order, but overall, this will give you the gist of the conversation.

This Matthew Battle guy was dumb even by the Moral Equivalences crowd standards. As a result ome of these exchanges pretty damned funny.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  I have to check who has killed more people in the last 10 years, the West or islamic terrorist!

Yes, Nick Searcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy   No, dipshit. You said “Christian.” Prove it. Then say some other stupid shit we can laugh at.

That’s Nick Searcy from Justified. If you follow Nick, you will see that he mocks idiots all day. It is fantastic. The dude is an artist. So I scrolled up and discovered that he had a live one. Christians are the real bad guys and Christians murder people for Christ all the time! Damn. This Battle dude is a Moral equivalence poster child. Engage! Engage!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 Boko Haram and ISIS have killed more people this week than Christian organizations have in decades.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13


Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Dude, Boko Haram just killed over a thousand in NIgeria. Pull your head out of your ass.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

The only group claiming the deaths to be 2000 is the army which cannot be trusted!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

So your defense is Boko Haram probably isn’t THAT bad? Man, you suck at this even by moral relativist standards

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

and I have meet/seen some evil people from all religions!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Wow. Compelling. We put our murderers in prison. It is pretty awesome..

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Great, what does that have to do with all religions have bad people

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Statistics, motherfucker. Raw numbers. Moral equivelence is chickenshit.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏    I give you the drug cartels in central and south America.

Larry Correia       Drug cartels? Your example of murders in the name of Christianity are drug cartels? Keep scrambling.

Hon. Matthew Battle  showing that Christians are no better than these radical islamists

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Drug cartels represent Christianity the same way cheese represents the moon, you fucking goofball.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Drug cartels are criminal enterprises. They don’t murder for Christ. They murder for turf and cash

Dread Pirate Cates ‏@drawandstrike  Jan 13

OMG, ha ha, hey everybody, get this: drug cartels are FULL OF CHRISTIANS. Who knew?

Yes, Nick Searcy! ‏@yesnicksearcy  Jan 13

Those crazy, crack-dealing Christians!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Hell, by those standards do the Yakuza and Triads represent Shinto and Buddhists?

Dread Pirate Cates ‏@drawandstrike  Jan 13

What Christian group out there kills people for NOT being Christians? Any ideas?

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

What do you call a christian who kills for shoes? For Drugs? For money?

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

A criminal. Then Americans arrest, prosecute, and jail him.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Evil asshole is an evil asshole, just statistically some groups have a LOT more assholes.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Yeah, when working with cartel hitmen I’m always shocked by how regularly they attend bible study.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

How many people are killed each day in the US?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

About 40, but mostly in democrat cities over drug money. Next?

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 

I wonder how many of those 40 were killed by christians!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Yeah, when T-Bone shot Jizzy Dawg over that crack slinging corner, it was straight up for Jesus.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏    Honor killings, beheadings, suicide bombers have existed in many religions!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yeah, you know those southern baptists, with all their sharia law and suicide bombs

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 Many would argue that the PFLP is a Christian group!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Dude, they’re Marxists. And exclamation points are not your friend.


Seriously, over the last few days because of the Moral Equivalence crowd I’ve seen every modern pseudo Christian terrorist organization possible brought up in these arguments. The Relativist will toss out some acronym call it a Christian organization and assume that people will just be too lazy to look them up.  

Sadly for them, I co-authored Dead Six and Swords of Exodus. I read about terrorist organizations for fun. PFLP was founded by a Palestinian Christian, but if you look up their own dogma they’re Marxist-Leninist, and Christianity doesn’t show up anywhere in their crap. (and their founder has been dead since ’08 and irrelevant for far longer) I’ve seen the Relativists bring up the IRA a lot, but the 80s called and want their terrorists back. The only splinter group of the IRA that is killing people right now has about 50 members. I even saw one jackass bring up Naga Separatists… And holy shit, that is scraping the bottom of the trivia barrel. They’re a rebel group in India that did some stuff years ago, but then splintered into two smaller groups, so small and irrelevant that they don’t actually rate their own Wikipedia page.

The Relativists could just save time and post I’m Bad At Stats, But FEEL SO HARD!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45  Drug cartels and communists? Man, Christianity sure is a big tent.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @Spacebunnyday Great and your religion has gotten millions killed over the years!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

My religion is awesome. No matter how stupid you are it would still condemn me for killing you.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @Spacebunnyday but it is awesome. Praise Jebus or whatever his name is!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that whole western civilization thing we built.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103 Yet anytime you prove them wrong they attack you!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45   Most Christians are nice. Luckily for us, you blundered into me.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

And surely, @monsterhunter45, we can’t forget all the times you cut the heads off your bound prisoners

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@LawSelfDefense @monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy Many countries would still be using the Guillotine if people believe it to be humane!

Preston Phillips ‏@S1AL  Jan 13

guillotine? Famous implement of… Oh, atheist French revolution. Nice.


Larry Correia   So, a nation state executing someone is the same as Jihadis sawing their head off for a video?

Hon. Matthew Battle  because our society as a whole says it is okay?

Larry Correia  Societies decide some things are worth killing over. Since you’re not a slave, you should thank yours for that.

Hon. Matthew Battle  You are talking about the same society who said it was okay to own slaves for hundreds of years?

Larry Correia ‏   Yep, and then we decided Democrats weren’t allowed to do that anymore and stopped them

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏  Took you guys until the 1960s before there was equality! What was the hold up?

Larry Correia   Democrats.

Sneaky Black Dog ‏@SneakyBlackDog  Jan 13

@monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy @librab103 Ouch!!!! That’s got to hurt

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

@SneakyBlackDog @monsterhunter45 @yesnicksearcy Yes, it does hurt that our society was built on the backs of slaves!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45Only western society freed ours. You should go talk to the Islamic world now.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I am saying that people like you and your anti-islamic rants do not help! They just make things worse!

That is actually a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of the Moral Relativists. I haven’t gone on any anti-Islamic rants. On the contrary, I truly do believe in religious freedom just like I believe in free speech. Honestly, I think the people who are most screwed over by the Moral Relativists are Muslims. Western cowards unwilling to track down and destroy terrorists are enablers. Most of the body count created by the Jihadi asshole crowd are Muslim. It is regular Muslims who end up suffering because of the Jihadis.

Standard disclaimer, there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, so it is an obvious no brainer that we’re not at war with all of them. Duh. That said, best intelligence estimates are that there are between 200-400 million among them who think it is perfectly acceptable for Jihadis to saw your head off for being an infidel. The number of those actually pulling triggers and making bombs are a fraction of those millions, but that’s still 200-400 million people who aren’t dropping a dime and ratting out the dude with the bomb factory in their neighborhood.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Math is racist.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

yes it is!



