Shattered Shields – Available Now, with a story from my new fantasy series in it

The Shattered Shields anthology of military fantasy from Baen is available now. I’ve got a story in there and I’m really excited about it. This one is called Keeper of Names, and it is the first story set in my new epic fantasy series (the first book will be coming out October 2015).
I’m excited for this series to start. But at least this gives you a first look into the general feel. It is a pretty dark and gritty world, with a regimented caste system, and a brutal system of laws. This story is from the perspective of one of the casteless and his no so successful attempt at causing an uprising.
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5 thoughts on “Shattered Shields – Available Now, with a story from my new fantasy series in it”

  1. Out of curiosity, and completly unrelated, do you ever read “Humanity F— Yeah” literature? It’s a subclass of scifi that shows the unbreakable spirit and ability of humanity. Sort of like Ringo’s Possleen War series. But it tends to be in short stories like this:

    Or this:

    It wouldn’t surprise me with MHI definitely falling into the category, but I recently found a bunch of the short stories and they’re great for a quick read.

  2. It’s also edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who is a damn fine human being as well as fantastic editor and a member of last year’s Sad Puppies Slate.

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