Urban Fantasy Story Bundle (no, I'm not in it, but a friend is).

Peter Wacks asked if I’d spread the word for him, so because a friend asked:  https://storybundle.com/fantasy

Then I looked in there and saw that the bundle includes stuff from Jim Butcher, Dave Farland, and Kevin Anderson, it is like I know half of them, and the bundle of books is CHEAP. So good deal on lots of stuff.

I have a Book Signing on Halloween, University of Utah bookstore.
French Grimnoir cover prints on sale, 25% off.

8 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy Story Bundle (no, I'm not in it, but a friend is).”

  1. Thank you. I need that bunch of stories.

    Long story of my own.

    The other day, I was reading the comments on your blog post about your cover art for the books sold in France.

    One of those comments was by someone linking back to a French review site. From there, I found a page of a whole bunch of reviews of your book by French people. I translated it all via “translate this page” gizmo. Read them.

    Got a yearning for more good urban fantasy. Unfortunately, I’ve read all yours and I’m not much a fan of rereading what I done already readed.

    So, I went a searching on the Amazon gizmo for urban fantasy ebooks.

    Oh. My. Lord.
    Romance. Old man, young pregnant girl romance. Werewolf romance. Vampire romance. BBW (whatever the hell that is) romance. Old billionaire gentleman with young girls romance.

    I’ve already read the Iron Druid series, and all of Jim Butchers stuff…

    I was too scared to download anything else.

    1. I like Butcher’s stuff too. If you still want urban fantasy, you might want to try Patricia Briggs’ Mercy books, because although there is romance, it doesn’t take over nor get too graphic.

      1. Oh and PN Elrod’s vampire PI Jack Fletcher are good. I couldn’t get into the spin off about Johnathan Barrett.

    2. I recommend PN Elrod’s Vampire Files. You might also like Saberhagen’s Dracula Tape, which is Stoker’s account from Dracula’s point of view (and there are more books in the series if you enjoy it).

    3. For your horrified edification. BBW is short for “Big Beautiful Woman”, or in other words, Fat chicks who think they’re hot in spite of the rolls of flesh hanging off of them. Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts, and what’s inside them is an extra large double-cheese and pepperoni.

      And in all honesty, I have a fair amount of weight to lose, but I’m determined to lose it, not engage in “fat acceptance” tactics and attempting to move the goalposts and redefine attractiveness to include me as I am so that I don’t have to do anything.

      1. redefine attractiveness to include me as I am so that I don’t have to do anything

        You’d make a damn poor leftist, Doc. Replace ‘attractiveness’ with basically any other lefty word du jour (non-racist, normal, freedom, etc.) and you’ve nailed their entire mindset.

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