Of course while this was going on the Courageous Internet Atheist Brigade showed up to tell all the religious people how they are all equally evil. These Twitter things go by so quickly with so many participants that it is hard to keep track of all of them. I spared one kid because I respect his father.

Moral relativists love to bring up the Crusades. Sadly, they know dick about actual history, so it turns into peaceful innocent Islam being invaded by horrible mean awful Crusaders… Now frankly if anything that is racist and insulting to middle easterners. In reality their empires were at the height of their power, Islamic armies were powerful, and they had some brilliant generals. The Crusades were actually a long series of sort of interconnected wars between two rival super powers.

They also leave out the part where Islam had repeatedly invaded western and eastern Europe, conquered Iberia, and got blocked in France.  They tend to forget the part where Islam owned Iberia for generations. Hell, I’m half Portuguese. Centuries later, and my dad’s DNA is 6% North African and 2% Middle Eastern.

I bet in a few hundred years the Moral Relativists with their vast knowledge of history will be lecturing our descendants about how the Christian Americans invaded poor, helpless, innocent Germany because they hated Pagan Aryans, because that would be about as accurate.

Then you’ve got the morally smug atheists trying to educate Christians about what is in the bible. Hilarity ensues. (Hint, the New Testament replaced and supplanted the Old Testament, so as you’re quoting Leviticus you’re just looking dumb). Somehow they always manage to do this with the same smug, self-righteous tone as anti-gunners “educating” gun owners about gun safety or Occupy types “educating” business owners about economics. Sadly, I was too busy responding to the dumbass above to spend much time with the atheists.

But one stupid fucker in particular did the whole meme-storm of posting idiotic pictures with dimwitted slogans, over and over and over.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Wow. A meme that poorly restates someone’s fundamental beliefs on the internet! MIND BLOWN

8 Bit Jerk ‏@mylittlepwnies3  Jan 13

It doesn’t poorly restate them, your beliefs really are wacky and absurd. Mormons especially


Larry Correia‏ @monsterhunter45

Yep. But somehow I manage to be more successful, smarter, more popular, richer, and happier than you. That has to suck.

For those of you just tuning in, I’m Mormon, but please keep in mind that I’m not best representation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, because I really struggle with all that love and forgiveness stuff. 🙂

He then posted a rapid fire bunch of memes about how dumb and silly Mormons are. You know, all the same ones they had left over from when Romney ran for president. I was busy with the stupid Battle guy and couldn’t give him my full attention, so after he posted one about how Mormons are sexually repressed (based upon the musical from the Southpark guys)

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

I’ve been married to a hot athletic woman for 17 years. I guess being repressed is fucking awesome.

Boom. 🙂


Now back to our Moral Relativist dipshit. There are dozens of people posting back and forth. If I got up to go to the bathroom I’d come back and have 100 notifications, so there are lots of tweets missing, but you guys get the idea.

Jeremy Avegno ‏@AvegnoJj  Jan 13

you cannot fault the western powers nor Christianity for the CURRENT situation

Jeremy Avegno ‏@AvegnoJj  Jan 13

it’s hard to solve anything nor want to solve poverty when groups like boko haram kill

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I agree but what is anybody doing about it? Nothing!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Of course we’re not doing anything. The west is paralyzed because of moral relativist cowards like you.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  We can only blame the west for what is going on over there!

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Well obviously. You’re a leftist, so everything, everywhere is western civilization’s fault.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

How about Anti-balaka killing innocent muslims?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

You mean the militas that formed because they were tired of being murdered by Jihadis? You are bad at stats

Again, don’t try to out terrorist trivia a guy who made #3 on the list of Spiritual Successors to Tom Clancy. Balaka means machete, and they named themselves that because they were tired of being hacked to pieces with machetes. Of course, Africa being Africa, self-defense quickly turns into payback, and everybody is killing everybody.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

so killing innocents is okay in your book is what your telling me!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Nope. But your best example of moral equivelence is a group formed as a result of being massacred by jihadis. Duh

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

Islamic rebels overthrew a government, declared sharia, and massacred people, who formed a militia and fought back. Simple really

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

so it is okay to kill innocent Muslims because some other group of Muslims were attacking you?

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Okay and expected are two different things, idiot. As usual, Jihadis started it and Muslims suffer.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

When you massacre villages, you shouldn’t be shocked when the villagers fight back, moron.

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

In a war, terrible things happen. Innocents die. Maybe Jihadis should quit murdering African villages

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I have been threaten by so called christians in Florida!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yes, I can’t imagine why Florida Man would threaten you. So, tell us more about how Boko Haram is the real victim.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Boko Haram is just a by-product of that!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yep, Islamic jihadi slave trading warlords in Nigeria are the fault of western civilization. Got it.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

Sending in the west will just make things worse!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

So this stupid fuck demands that the west save everyone, then condemns then for doing anything.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

There there your mother still loves you no matter how stupid you act!

Larry Correia @monsterhunter45 · Jan 13

I don’t know about that, but your mother sure loved everybody at that bus stop

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

The problem is it is people like Larry who attack a group of people instead of the people!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

You got me. I’m racist against stupid people.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

Yes, of course, @monsterhunter45 is the problem. Not the Islamo-fascists murdering innocents by the thousands.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 Obviously, I am the spokesman of decadent western capitalism.

Law of Self Defense ‏@LawSelfDefense  Jan 13

Wait, that’s a JOB? Holy crap, I’ve been doing that for FREE my whole damned life.

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

Yep. Koch Brothers pay me in gold teeth taken from poor people. It is a sweet gig.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

great defense buddy.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45 And I’m not your buddy. You are human excrement. I’m insulting you so more people can see how asinine your side is.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

keep insulting me. Make me feel all warm inside!

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

That warm feeling is from your bladder control issues. They have products for that now.

Hon. Matthew Battle ‏@librab103  Jan 13

I have a moral compass. it seems yours is broken! Maybe find a different religion?

Larry Correia ‏@monsterhunter45  Jan 13

If I convert to Islam, will you defend my right to saw your annoying head off?
Daddy Warpig ‏@Daddy_Warpig  Jan 13 Just catching up, but apparently you’re pro-murder, for opposing the murderers the other guy supports but he’s anti-murder.

Larry Correia‏@monsterhunter45

Yes. Only when he says it, it is somehow even dumber.


Daddy Warpig ‏@Daddy_Warpig  Jan 13

I knew this was a bad day to Internet.

And that pretty much sums it up. 🙂

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137 thoughts on “Arguing with Moral Relativists on Twitter”

    1. What did you expect, they’re Papists. They declared Cate Blanchett a heretic and in punishment Cthulhu used a Kamikaze wind to blow the Spanish tuna fleet to the lands of Prester John.

