Good deal on a book today

Just a head’s up, a friend of mine has one of his books on sale for 99 cents on Amazon today and tomorrow only.

Patrick Freivald is a FB friend and I met him when I was in NYC at ComicCon. I’ve not read this one yet, but I’ve got a hard copy of it, but he’s a nice guy, so there there you. 🙂  Check it out.

Detroit Christmas Audio Play, a Christmas present from Baen to the Monster Hunter Nation
CHRISTMAS NOUN 7: Attack of the Social Justice Noun

6 thoughts on “Good deal on a book today”

  1. Pretty good book with an interesting premise and uncommon character development. I have a new rule of writing to introduce. You should endeavor to shoot the guns your characters will abuse, and Cordite is like the Model T of smokeless powders. Iconic and outdated. Otherwise a fine job.

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