I plug some books for your reading enjoyment

This is an anthology of military sci-fi stories that has stories from several of my friends in it. Brad Torgersen has a story in here, but I’ve not got to read it yet. I think Brad is probably the best and most talented of any new sci-fi author out there, and he always brings it.

The biggest,  most important author in it is Dr. Jerry Pournelle. I heard yesterday that he just had a stroke.  I hope he recovers fully and quickly. The man is a sci-fi legend. I’ve never gotten to meet him in person, but I’ve heard he is an all around great guy.

Tom Kratman and Vox Day edited it, so if you want to make an SJW cry, this is the book for you.

Riding the Red Horse
[Kindle Edition]

Up next is a collection of Michael Z. Williamson pissing off everybody. No. Really. If Mad Mike hasn’t offended you somehow, you either haven’t been paying attention, or you are his clone. And if he found out he had a clone, he’d probably write up a big essay about how clones suck.

Wisdom From My Internet
[Kindle Edition]

And in interest of full disclosure, anytime you order anything through my Amazon links on this blog, I get an advertising kickback, which I then use to purchase ammunition and miniatures. So if you want to do any last minute Christmas shopping after buying some books (like you are low on tarps, duct tape, rope, and shovels) I get paid. Which is pretty sweet.

Christmas Charity Drive for the Smith family, from the Long Range Shooters of Utah.
An interview I did about guns in fiction

7 thoughts on “I plug some books for your reading enjoyment”

  1. Wisdom from the Internet is awesome! But I got funny looks from other people when I started snickering every couple of minutes. Probably not a good idea to read it in public.

  2. I knew Alex Pournelle back in the day, and a mob of us stopped off at the Pournelle place in (I think) Studio City to get cleaned up after returning from Edwards AFB after watching the first Shuttle landing. Dr. and Mrs. Pournelle are very classy people. I hope he recovers quickly and fully, and I still owe him an apology for using the Lucifer’s Hammer MS as a coaster.

  3. I bought “Riding the Red Horse” the day it came out, solely on the premise that every time Vox Day or Tom Kratman earn a penny, it makes a hippie cry. OK, I’m kidding about that last part… 😛

    But I did buy the book, and am about a third of the way through it. So far, so good…

  4. Hope Dr. Pournelle gets better. I credit him and Drake with teaching me a love of history that my teachers not only never could, but many of them actively made me hate it.

  5. I went to the biggest book store in town (I’d say local, but they’re all local these days) and asked for The Chaplain’s War, and they didn’t have it. Neither did their other location. Was very disappointed. Then again, this particular store, for some reason, doesn’t have a very good track record of actually having the books I go in looking for. I’ve got it on my Christmas list, though. If I don’t get it as a gift, I’ll probably go buy it soon.

  6. Done. Thanks for the heads up. Off to lunch now so I can get started reading them. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. They better watch out with that title, the feminist SJ warriors will say its offensive to menstruating women!

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