    2. Don’t believe ANYTHING the press says about the Pope. The press has decided that this Pope, Francis, is one of them, and keeps quoting him saying Leftist crap, when all he is really saying is the same Christian teachings the Church has held since Nero was in charge of the Empire.

      I used to work for the newspapers. They lie. The Pope is Catholic. He repeats the Catholic doctrines and dogmas, same as I do, same as every other faithful Catholic.

      1. John, our friend Tom in Calgary speaks Latin and says the translations the Leftists basing these “pronouncements” on are sketchy, at best.

      2. Sorry John, its a direct quote from the Pope and the Church hasn’t come out today and said he was misquoted. I reproduced the quote at my blog.

        This is why I don’t get wound up with churches and the like. Hierarchical organizations are built on this kinda thing, and it just grinds my gears. Your mileage may vary, but life’s too short for me to bend myself around Official Pronouncements from some guy who thinks he’s smarter than I am.

        To quote the great Kathy Shaidle, “You’re not smart enough to tell me how to live.” Its a t-shirt too. ~:D

        After all, isn’t this type of ShutUppery the main objection we all have to Mooselimbism? I get to say what I want, to whom I want, the way I want, and I get to deal with the consequences that flow therefrom.

        Please note it’s not my intention to mock either you or the Pope, just to point out that Freedom of Speech does not have many friends in high places these days. If we want to keep our right to publish our honest work we better be prepared to fight for it, and that begins with raising a major noise when Somebody Important decides there are “limits” to free speech and they are smart enough to tell us what those limits are.

        1. The idea that free speech has limits is a matter of logic, not a matter of some authority telling you how to live, my dear sir. Christians have always recognized that the tongue can be used for evil, and Angloamerican law has always placed slander, libel, and pornography beyond the pale.

      3. It’s problematic in the sense that the folks in the US try to fit Christian doctrines into neatly established political rubrics of Liberals/Conservatives. The trouble arises on a couple of levels:

        1. The rubrics are pretty amorphous, with both Republicans and Democrats having stretched their tents pretty wide, to encompass everyone into a two party system. The statist/ anti-statist works to a certain degree as a simplification but even that’s not really good enough, hence constant internecine warfare within GOP, and the reason for the emergence of the Tea Party Movement, etc.

        2. Most religions are not a great fit for the anti-statist philosophy. They are ethical system that value being one’s brother’s keeper, treating each other fairly, not taking advantage, sharing, etc, etc, etc. All excellent ideas when practiced voluntarily, but one’s that begin to have a lot of unintended consequences when enforced by institutional structures. Which Catholic Church has a long history of being and doing, of course.

        In terms of his ideas the Pope is probably closest to folks like Bush and Huckabee within the US political environment. “Compassionate conservatism.” What was that famous quote of GWB’s? When someone’s hurt, the government has got to move! Not exactly the rallying cry for a small gov’t advocate. OTOH, the same folks also (usually) have decidedly conservative view of the social issues, and similarly willing to use the institutional framework of the state to defend them.

        There’s a number of such groups within the two parties, who (on paper) are a relatively uneasy fit. Sociocons within the GOP, black and/or Catholic Democrats, etc, etc.

        The US commentators ignore the contradictions already extant in the current political coalitions, and now are doing the same trying to fit the Pope into the imaginary perfectly delineated niches of the US spectrum.

      4. That the Pope’s comments incited controversy reveals how confused we’ve become about what rights are.

        Rights and obligations are inseparable, like the two sides of a coin, e.g. the right to bear arms obliges gun owners to act responsibly; my right to speak obliges me not to falsely tarnish another’s good name (Larry can tell you how much it sucks when folks drop that particular ball).

        The elephant in the room isn’t where rights come from; it’s what they’re for. A common misconception of rights is that they exist in a context-free vacuum. I suspect that the popularity of this hollow view of rights contributes in part to their rapid erosion.

        It’s better to think of rights as moral currency. Like money, their worth depends on what you can get with them. Giving a prisoner the right to choose the color of his shackles doesn’t do him much good.

        In other words, a right is worth no more and no less than the goods it gives you access to. Seeking freedom for its own sake is a dead end. Freedom is meant to seek the good.

    3. From what was posted I get the impression he was saying “You can say what you want, but you may get punched if you speak ill of touchy subjects.”

      Not sure how we got to oppression with that one.

      1. Yes, that’s it in a nutshell. All freedom of speech means is that the government can’t stop you saying something. It doesn’t some other guy won’t punch you in the face for saying it.

        Pope Francis is saying that while you should have the freedom to say something, it doesn’t mean that you should say it.

      2. Punch in the head, cutting off the head, no big difference right?

        Actions have consequences, yes. Disagreements lead to fist fights, absolutely. Been there, got the battle scars.

        As a society are we to put up with people who think cartoons are punishable by death, and we should all shut up in case we might piss them off?

        That’s what “limits to free speech” means. That’s what The Pope is saying. It isn’t like he’s alone in saying it, all the big Euro leaders and the President of the United States are saying it too, and the NSA is there to make their pronouncement stick. You post a video of torching a certain book, you run the very real risk of being arrested and chucked in jail.

        I’m not on board with that, is all I’m saying. It would be better if everybody in the Western World posted a cartoon of a certain religious leader and burned a certain book on YouTube than having us all cower under the covers in case some mean people might get upsetted. Five hundred million Charlie Hebdo cartoons will make a bigger impression.

        And if somebody doesn’t like it, we could always punch them in the head.

  1. I have, at different times, argued against two different positions:

    One, that the jihadis are a “tiny minority” in Islam. (They act far too openly with too little actual opposition from the supposed vast majority who supposedly don’t support them for that to be accurate.)

    Two, that all Muslims are bad and only willing to offer people like, well, me, the option of “convert or die.” (Since there have been Muslims who, through their actions demonstrate that they do not support the jihadis and work against them, this one completely fails.)

    Some people call that a contradiction.

    I call it not falling into the fallacy of insufficient options.

    1. Regarding your point #2:

      It isn’t Muslims that only give you those options (although there’s actually a third option: enslavement, whether voluntary dhimmitude or actual chains); it is Islam itself as revealed in the Koran. You really need to read it for yourself, and with full awareness of one of the key doctrines: abrogation.

      The principle of abrogation — al-naskh wa al-mansukh (the abrogating and the abrogated) — directs that verses revealed later in Muhammad’s career “abrogate” — i.e., cancel and replace — earlier ones whose instructions they may contradict. Thus, passages revealed later in Muhammad’s career, in Medina, overrule passages revealed earlier, in Mecca. The Koran itself lays out the principle of abrogation:

      2:106. Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We {Allah} abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?

