Salt Lake ComicCon – Booth and preliminary schedule

I’m going to be at SLC ComicCon coming up here pretty soon. 

People always ask where they can find me or where my booth was, but normally I just like to wander around at these things. This time I’m doing something different. I’ll be hanging out at Kevin J. Anderson’s Wordfire Press booth for most of the show. Kevin has brought in a bunch of my books to sell too, so please come and buy them, otherwise Kevin will be sad, and nobody wants that. 

Also, CorreiaTech’s entire Marketing Department (meaning Jack) is flying up from Texas, and will be bringing stuff to sell. We will have t-shirts and MHI patches and that sort of thing. 

Side note, that sort of stuff makes great Christmas presents. An autographed book says that the giver is a suave intellectual of discerning tastes. An autographed Correia novel is sort of like that, only with more explosions instead of nuance.  

I don’t know if this is the final schedule, but this is what I know I’ve got for panels so far.  

Thursday September 4, 3:00 pm 3:50 pm Building Plot: How to Implement Rising Action, the Try/ Fail Cycle and Character Arcs into Your Stories Room 151G ::
Thursday September 4, 7:00 pm 7:50 pm Writing Suspense Room 355D ::
Friday September 5, 5:00 pm 5:50 pm Credible Magic Systems: Method to Madness North Ballroom ::
Saturday September 6, 11:00 am 11:50 am How to Write Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Room 255B ::

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12 thoughts on “Salt Lake ComicCon – Booth and preliminary schedule”

  1. Do we have an ETA on the SLC ComicCon being labeled racist? I’m pretty busy over the next few days and it would help a lot if I didn’t have to check back here over and over.

    1. It sort of goes without saying. Because it’s in SLC, that means that the MORMONS!!1! are involved, which means that it’s obviously racist, sexist, homophobic, and cis-gender-normative!

      1. If you go by national demographics, yes it will. If you go by Utah demographics, it is bound to be one of the most diverse, inclusive gatherings in the state. After all, Larry will be there, and he brings the percentage of pure evil (always a minority group) way up all by himself.

  2. Larry,
    My new novel is selling rather well on Amazon and I was wondering if you have a process (other than me shamelessly begging on my knees) that I can submit my ebook to for a possible celebrity review by you?

    1. Yes. After ComicCon if there are any left. We’re going to be doing another run of them next year too because they were way more popular than we’d expected.

      1. I really don’t know how you didn’t expect their popularity. 1) They are shiny. 2) They are bad-ass. 3) They are Shiny! The military has enjoyed having the “coolest” coin from the most kick-ass unit they were a part of. All of these coins are cool, and what organization is more kick-ass than MHI? I can’t wait to pick up more of these coins. Additionally, my military friend is looking forward to picking up some of the Dead Six coins just because they are so shiny and cool. It was a great idea and masterfully enacted.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you, Larry. 😀

    Will be there with hardcovers in hand for signing (and money in hand for a challenge coin) ;).

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