Baen Spouses Round Table! The Lovely Mrs. Correia Speaks!

The spouses of several Baen authors get interviewed! 

I am really used to people who know me, meet my wife for the first time and say “How the hell did SHE marry YOU?”

I don’t talk about my family a lot on the internet, but I’ve got an amazing wife and 4 kids. 

EDIT: I just listened to it. The very end of the interview at like 59 minutes in, the giant crash was my 2 year old knocking over a shelf, followed by him crying. 😀 The best part is my wife’s “What did you just do?!” 

Bridget 1

Bridget 2

I totally married a jock. Bridget is a runner and does triathlons. 

Bridget 4 

The Lovely Mrs. Correia is awesome. Here we are looking at fish. Since we’ve got 4 kids she’s got that purse of holding filled with rations and emergency supplies. 

Bridget 5

Here she is geeking out in Apollo Mission Control. 

Bridget 3

She has a great sense of humor capable of putting up with my goofiness. 

Bridget 6

And she is a bad ass who will drop you like a bad habit. Here she is at the monthly Ladies of Yard Moose Mountain Shooting Night.  

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20 thoughts on “Baen Spouses Round Table! The Lovely Mrs. Correia Speaks!”

      1. Wow, good for her! I can’t get my wife to take to pistols yet. She much more prefers a rifle and she’s a very good shot with the .22, though her new favorite is the Mini-14.

      2. That is great to hear. I have settled on the MK9 for my wife. Now we just need to lay down the cash. That kind of solidifies my decision coming from you entrusting her safety with it.

  1. Dang Larry. . . .between you and Bridget, you’ve got not just Hungry Viking Children, but the next step in Human Evolution: homo corrensis, “Awesome Man”. . .

  2. Speaking of other Baen authors, can the gang here recommend other audiobooks by any of them, apart from Larry? I have some credits that need spending.

  3. She puts up with you. Much the same as my wife doesn’t brain me in my sleep. That makes her a saint in my eyes.

  4. For some odd reason the aquarium pic reminds me of the Chattanooga aquarium. Probably the best aquarium I’ve ever been to.

    And I agree with the others that you are definitely blessed in your spouse.

  5. Larry,

    After a year and a half, I concede. Bridget was right, and I was wrong. The unboxed stuff in the basement from the move four years ago… She’s right. Every time Peter got stuck into it, there was another plot twist or combat scene that had to be written right now, or a new novel that couldn’t wait.

    She warned me about the pitfalls of projects and authorial husbands, but I was young and determined to overcome…

  6. Take note, guys…bald, goateed, opinionated bastards get the hot chicks. Larry and I are living proof. 😉

  7. Maybe I missed it but…14 comments and nobody called it? You’re Owen and Julie! Smokin hot, deadly competent chick marries big ugly dude. Who’s also deadly competent…and the Chosen One of writing awesome supernatural gun porn.

    Only thing missing is a picture of Bridget with her M14. 🙂

  8. Dayum. You definitely married up. And it sounds like she’s got the spine to keep you in line. I tell my students (particularly the guys) that one of the most important ingredients for young men to succeed (in Life, not just in their careers) is surrounding themselves with people who will tell them when they’re being stupid. And the most important person in that group is a good wife. Sounds like you’ve got that one locked down.

  9. “…the giant crash was my 2 year old knocking over a shelf….” I think I know who was breathing into the phone line, too.

  10. It appeared from this that “binge” writing is common place among professional writers. I would have thought that would create significant stress in relationships and for me personally, something that I could not do. It seems, though, that you two have come to a good partnership for yourselves. May Team Corriea always be in it to win it.

  11. Looking at the lovely Mrs. Corriea with the Blue Hair, she’d be a natural as Kyri Vantage, the Phoenix Justicar, from Ryk Spoor’s _Phoenix Rising_ trilogy. Kyri’s one heck of a badass warrior, and very tall, and with (mostly) blue hair.

    Oh, the novels are pretty damn good too. Almost as good as yours. Maybe even AS good, and that’s saying a lot. Check them out.

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