      The Meccan suras, revealed at a time when the Muslims were vulnerable, are generally benign; the later Medinan suras, revealed after Muhammad had made himself the head of an army, are bellicose.

      You also need to be aware of the concepts of hudna and Taqqiya. Taqqiya is the doctrine of concealing the true nature of Islam from the unbelievers you are surrounded by until you are in a position of strength — like Mohammed in Mecca vs Mohammed in Medina. Hudna is a similar principle, writ large: any treaty or agreement with unbelievers isn’t binding once the believer is in a position to break it.

      Both of those mean that any country with either a Muslim population that isn’t practicing active jihad or one not ruled by sharia law has an unknown number of sleepers in it.

      I read the Koran right after 9/11; I wanted to see if I could figure out what was motivating the religion. Unfortunately, what I found was not encouraging.

      Since jihad is something all Muslims are required to do or else they are not Muslims, I’m not sure if one who tells you they don’t support jihad is a) still a Muslim or b) lying.

  2. OK. From now on all of those on the left-side of the political spectrum are not allowed to post anything until they run it through me. Please just stop. You are making it very hard to be liberal. One stop defending the atrocities of a group of really bad people. Two, do some research and please use facts in your arguments. Here I’ll help; acts of terrorism are commited by people, not religions. Yes these miscreants use religion to justify their heinous crimes. This however does not mean whatever religion they proscribe to is evil. It is the men and women perpetrating these acts that are to blame. Three, stop comparing what one “religious” group did with what another did. That is stupid. ALL acts of terrorism are WRONG. Defending a group because of what another group did is the height of DUMB!!! People are evil. People are good. All this crap needs to STOP!

    1. You are still engaging in relativism to smooth things out and make one thing like another. First of all, religions are different. Once that is a given, it is always better or worse, sometimes a lot. That is a basic philosophical fact of life. You simply cannot divorce these things from their ideologies as if they are a baseball division with the same rules differing only in uniforms.

      It is also a mistake to believe that a many-times repeated pattern based on an ideology is simply a sociopath looking for an excuse to kill. You can say that about Timothy McVeigh or Anders Breivik. They had no larger grass roots support reflected in either a culture or cohesive ideology. One might make an equal argument Islam is an excuse for supremacy, since it was born of war and conquest against anyone not themselves. That’s piracy combined with an ideological justification, not like the Mongols or actual pirates. The Koran is unique among religious tracts in being a manual for managing conquered populations and with specific injunctions on how to do so.

      More importantly, you are confusing two things. The first is a supremacist ideology that is sociopathic in nature, like Nazism, the KKK or Islam. They terrorize people as an act of supremacy and intolerance, not for land or sovereignty.

      That is different from terrorism that is an act of war over land and sovereignty, such as both sides in Ireland, terrorism by both sides in the Palestinian mandate, partisan terrorism behind enemy lines in the Ukraine in WW II, or terrorism in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Once the issues are more or less settled, the terrorism goes away. Israel won its war and it’s not planting bombs in cafes in the West Bank.

      But Egypt is master of its lands. What issue of sovereignty was at stake when almost 70 tourists were killed in Luxor in 1997? If Zionists did that in the West Bank, one might argue Zionism was sociopathically supremacist, because supremacism never shuts off. But Israelis don’t do that, jihadists do.

      What land issue was at stake when a couple hundred Australians were incinerated in a nightclub in Kuta Beach, Bali? What about 9/11? The Madrid train bombing, the tube station in London, the Sydney siege, dead cartoonists, hiding writers, dead filmmakers, school children, a hundred other things? What can anyone do to stop that other than wholesale conversion to Islam, and even that uncertain? Who else in the world is doing this? What makes Islam so special and different, and clearly it is different – worse – worse than anyone.

      All those acts of terror crosses land, oceans and cultures. The only common denominator is Islam. It is a radical supremacist ideology empowered by a wide base of hundreds of millions of what might be termed useful idiots. Supremacy is baked right into the system even at its most moderate level. People are taught that from the time they are children. It is not bad people but a bad ideology. Breivik and McVeigh were bad people. They were not taught by their culture to do what they did, SJW bleating to the contrary. Rapists and serial killers are bad people, feminist bleating about patriarchy to the contrary. SJWs actually make a case they believe in what I say in principle. Why else declare whites, men and heterosexuals a de facto ideology if not as a basis to vilify them one and all as members of a club?

  3. Oh, my… I was vaguely aware that all this was going on, but I can’t stand twitter so I stayed out of it. Thank you Larry, I think, although really, inflicting this sort in inanity on yourself makes me wonder. Either you’re noble for doing it, or… ah, I’ll just leave it at that. It’s been a morning full of me being all upset over the idiots trying to turn free speech into re-education camps, and frankly I’m really glad we have you.

  4. I’m a Christian who just got back from lunch with my still-hot wife of 24 years. And I needed to goof off for a few minutes before buckling back down to work. Thanks once again to Larry for (1) Following twitter so I don’t have to, and (2) Giving me some more weapons-grade snark to laugh at. But I still think we need to breed a better class of Twitter-Idiot (“Twitiot”?) for Larry to abuse. It’s like Bull Riding — you can’t get a top score without at good bull to ride.

  5. I’ve seen the Relativists bring up the IRA a lot,

    Who mainly killed the English for non-religious reasons, but whatever.

    Yes, it does hurt that our society was built on the backs of slaves!

    Not even remotely true.

  6. Once again, Larry, I am in awe of your fortitude. I can only swim in those dirty waters for a short time before I need to get out and dry off. Just the other day I got into a similar argument on Facebook with someone who insisted that the KKK was the Christian equivalent of Islamic fundamentalists. Yeah, except that the KKK has been universally denounced and marginalized to irrelevancy for decades. Facts like this are irrelevant to the moral equivalists, who just move on to some other straw man. I don’t have that kind of time to argue with them.

    1. I simply remind fools like that that the Klan was started by Democrats, and when the members started calling themselves Republicans, we ran them off (to the extent of the LA Republicans telling everyone to vote for the Democratic convicted embezzler in the governor’s race).

      1. The Republican party in Louisiana is so NOT Klan-ridden they nominated a Catholic whose parents are from India for governor.

  7. The comment about me being a Chrisitan with a hot wife was to piggyback on one of Larry’s snarks. He’s not the only one who married up. But being a fairly successful Christian White Heterosexual (very) white male with a blond-haired blue-eyed wife I’m sure makes me racist, priveleged, and anti-Muslim. Or something.

  8. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of dealing with Matthew on another site. He uses the same arguments only with more words because he’s not under the 140 character restriction. And yes, he’s just as stupid there.

