13 thoughts on “2 signings in California, Thursday July 10”

    1. Seriously. And Thursday would be a great day for him to be in Los Angeles. It’s Warmachine night at Game Empire Pasadena!

  1. It was good to see you today. Thank you for being at Dark Carnival and chatting with all of us.

  2. Wait, they let you into the PRC?
    Congratulations on the book sales, I got mine and finished it. I loved it and thank you for having such an entertaining imagination and being able to put it into words for the rest of us to enjoy.

  3. You should not enter California unless you are at the head of an army sent there to restore it to this republic.

    The place is retard occupied.

  4. Hey Larry,

    I really enjoyed meeting you in Berkeley yesterday. As far as I’m concerned, my time was well spent.
    If you ever make it to (or near) Salinas, let me know. We have a fantastic rifle & pistol range!

  5. Mr. Correia

    A somewhat late comment, but thank you for your time in talking to the whole bunch of us at your signing at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis. A little hot in there, a little cramped, but you had an appreciative (and packed full) audience. I regret that I had to leave early.

    I meant it sincerely when I told you that I had already thanked you with the most flattering note I could write, “Pay To the Order Of…”, but just wanted to thank you once again for the entertainment you’ve offered through your writing.


    Ted (aka, “Blackwing1”)

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