Reminder, BOOK BOMB tomorrow! John Brown's Dark God series

Just a reminder for everyone to mark their calenders because we will be book bombing John Brown’s series tomorrow on Amazon. I’ll post more details and links in the morning. 

I figured I needed a reminder post because the last one was stuck beneath two fiskings of the Village Idiot, and those take up a lot of space just from the magnitude of nonsense. 

Anyways, John will be putting all 3 books of the series on sale for this too, so for those who didn’t get in on the first one when I plugged it last time you’re not missing out.

If you are curious what a Book Bomb can do for an author check out this message I got from John while setting this one up: I just want you to know that your readers are not only a pleasure because of their enthusiasm, but they also set me up for the huge run Bad Penny had in July. We moved more than 12,000 books. I broke the top 30 in Amazon for a few days. In Nook, I was a best seller the whole freaking month. How did this happen? I got a BookBub promotion. How did I get that? Well, one thing they look at are the reviews. And your folks who enjoyed Bad Penny came out in spades. When you post the book bomb, you need to tell them this author loves the Monster Hunter Nation.

So there you go. Tomorrow I’ll post up all the links and details. 


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12 thoughts on “Reminder, BOOK BOMB tomorrow! John Brown's Dark God series”

  1. Stocking up for a stint in the hospital, will buy on bomb day (and Bad Penny, it’s on wishlist). BTW, a word of thanks to all the authors who have helped me take a mental vacation from all the hassles that go with a trip to the hospital. Trap shooting isn’t an approved recreational activity and supervised Wii is about as much fun as it sounds like, so it’s all about the books.

  2. I’ve exchanged emails with John Brown a few times. On top of being a killer author, he’s one of the nicest guys around. I love seeing the good guys catch a break (especially after that Tor editing nonsense he dealt with).

    1. John is one of the coolest guys I know. We got him to play a Firefly RPG game with us the other night. It was the first time he’s gamed since high school. 🙂

      1. Uh oh. Does he realize that if he continues to associate with you that it will tarnish his reputation? Maybe a certain well known author should write an open letter to him on Whatever…

  3. Just started reading, Servant, yesterday and, to plagiarizer the words of some guy in Krav Maga class today, “That shit’s pretty dope!”
    Of course, your shit is pretty dope too, Mr. Correia.

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