  9. At one point, when the first guy was blaming drug cartel murders on Christianity, I jumped in and asked which countries grew the most poppies. For whatever reason, he never answered.

    The IAB guys were interesting. My favorite was the guy who said, in response to my pointing out how Christianity is made fun of much more readily than Islam, “get Christianity out of school than (sic)”.

    Than what?

  10. You have followers who won’t use Twitter?

    Ok, if you aren’t using it just to follow Larry, you’re missing out. I followed this live yesterday and this just can’t do it justice. Following this in real time is brilliant! It’s so much funnier live.

    Thank you Larry. After finishing all your books, I can count on at LEAST one great bit of entertainment from you every week due to your inability to abide bullshit.

    1. I did use Twitter, and I used it to follow Larry, but every now and then it’d show me three or four copies of each of his tweets – usually when he was on a roll – and every time i tried to report it as a bug Twitter’s feedback form would redirect me to the FAQ.

      So no, I don’t use Twitter, I’m not a user to them, I’m a crop to be harvested. At least Larry appreciates me when he takes my money.

      1. Yeah, I get the multiple copies thing too, but I don’t mind, it’s Larry.

        I get other people who apparently don’t reply or re-tweet properly, so all of their conversations are broken.

        Now, if people were to follow ME, I only post an average of once or twice a day, (actually overnight) so I won’t overwhelm your twitter feed at all.

  11. There’s a phrase my brother uses, “I’m sorry, I can’t Math today, I has the dumb.”

    Unfortunately for some people this is not a transitory state, and apparently when your math skills go logic and reason aren’t far behind.

  12. I like twitter because when I tweet authors about their books I’ve read, they often reply, which I think is cool. Really not a good place for a serious political discussion, though. I wish a lot more people would realize that. Truth and facts cannot often be summed up in sound bites.

    1. Unfortunately, thanks to the tl;dr crowd, sound bites and tweets are about the extent of the attention span of a lot of people. Which probably explains a lot about current political discourse. A sound, reasoned, cogent argument takes more than 140 characters or 30 seconds of time to communicate effectively, but attempt to put one together, and most people default to Larry’s Checklist Item of “Skim until Offended”, if they bother to read any of it at all.

      1. I think you’re quite right, Julaire. Appealing to emotion, on the other hand, is easy to do in quick sound bites. This is the sad state of our country/world.

    2. But so many people in my neighborhood have truly profound political thoughts plastered all over the backs of their cars!

      Bumper stickers – the original tweets!

    3. Dumb arguments don’t look any better fleshed out into a mini-series. Scalzi and the Hayden’s posts about Charlie Hebdo are classics of sheer stupidity. All these social justice bison ever really say anyway is “Straight white men are racists,” but I can see how that might bore conformist redneck retards without some diversity frosting by way of semantic gibberish.

  13. Sigh… Some days, a lot of days in these last nights to be honest, it is really hard to oppose the “soft/idle/not working like a dog sunup to sundown ness leads to rot” idea…

  14. Wow, that Battle tool is a special kind of stupid snowflake. He approaches Clamps-level Weaponized Stupid.

    Speaking of that, Larry, did you see the Clamps takedown over at Vox’s blog? Truly epic. Cut off his Net access and everything. 😀

    1. Hopefully cut off his net access. I still expect a few sporadic incidents. Clamps doesn’t know when to stop.

      1. Yeah, Clampsy already did once. The very same day, he somehow got online and posted on Brad Torgerson’s board as Alauda. It was noticed and referred to the police who had just warned him to cut it out. No idea what they did in response, but they were reportedly VERY unhappy that he pulled that.

        1. Apparently he managed to get onto Twitter a couple of hours ago for a single tweet and who-knows-how-many DMs. Stubborn little psychopath, he is.

  15. On the bright side, you have me something to do while I waited for people at work.

    And then a relaxing afternoon discussion of black powder rifles.

  16. Since Iberia was mentioned…

    SAGA (which is a very fun and well done historical miniatures game; if you play minis games, you should check it out even if you don’t ordinarily care about historicals) recently released a stand-alone expansion that took the period from the Viking era to the Crusades. Entitled “Crescent and Cross”, it includes six factions. And I’m happy to say that while four of the factions are focused in the Middle East, there are also a pair of Iberian factions.

    The six factions are Crusaders (representing the Middle-Eastern variety), Religious Orders (Templars, Hospitalars, Teutonics, etc…), Reconquista Spain, Saracens, Moors, and Mutawi (or something like that – I’m probably badly mutilating the spelling). That last faction is an Islamic religious fanatic faction, and it gets bonuses in combat when you sacrifice your own figures.

  17. The way I look at it is this: the Muslim world held on to much of the light of human knowledge, mathematics, and philosophy in their libraries when the west fell into the dark ages following the fall of Rome. We should return that favor to the Muslim world by calling out their stagnant, barbaric ideologies now.

    Not that I necessarily trust existing governments to do this, but cow-towing to multiculturalism helps no-one, least of all the innocent Arabic people whose lives and communities are devastated by destructive ideology.

    As an atheist myself, I find the snide “all religions are just as bad” line to be fundamentally unhelpful to atheism. Let’s worry about the usually peaceful Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian faith after we stop the hemorrhaging idiocy of much of the current incarnation of Islam.

  18. I feel dumber for having read some of that crap.

    Was he seriously arguing that Hoko Baram, a group from a nation we have had no military presence in to speak of, was the result of western policies, and we should do something about it while at the same time saying we shouldn’t do anything about it?

    I…I’m sorry. I have too many functioning brain cells to comprehend that shit today. Maybe I’ll get liquored up later and fathom WTF that pencil dick was trying to say.

    1. He was saying that it’s all our fault.

      It doesn’t matter that we have no significant military or civilian present in the country in question. It doesn’t matter that they justify their actions based on doctrine written approximately 1000 years before the U.S. was founded. Heck, it doesn’t really matter what “it” is. All you have to know is that because Christianity and Western Civilization are Very Bad, every bad thing that happens in the world is our fault. You should fall on your knees and beg for forgiveness, then become a Leftist.

      [I work in academia. I’ve developed some translation skills.]

      1. I get that, but even then…the fact that I have more than two brain cells makes it impossible to really comprehend how the cognitive dissonance doesn’t rattle him apart.

    2. There were words, arranged properly in sentence form, but no real meaning to them. I watched/participated for several hours and couldn’t figure out what he was saying half the time.

      This is what happens when people accustomed solely to rhetorical monologuing engage in “debate.”

  19. I just love how these idiots fall back on “I’m better than you just because of my opinion … Therefore I win!” whenever they can’t back up anything they say with facts.

