V-Wars: Blood and Fire, I've got stories in here! Green Beret Vampire!

Super Author Jonathan Maberry created the V Wars shared world anthology and comic book. The general premise is that a virus causes the reawakening of “junk” DNA in some people which causes them to turn into vampires. It turns out the myths from various cultures are based in fact, and now those things are out there again. Jonathan established the rules of the game, then got a whole bunch of authors to jump in with stories.

Volume 1 came out last year, I wasn’t in that one. I’m in #2 and #3. There’s also a comic book from IDW and a TV show in development. When Jonathan asked if I wanted to join, I read the first volume, then my first question was if he wanted more recurring villains.

Since the general idea had vampires living among us in secret, and they were drastically outnumbered, and this book is about the war between them, I asked myself, how would the smart ones fight?  How do you fight now when you’re behind enemy lines, surrounded, and outnumbered? And I decided that the absolute worst person to turn into a vampire would be a Green Beret, because their mission is to create armies from indig populations to cause trouble. So then I called my friend and Dead Six technical advisor, who is a LtCol in the Army Special Forces, (I never know if I should name him because he still does crazy stuff for a living) and asked, “Hey, if you suddenly turned into an evil vampire, how would you screw with humanity?” Good stuff.
 So I wrote a story a story called Force Multiplier. I’ve written another story which will be in V Wars 3 called Absence of Light. And I can always tell when short stories are good, because my internal thought process is, I could totally write a whole novel out of this… 
This one has stories by Jonathan Maberry, Kevin J. Anderson, Scott Sigler, Joe McKinney, James Moore, Yvonne Navarro, and Weston Ochse.
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9 thoughts on “V-Wars: Blood and Fire, I've got stories in here! Green Beret Vampire!”

  1. Preordered the audible version; scheduled for 11/18/2014. Picked up the first one too, since this is the first I’ve heard of the series. The idea of an LC character working for “the other side” is kinda scary…

  2. Needs to have a kindle version. A LC-written Green Beret Vampire sounds pretty awesome – must have big guns.

  3. An allegorical novel about how the US and ARVN forces could have won the Vietnam conflict, told through the lens of a special forces vampire would reach Heinlein levels of “Out there.”

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