Shared Nightmares, a new horror anthology I’m in.

(Dead Tree Version:)
Shared Nightmares
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Shared Nightmares
I’ve got a story called Father’s Day in this new horror anthology. The theme is dreams and nightmares.  I think it came out pretty darn good.
I really want to plug this one because it was edited by two friends of mine, Nathan Shumate and Steve Diamond.
Steve Diamond was my assistant at my military contracting job, and was then my replacement when I retired. He’s a damned good writer and this is the first thing he’s professionally edited. I was an alpha reader for his first novel (which is excellent), and those of you who’ve read the Friday Writer Nerd Game Night serial posts on this blog know his writing from Ide Todo and Ikoma Uso.  I’d love to see Steve become so successful at this that he’s forced to hire a young aspiring writer/professional accountant to be his assistant/eventual replacement, so that when he goes full time author/editor, my old company will have to get by with a new finance manager until he too sells a bunch of novels, and the circle of life continues.
Yes, aspiring authors. That is the secret. Become the Finance Manager of a military contracting company and wait for your boss to become a successful novelist. There must be something in the water at my old job… Come to think of it, our HR manager was once Brandon Mull’s HR manager, so it is probably something he puts in the water.
Anyways, this anthology also has stories by Sarah Hoyt (The Beautiful Yet Evil Space Princess of the Evil League of Evil), Dave Butler (who has a mustache like unto Tom Selleck), Paul Genesse (who routinely removes people’s hearts), Howard Tayler (who the lovely Mrs. Correia totally appreciates for introducing me to Warmachine so I could spend tens of thousands of dollars on tiny metal dudes), Michaelbrent Collings (the only author I know who is more brutally honest on panels than I am), Dan Wells (who has the best tarp, rope, and shovel collection of anyone I know), Peter Orullian (who has a glorious mane worthy of an 80’s hair metal band)  and some other authors who I don’t know personally like Tom Lloyd, Max Gladstone, and Marie Brennen, so I can’t make up weird crap about them.
So, horror! Nightmares! Accountants turned editors!
Here is a snippet from my story:
Great deal on a story bundle.
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11 thoughts on “Shared Nightmares, a new horror anthology I’m in.”

  1. You know, giving us a taste and then asking for money for more is very much the crack-dealer sales method. I’d complain more if I weren’t busy trying to find a Wi-Fi signal so I can download to my kindle….

    1. It’s not to hard to get a nook version – get the Kindle version and then use Calibre (open-source (i.e. free)) to convert it.

  2. I’d prefer Kobo to Nook. B&N removed their download buttons so I can’t back up any of my purchases from there.

  3. Also, if Sarah is in the ELOE, doesn’t “Evil” go without saying? And yes, you get even MORE of my money…

    1. Yes just plunked down my money at Amazon. Apparently this is “Green Monday” at Amazon (although it is 3am Sunday morning). Fortunately it has nothing to do with enviromentalism that I could see but everything to do with separating you from your cash which I was happy to do so in this case

  4. Interesting to see that in the space of less than a year, new institutions are already being formed by people who’ve been attacked, banned and deleted from public arenas that all used to share. They are simply no longer engaging in fruitless arguments they know they’ll never win against almost fanatical bigots and the just as fanatically naive people who carry their water. Instead of addressing these idiotic exaggerated hysterias about privilege, racism and sexism in something as innocuous as the SFF community, people are folding up their tents and walking away and setting them up elsewhere. Instead of engaging them in serious debate, we now taunt them and laugh at them and their moronic “racefail.” There are two truisms in life: you can’t win an argument with a cop or an idiot. We’ll do what the social justice warriors never will do: instead of asking others to make the world like we want it, we’ll just do it ourselves, and that includes not reading stuff we don’t like. Good luck to all and let the Devil take the hindmost. If you can make a Star Wars success out of battling an evil cis-normative white supremacist patriarchial empire complete with 230 million American movie-goers as Darth Vader, then you deserve every nickel.

    Art for art’s sake and fun for the sake of fun. What a revoltin’ development.

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