  20. Larry, you really need to make a book out of this stuff! It worked for Michael Z. Williamson. This is just comedy GOLD!

  21. Every time I hear a Christian has killed someone for their shoes I go out on the street and shoot off my AK-47 I custom-made from my own racism and shout “Coca-Cola is great!”

    Then it’s leisure-time with an SF anthology carefully selected for a whites-only Table of Contents and no neckbearded-lady cis-broads in the stories.

  22. Oh yeah, it got seven different types of crazy before even when Larry got involved. Nick Searcy was absolutely trolling them before Larry decided he wanted to kick a stupid person as well.

  23. I cant stop shaking my head at the twitter fight.

    I’m not on twitter either, though I’m tempted now after looking at that, that, “huge bowl of dumbfucks, sprinkled with pepper spray and extra ghost peppers” from Nick and Larry.

    Just to read it for the laughs I guess.

    Wow, I’m still stunned.

  24. “Drug cartels…you fucking goofball.”

    Larry, I must tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I have some philosophical and theological differences with you–but you always make me laugh! So I forgive you when you’re wrong.

  25. I somehow managed to miss some of that even as I was watching it happen. It was glorious. I thought about jumping in, but as sick as I am right now I really didn’t feel like making my head feel worse by actually engaging.

    And with all this talk of Clamps, I gotta know what happened. Anybody have links to his crash and burn?

  26. Oh man, this indeed was the right place to drop the mic: “If I convert to Islam, will you defend my right to saw your annoying head off?”

    Remind me why I haven’t read Dead Six yet Larry? Right, just added it to my audible library. MHI & Grim Noir have already made excellent commute listening (plus Into the Storm!).

    1. I’m so with you on this Dangerdad. Need to put this on my audio list.

      I’ve read about 1/3rd of Dead Six but got distracted by something else shiny (probably MHI:Nemesis, or Ringo’s Strands of Sorrow) and never gotten back to it.

      Ohh shiny!

  27. Wow. This was impressive. I’m used to the whole “crusades/Inquisition/people getting stoned in Leviticus means that Christianity is as bad as Islam,” but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone try to argue that the drug cartels are the Christian equivalent of ISIS. Given the boy points for originality, at least, even if he doesn’t have the brains God gave a turnip.

    BTW, that whole “spokesman for decadent capitalism” thing…are the Koch brothers still hiring? If so, I’d like to submit my resume along with the scalps of a dozen gender studies grad students.

    1. Technically speaking, the cartels do apparently have some sort of faith element. Some of what I know about it comes from someone schooling me when I said ‘at least the conquistadors wiped out the Aztec faith, and hence put a stop to the murders’. I don’t think that Christianity syncratized with anything should be properly classified as Christianity. Especially not the Aztec murder cult.

    2. At the end of the day what they’re really doing is comparing Islam to the feral values of drug syndicates or Murder, Inc. That’s no surprise. Does the Bible say we’ll come back on these Egyptians and make them pay a tax for being worshipers of cat-gods? I don’t recall anyone ever telling me to expect anyone but me to eat fish on Friday and close all butchers shops because it offends me. No one ever told me to jail S. Clay Wilson for making the comic Virgin Mary and the [redacted] Vampires. They just said it was stupid and I might turn stupid if I read it. James Bond was considered too adult but no one ever suggested I should hound Ian Fleming into hiding.

  28. “Then you’ve got the morally smug atheists trying to educate Christians about what is in the bible. Hilarity ensues.”

    The Biblically Illiterate Atheist Exegete of the Week award goes to the guy who tried to prove that the New Testament advocates rape by linking to a page with all OT citations.

    1. Looks like a fantastic article Wes! I’ve only had time to watch the Youtube in the middle so far. have to read that one tonight.

      Thank you for the link!

  29. Heh. Reminds me of a mercenary group in “Candle” by John Barnes with the best name ever:

    ‘Burton’s Thugs for Jesus’.

    It made some sense in the context an ersatz 30 years war IN THE FUTURE. Those fictional Christians sure are stone cold killers!

  30. Well, I can articulate what may be a counter argument.

    So far as killing Americans go, the Muslims are pikers compared to Democrats. The Muslims simply have not had the means or the opportunity.

    If you are willing to count all of the Civil War dead as being ultimately due to the criminality and evil of the Democratic Party, it is difficult to find a comparable number of Americans dead at Muslim hands in modern times.

    As far as I can tell, this is not so much moral equivalence, as claiming that the Democratic Party was worse than whatever group of Muslims is now.

    That said, I think continually defending that position might require claiming that all modern Democrats are knowingly embracing the history of The Party. This does not seem obvious to me.

  31. What is with atheists on the internet being convinced they know my religious beliefs better than I do? IRL, my atheist friends sincerely listen to what my beliefs are, then I sincerely listen to why they think I’m wrong.

    We haven’t changed each others minds, but we do understand each other a lot better.

    Online, it’s all-

    ATHEIST: “What?!? No, that’s not what you believe! This is what you -actually- believe! I’m an atheist, which means I’m automatically and innately an expert on all religious beliefs. Because atheism means I’m automatically and innately smart about religion, that’s why!

    …I don’t CARE if none of your writings, commandments, or leaders have ever said or advocated -anything- like that. I’m an atheist, so that means they’re lying. Because I’m an atheist, thus I’m automatically and innately more honest, that’s why!

    ….listen, stop trying to tell me what the religion you actually LIVE and have followed all your life believes! I’m an atheist, so that means I automatically and innately can discern what you actually believe, based on my awesome powers of KNOWING what you secretly ACTUALLY BELIEVE. Because atheism, that’s why!”

    …it’s like the online breed are all a bunch of cuckoo monkeys from Wackyland.

    1. What is with atheists on the internet being convinced they know my religious beliefs better than I do? IRL, my atheist friends sincerely listen to what my beliefs are, then I sincerely listen to why they think I’m wrong.

      I suspect most online atheists are like your friends (I flatter myself that I’m not too obnoxious about being an atheist…though certain annoying people have driven me to be impolite on occasion [not in this venue]), and take a live-and-let-live position.

      The more…outspoken…atheists online are like any other self-righteous believer, determined to preach the Word to the ignorant masses.

      Niven’s Law applies, as it so often does: No cause is so noble that it won’t attract fuggheads.

  32. Once again you have a perfect example of how simple comparisons or any analogy and metaphor are completely shut off from identity addicts. Comparisons like this idiot used – and indeed all social justice warriors – are meant to be used to enlighten an issue, not obscure it, or gerrymander it like a voting district. A truly principled comparison is a tool of self-criticism whereby one steps outside oneself to see one’s own bias. It is not meant to be used to confirm that bias, yet that is exactly what SJWs constantly do.

