20 thoughts on “French Grimnoir cover prints on sale, 25% off.”

      1. One of my favorites as well. Hm, I think I’m not a fan of that rendering of him.

        Bolander on the other cover, though, looks very cool.

  1. I’m partial to that Malediction print, myself.

    I also like that the Spellbound cover shows George Bollander fighting Crowe. That was an epic showdown.

  2. They are really good looking. If I’d have some disposable cash I’d buy some of them instantly. And frame them and put them just above my miniature painting table for relaxing purposes while waiting for paint to dry.

  3. So this might be a weird introduction, but I was introduced to this blog a few days ago, and have spent many hours now reading your delicious fisks and commentaries when I should have been inking pictures of cartoon ducklings in tutus. First, I wanted to say that You’ve got yourself a fan, and I look forward to reading your books as well.

    Second, I have a bit of a neat story.

    I actually heard of this Blog while following a trail of links from a discussion about the Reznick/SFWA brewup, wherein a bunch of SJWs tried to purge the unclean from their organization and initiate the era of goodthink for the benefit of all. I still haven’t heard how that all panned out, but since this place is still standing and you appear to be “handing each their ass / his boot now firmly lodged within”, I’m assuming there’s yet hope.

    I got to that article via a series of links about RPGnet and the pen and paper gaming development community, where a bunch of SJWs got together and successfully purged their community of heretics and initiated the era of goodthink, and now all are benefiting so much that you can’t actually voice a contrary opinion without being summarily excommunicated and shunned henceforth.

    I got to RPGnet through a series of links about Atheism+, which was an attempted putsch in the Atheism community where a bunch of SJWs decided that the Four Horsemen weren’t diverse and sensitive enough, and it was time to stop critiquing religion and start talking about social justice, starting with all the disgusting privilege and bigotry of the other Atheists. That one got beaten back and merely splintered the community, and a lot of the atheists are now really, REALLY into free speech.

    I got to Athiesm+, because a bunch of those atheists have been involved in #GamerGate. #GG is a misogynistic campaign of harassment designed to drive female developers out of the Video Games Industry and certainly isn’t a consumer revolt sparked by corruption in Games Journalism and a small cadre of SJWs deciding to purge, shame, or shout down anyone who argues with their goodthink about what sorts of games should be made, who should make them, and what sorts of fun should be allowed henceforth. Gaming is my native community, and it’s been lively as hell for the last two months with no end in sight. It’s extra fun because almost all of it is going down on social media and the rest gets leaked by sympathizers. None of this elegant blog posts or carefully worded statements nonsense, it’s all hand grenades and entrenching tools and huge rats eating the dead.

    …And now it occurs to me that you might already be aware of this, because I just read that you’re twitter friends with Adam Baldwin, who was one of our big supporters early on, and gave the movement its name.

    So the neat part, for me, is that there’s all these little pocket wars going on in the various communities, and it’s always the same war, but slightly different due to local permutations, personalities and choices. If you have a yen for Alternate Worlds fiction, well,this post is the part where the oddly dressed gentleman steps out of the portal and asks you who’s president.

    The Atheists pride themselves on skepticism and sharp argument, so they fought back fast and hard and smashed the insurgents before they could take root. The PnP RPG Devs were reasonable and retiring, so they all got Re-educated or plowed under. The SFW community sounds kinda like a Cold War scenario with Baen as the Arsenal of Democracy, ever stalwart against the Tor Menace. We gamers have mass numbers and anonymity versus our opponents’ complete domination of the media, so it’s sorta playing out like Information Warfare Vietnam.

    I thought about asking you and your fans for help, you’re our only hope etc etc, but honestly we’re pretty much kicking ass like it’s a professional sport over there. Really, I just wanted to thank you for the comfort recently provided by your strange alternate world and its alien history and customs, and offer a friendly invite to drop by and watch the fireworks when you need a break from cranking out amazing writing.

    for those interested,
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipcWm4B3EU4 < primer on local history
    http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/ < one of our larger FOBs.

    P.S. Seriously, your writing is amazing. Which book should I start with?

    1. Thanks. We’re all in this culture war together. 🙂

      As for which book to start with, if you like urban fantasy, X-Files meets the Expendables, monster hunting action adventure, try Monster Hunter International. If you like alternative history, fantasy, action adventure, diesel punk super heroes, try Hard Magic. If you like military thrillers, try Dead Six.

      1. Literally came here to talk to you about this.

        We’re fighting the good fight across the internet. We won’t win soon, but we’ll fucking win.

        Already read all your books etc.


  4. Here via Ace of Spades HQ, who linked to your SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy post.

    “Foudre de Guerre” – isn’t “Foudre” used, at least euphemistically, as a stand-in for the verb “to fuck”? If so, then the conjunction of war, fucking, and an impossibly large spiked club has really, really scary implications. *grins evilly*

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