Black Friday Deals on Audiobooks from me!

I’ve been trying to stay off the internet over the holidays (so if you’ve emailed me, I’ll get back to you next week!) but I have to break radio silence to mention this. is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. This is what I heard from them:

I also wanted to share the good news that you have 2 books featured in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!  It’s by far our biggest sale of the year, and our most popular promotion w/ Audible listeners.  Starting Friday, November 28th, Spellbound will be $4.95 through Tuesday, December 2nd at 11:59 PM ET.  And then on Monday, December 1st Into the Storm will be featured in the Cyber Monday sale, also at $4.95 and ending the same time as Spellbound Tuesday. 

That is a super good deal.

Many of you have read Spellbound, but if you’ve not listened to it you are missing out. Bronson Pinchot’s performance was absolutely amazing. Spellbound won the Audie for best audibook that year for a reason.

Into the Storm isn’t as well known because it is the novel I did set in the Warmachine universe. If you’ve not read it yet, GET THIS! Ray Porter is the narrator and he does an amazing job. I’m really proud of ItS. It just isn’t as well known as my regular books, but I wish it was, because I think it turned out awesome.

And stay tuned. On Monday I will have another announcement related to my stuff on, only this time it is something brand new that you’ve never seen before, exclusive to Audible, and starring one of my all time favorite characters.

Happy Cyber Monday! FREE Audiobook from me, Murder on the Orient Elite. Limited Time Only!
The Legalities of Shooting People

5 thoughts on “Black Friday Deals on Audiobooks from me!”

  1. > Many of you have read Spellbound, but if you’ve
    > not listened to it you are missing out. Bronson
    > Pinchot’s performance was absolutely amazing.

    I picked up the audiobook from some new writer I’d never heard of before, some kind of retro-SF thing that, frankly, didn’t look all that appealing. But nothing else at hand looked any better, so it went into the cart.

    Yeah, Bronson Pinchot was amazing. Larry Wossname wasn’t so bad either.

  2. I’ve got both already and Bronson Pinchot is now one of my favorite readers. He’s an amazingly versatile voice actor.
    I got Into the Storm and Instruments of War for my son who plays Warmachine much better than I do, and gave them a listen since I’ve loved everything you’ve written and these did not disappoint!
    These stories made me want to try my hand at the game again, Larry, and that’s saying something because I am TERRIBLE at Warmachine and Hordes (0-10 with Trollbloods)!
    Anyway, thanks for the info and I urge anyone who’s a fan to give ItS a listen because it was a lot of fun!

  3. When I first saw Bronson Pinchot was the narrator for Hard Magic, my first thought was “Balki from Perfect Strangers”? (

    But he was absolutely amazing, bringing all of the characters to life. I especially love the way he reads Faye’s lines.

    If you’re not sure, Audible has a Preview function that will let you listen to a small section of the book. I strongly recommend them (and also Oliver Wyman’s reading of the Monster Hunter books)!

  4. I agree. The Hard Magic series narration is awesome. I’ve listened to over 200 Audible books and whoever is picking the narrators for all the Correia books is doing an outstanding job.

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