    How many times are SJWs going to drag out that Ugandan warlord, dust him off and hang him up for us; after every Islamic terrorist attack?

    Any time you see Scalzi and his Huns engage in comparisons based on straight white Western male vs. their counterparts, you will see them contradict themselves from one day to the next. What we are to do with gamergate is what we shouldn’t do with terrorism but is what we should once again do with white conventions or a Table of Contents. Guilt by association is a pile of gibberish in the hands of an SJW. They couldn’t figure out the difference between demography and ideology if I tattooed it on their asses with a homing device and gave them a GPS locater.

    We have white N.Y. Times best-selling authors boycotting white male convention panels in a way they would never do a black boxing card or rap concert line-up. Other non-white N.Y. Times best-selling authors hold non-white VONA writing workshops while crying about white privilege caring only to maintain its racial supremacy. I am not impressed by these obviously racist and stacked-deck excuses for an argument. On the day the Pope is calling for a Crusade against Islam then you can stick your warlord back in the closet and say something. Until that day just shut the fuck up or have all your novels go into quarantine.

    Principle vs. identity: the great philosophical failing of this truly clueless cult of race and gender.

    1. How many times are SJWs going to drag out that Ugandan warlord, dust him off and hang him up for us; after every Islamic terrorist attack?

      Well, the Know-Nothings and the ‘Brights’ have been dragging out Galileo for 400 years, for want of even one other scientist persecuted by us Evul Catlicks™.

      I think this means you’d better get used to it for the long haul.

      1. Fine by me. I have no problem never reading their shitty science racism and fantasy again.

        “Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic rewrites European history drastically; most notably forcing various north African tribes to flee their ancestral lands in the face of disaster, centuries prior to the events of Cold Magic, creating a heavily multiracial European society. Magical, steampunk, feminist novel about determined young women of color fighting to protect each other?”

        I’ve got a great idea for an alt-history: how about one where marginalizing racist whites didn’t end slavery among north African book-loving Goodreads tribes in their fuzzy ancestral Islamic mono-cultural lands. It could be all about magical determined young Muslim men of color fighting to not protect anyone but themselves cuz no Constitution. They train their fierce white females slaves from Albania in concubinage and the exotic art of sandwich-making. Hijinx and many racial micro aggressions ensue. Trigger warning for massive concubinage, rape culture, and a completely static civilization with steampunk telegraph lines in the year 2525.

        Just a reminder Boko Haram is a leftover from the Trans-Saharan Islamic Berber slave trade that only lasted 12 centuries. The only thing separating feminists from that is me, not themselves, not Muslims, not PoC – me. That is factual history – wake up.

      2. Hmm, Steven Barnes’ Lion’s Blood comes to mind. Truth be told, I was always disappointed that he never wrote a third one

  33. The “justification” I’ve heard for the West is Evil morons is colonialism. Naturally people whose ancestors were oppressed by the evil Brits have lingering feelings of hatred toward captors they’ve never seen and a captivity they never experienced. It goes right along with the “Blame poverty on slavery” idiocy. What it means is that people can’t be held responsible for their actions because their ancestors suffered.

    So I guess that means I should hate those who came into Europe and brought the plague with them? And I should hate the Evil Brits too, but I don’t see myself chopping heads off. I should hate the French, and all Catholics (all being equal) and the Chinese and Africans and Moslems and Japanese and the American Indians. And I should hate all white people too. And don’t forget all genders, since both men and women were involved in all those things.

    Hey, if you look at it closely, is that a cause of the white privilege nonsense? They hate themselves because of ancestral oppression? 🙂

  34. The ones I hatey hate are the Multiculturalists, that claim all cultures are equally valid and to be respected. What idiots, while a just legal code will treat everyone equally everyone is unique, but when it comes to cultures, it’s blatantly obvious that the most successful cultures are superior, and Islamic Culture is NOT one of the successful ones. Except where graced by western culture developed and purchased oil resources, Muslims live in abject poverty and squalor.

    1. “Multiculturalists, that claim all cultures are equally valid and to be respected” — usually excepting ours for some reason…

  35. Has anyone noticed a big change in the news in the past week? I am seeing much more sympathetic reporting about resistance to jihad. I believe our educated betters have suddenly realized that jihadists don’t only want to kill redneck Baptist soldiers from the trailer park; the kind of people who end up in faraway combat zones. Our betters have been shown, in a way even they can’t miss, that the jihadists also want to kill witty, sophisticated atheists–the horror! Those jackasses at Charlie Hebdo, and the jackasses who killed them, may have inadvertently started the turnaround that saves civilization.

    1. I think it’s more that they don’t have any choice. The rally in Paris was the biggest rally in that city ever. Reports say that more people showed up for the rally than showed up for the Liberation Parade when the Free French Armored Division marched through the city in World War 2. And a lot of people are loudly questioning why Obama didn’t attend.

      This time around, the press can’t just blow it off as “right-wing extremists” and “tea-partiers”. It’s just too vocal and too big to blow off. So they have to treat it at least somewhat seriously. But at the same time, the Western press is still showing the same nonsensical obeisance to “The Prophet Mohammed” (who else would they call a religious prophet?). So while they’re treating Islamic violence seriously at the moment, there’s no indication that they’ll be doing so a year from now.

      1. Depending on who you believe, 4 to 10 times as many people protested against the Islamist president Morsi in Egypt in one single go across the country, and for days. And that had nothing to do with murders, but solely politics. Given that, I think you can write off the protest in Paris as at once the largest and most meaningless since WW II. What gets me is how they treat two gay men thrown off a building in Mosul as somehow totally different than Paris itself since these same people go “baaaa” at Ugandan Christian warlords, Norwegian mass murderers, and prisoners in Abu Graib humiliated for photos. It’s only a matter of time before some gay is pitched off a building somewhere in Europe. The question is how many gay men pitched off of buildings does it take to change a law?

    2. Here’s what gets me: ISIS is throwing homosexuals off of buildings on videotape and what’s making the rounds on the Left: the inflammatory white racism of C. Hebdo and the secret white supremacy of those old white men of the Academy Awards. Given the constantly bleating about homophobia and Islamophobia from social justice warriors, I can’t even wrap my mind around that level of intellectual dishonesty. Go to any of SFF’s Twitter feeds and see if there is the slightest mention of those bound and blindfolded men thrown onto concrete many stories below. I swear you’ll see more Tweets about signal-boosting marginalized Arab SF.

      1. So when this joker Saladin Ahmed wants to find evidence of ‘white supremacy’ in the U.S., he has to go looking for it in the most notoriously crazy, wacko, and Leftist industry in the country.

        It figures.

