Detroit Christmas Audio Play, a Christmas present from Baen to the Monster Hunter Nation

Here is a fully voice acted audio play production of Detroit Christmas, as Baen’s Christmas present to you.

I haven’t even listened to it myself yet!

Merry Christmas, Monster Hunter Nation! 🙂

And Murder on the Orient Elite is still free for a few more days too.

This is awesome. The Making of Detroit Christmas audio drama
Good deal on a book today

19 thoughts on “Detroit Christmas Audio Play, a Christmas present from Baen to the Monster Hunter Nation”

  1. Larry I tried to access through my phone Audible app but it would not come up… I did click on the link which worked so I can listen on computer. Thanks! Merry Christmas

  2. Just Finished listening to it, not bad, though to be honest not quite as good as I was hoping for. It might be though simply due to the fact that I have read the story before, so I found some of the changes they made to it distracting. While I understand the need to make some of the changes because of the different format, other changes I just did not understand the point. I guess it is probably still 100 time closer to the source material then a movie ever would be.

    1. Could also be the fact that everything I’ve listened to in Grimoir Chronicle universe have been narrated by Bronson Pinchot.

  3. So I just realized.

    “four years after the Grimnoir Society defeated the magical alien force known as The Power.”

    Wait they didn’t defeat the power, the defeated the thing that was trying to eat the power.

  4. I don’t listen to books on tape. I rarely have a quiet place long enough to listen to them (I have four kids who demand all my time), and I prefer reading books. With that said, I listened to this while chauffeuring my kids around this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks! It was a lovely Christmas present.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us! Please also pass along my thanks and good wishes to the folks at Baen who put this together.

  6. That was very good, but not quite so good as “Orient Elite.” Mainly because, I think, that I listened back to back and hadn’t realized how much I had missed Bronson Pinchot’s reading. Thanks Larry!

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