        It figures even more that the sap does not even realize what he is doing.

  36. Ah, the crusades. The Left’s eternal go to thing when dissing Christians or sucking up to Muslims. The thing is, the various little kingdoms of middle age Europe were always invading, raping, & pillaging each other with flimsy religious excuses for centuries.
    It’s just when they move on outside their borders the SJW’s get all freaked out.

    1. Actually, in the Middle Ages, when one Christian country in Europe attacked another, religion was almost never offered as an excuse. Even when the Papal States fought wars against their neighbours, the papacy never pretended it was all about Jesus.

      If you want religious wars between Christian kingdoms, the 16th and 17th centuries are your best bet by far.

      1. Often times they would get Papal permission before starting- remember that William the Conquer fought under a papal banner, or that much of who fought who during the 100 years war was based on which Pope you were backing.
        Plus, if your king or kingdom happened to be under interdict, well, you were fair game.

    2. Whenever you hear anyone go on about the Crusades you know ignorance is on the march. The reason the Crusades are so famous is because they were such a weird outlier.

      In terms of the wider picture the Crusades were as successful as the LEAST successful Muslim enclaves and attempts at colonization in Southern Italy and France in the 9th and 10 centuries. Each amounted to little more than isolated city-states of a century or 2. Bari, Italy is a good example. In terms of time, Islam outmatches the Crusades failed colonialism by 7 times. In terms of sheer space occupied it is such a wide difference it’s like comparing larger Chicago to America.

      That’s not including the fact the Crusades were a response only after 450 years of Muslim expansion. In fact some of the areas the Crusaders came to were seen by Muslims themselves as having restored a status quo, such as around Edessa, where Christians sometimes ruled Muslims and the other way round. It was a much less antagonistic climate than one may think. The Muslim vs. Frank thing only happened later when a type of Islamic solidarity was promoted.

  37. Here’s what I mean about social justice warrior dishonesty and how they can’t make simple comparisons. The continually anti-white Muslim apologist Nebula and Hugo nominee Saladin Ahmed is upset by Charlie Hebdo’s racism, which itself is laughable given Ahmed’s comments about whites are not satire. There is this famous non-white comedian in France named Dieudonne who is seen as anti-Semitic and has gotten in trouble with French law in the past for his comments. In this series of Tweets, Ahmed comes to acknowledge that but then himself argues what I have basically said all along: that Ahmed himself and a lot of others should’ve been tossed out of the SFWA if you’re going to toss VD:

    “Saladin Ahmed ‏@saladinahmed Jan 14 French comedian [Dieudonne] jailed for joking about terrrorism. Because freedom of expresssion.”

    “Sylvestre Picard ‏@sylvestrepicard Jan 14 @saladinahmed This guy is well-known to be antisemitic and deep into far-right ideas, by the way.”

    “Mehdi Da boss ‏@MehdiMoulayGale Jan 14 @saladinahmed Be careful, Dieudonné is not only a humorist. He’s ultra right wing too and does politics : … …”

    “Saladin Ahmed ‏@saladinahmed Jan 14 @sylvestrepicard it sounds like contemptible garbage, yes. my point here is the double standard.”

    You can’t really debate people who are that dishonest and clueless. They don’t use one single principle to define rules. They change those rules in whatever way it takes to make sure their target never changes, even when they themselves argue they should be the target. This how WorldCon and the SFWA give straight up racists awards. It doesn’t help the last two SFWA presidents signal boost such people and promote the idea America is a privileged white supremacist patriarchy. Use your imagination to repeat these Tweets as many times as you wish, because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this double standard of clueless thought employed. SJW definition of “racism” is so shifting as to be meaningless.

    1. They do have one single principle to define the rules… it’s just not meant to be relevant to actual reality. The rule is “I’m a better person than you are.”

    2. And let’s not forget how all the SJWs have outright lied about the killings being about racism, when it was about blaspheming the Profit. You, see, if SJWs don’t lie and bring it to racism, they have admit they’re wrong. I am aware of many people fined and jailed for blasphemy in Islam. Not one included a charge of racism. SJWs lie like they breathe. Rushie didn’t need bodyguards cuz of racism.

      1. It’s my experience that Texans have a tendency to dismiss Oklahomans as a bunch of Inbreds. Oklahomans, in turn, say the same thing about people from Arkansas. The people in Arkansas are to busy fucking their sisters to hear a word that they’re saying

    1. Annoyingly, even though I’ve put two replies onto MM’s crappy little tweet, one of them doesn’t appear when you look at his tweet, and the other doesn’t even connect to it as a reply. It’s very weird to click “Show Conversation” on a tweet and see nothing else.

      In fact, you’d think there would be more than 20-30 replies to that original tweet, but for some reason, they seem to stop at a particular time.

    2. Michael Moore, who’s that? He must be some kind of war hero if he’s commenting on the courage of United States soldiers. Now where is the snark button on my keyboard.

    3. In the meantime, apparently he’s expanded on his remarks, calling Robert Ford (the man who shot Jesse James in the back) a sniper as he tries to justify his stance.

  38. Sweet mercy, reading these tweets was salve to my sensibilities. On a Monday morning, it is good. Good to be reminded that there are those who still not only engage in critical, rational, logical thinking, but who champion it. Seems a remnant of intelligent thinkers frequent MHN threads, and I shall have to come read more often when I begin to despair for the expression of rational thought.

  39. So basically this dude dont have the exact world view as you do so he is automatically excrement. Talk about overreacting.

    1. Exact same world view? Yeah, insisting that Jihadis are the real victims, saying that all societies are equal, and that everything bad in the world is the fault of western civilization is totally rational, defensible, sane, and legit. I should totally respect his ideas, tell him that his opinion is relevant and valid, and then we can all hold hands and sing John Lennon’s Imagine together.

      Naw. Fuck it. I prefer to tell the truth. Dude was an imbecile. And I think it is a sad commentary on our world today that insulting fools spouting foolishness is considered “overreacting”.

  40. Sorry did not really mean it like that. I just meant i thought calling him excrement was a little mush. I mean naivety does not even begin to cover what he is saying and omg i”m actually talking to Larry Corriea.
    Sorry if the spellings bad.

  41. In defense of twitter, had it not been for someone (I believe it was Nick Searcy) tweeting about Larry, I would never have found and purchased all his wonderful books.

  42. “A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

    I use this quote in my signature for emails, it is way to true, some things that are said today will cause you a butt whooping where I am from in the South. Sadly, our society is definitely in disarray.

    As for racism and slavery, visit Iraq and be a person of color and see how your are treated! Enough said about that subject.

    Respectfully provided by the gentleman from South Carolina, Southern Baptist, and all around gun lover.

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