Monster Hunter Nemesis IN STORES NOW! (and Audible and everywhere else!)

Monster Hunter Nemesis hard covers are in stores now. Pre orders are shipping. The audiobook is available for download (narrated again by the excellent Oliver Wyman).

Back at #2 urban fantasy in the Kindle store right now.

One thing that people don’t realize about the bestseller lists is that they are based on velocity and not just total sales. What that means is that if you have a book that sells a thousand copies a week every week all year, it will never make a bestseller list, but if you sell ten thousand copies in the first week and then never sell another copy again then you will make the list. The first book sold better but wasn’t a best seller. That’s velocity. So the more fans who buy the book when it first comes out, the more likely the book is to make the lists.

Now personally I like making the lists because then the book gets better shelving and more attention for a bit, which puts me in front of more new potential readers. Making the NYT list is a confusing process based on the sales of a couple hundred secret bookstores. I’ve had books make the NYT, and then had the next book come out with bigger numbers and not make it.  Unless you are one of the huge names, getting on that thing is always a crap shoot.

TL/DR – if you want to buy copies of MHN to give as Christmas presents, please do it this week. 🙂

I’m leaving on tour. So if I’m in your area drop by and say hi.

Thursday, July 3, 2014—5:00PM

Uncle Hugo

2864 Chicago Ave S,

Minneapolis, MN 55407


Friday, July 04, 2014                

CONvergence-Minneapolis – DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


Saturday, July 5, 2014-

Westercon/Salt Lake City


Monday, July 7, 2014-7PM

University Bookstore

4326 University Way NE

Seattle WA 981105


Tuesday, July 08, 2014—7PM


Cedar Hills Crossing-3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.5

Beaverton, OR 9700


Wednesday, July 09, 2014—5:00-7:00PM

Dark Carnival – Berkeley, CA

3086 & 3090 Claremont Avene

Berkeley, CA  94705


Thursday, July 10, 2014—1:00    

Copperfields-Santa Rosa, CA

775 Village Ct

Santa Rosa, CA  95405-6781


Thursday, July 10, 2014—7:00PM

Copperfields-San Rafael, CA

850 Fourth Street

San Rafael, CA  94901-3224


Friday, July 11-13


High Point, NC


August 1-3


Omaha, Nebraska


August 14-17


Indianapolis, Indiana

Monster Hunter Nemesis SPOILER THREAD talk about your SPOILERs here!
Book Bomb! Kurt Schlichter's Conservative Insurgency

33 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Nemesis IN STORES NOW! (and Audible and everywhere else!)”

  1. Do you know what time(s) you’ll be signing at WesterCon? So I know when to break away from FantasyCon to swing by and get a copy?

    1. Similar story here. e-Arc because I could’t wait, Kindle because I want to read the official version and hardcover to complete the bookshelf .

      Damn you Larry, Lord of Hate…

  2. Finally! Glad I waited for the hardcover (though I did buy the audio too–Oliver Wyman is too awesome).

  3. Finished reading it on my Kindle last night.

    Loved it. Franks has fleshed out into a great character. Stricken is the best kind of baddie in my opinion – he’s got all the fun dialogue and is gleefully, amusingly evil.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment. So I bought Hard Magic in the hopes the Grimnoir Chronicles can tide me over till my next Monster Hunter fix.

  4. My preorder came in last night at 12 am on Audible. I listened to a couple hours before I went to sleep… I hope that counts on the best-seller list…

  5. MH Nemesis was the first eArc I’ve ever boughten from Baen.

    Worth every penny.

    Serious question:

    When’s the next book due out? Seriously. When?

  6. Quick question RE: Velocity. Can anyone tell me how preorders factor into that equation? Do they count as “first day/week” sales? I just want to make sure my Uncle Hugo’s preorder is in keeping with my desired status as an “International Minion/Flunky/Lackey of Hate”… for the puppies of course.

  7. Look forward to meeting you is Berkeley. I’ll try not to act like a fanboy; but considering I’m willing subjecting myself to the liberal hell that is Berkeley just to meet you…I doubt I’ll be fooling anybody.

  8. I’ve never been to a book signing before, I plan to be at the Beaverton one. Do I just show up whenever and they’ll have books to buy/have you sign? Are Grimnoir books also acceptable?

  9. #62 Overall (See top 100 authors)
    #7 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy
    #10 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy
    #46 in Books > Literature & Fiction
    #62 in Books

    Now, just imagine what your sales figures would be like if you were A Real Writer!

    Like Clamps, or David, or….. Someone With More Twitter Followers!
    /sarcasm off

    Good job, Larry.
    (Please don’t send Franks over for a visit!) 🙂

  10. Feel like I owe you a cut of the sales today. I am sitting in a 60 by 60 tent slinging fireworks today reading my arc of nemisis when a customer comes up with her kids to cash out. I put the tablet down to cash her out and the thing goes to the cover art. She looks downat the book and she grins at me, says” Of course a large fuzzy guy with a gotee surrounded by explosives that he is selling reads MHI” goes back, picks up another 250 in fireworks reminds her kids to look with there eyes and was a plesure to deal with. See you Monday

  11. I’m wearing my enchanted trailor park tshirt. I bought Nemesis the day it came out. I’ve listened to your books . I’ve spread the grimnior gospel like a true disciple. AND YOUR NOT COMING TO NYC!! Not even to the east coast? How could you forsake me like this Mr. Correia—


  12. Come to Reno, NV sometime Larry! Grassroots Books or Sundance Books would be happy to have you. Or even Sacramento, Ca.

  13. Alright, alright I bought the thing (via Amazon). Please make the old Polish voices stop now. Thanks

    1. Also I would like to recommend the War on Guns blog ( by David Codrea to you.

      1. Appreciate the info, damn greedy publishers, I’ll be waiting for it to come down to more ebook like prices, but I wish I wasn’t going to have to wait so long

    1. You’ll be waiting until February 2015 for the paperback. If you look at the other titles, they seem to end up around $6.70, or so, after a time.

      Life is short. Eat dessert first! 🙂

  14. I notified Amazon two weeks ago that the Nemesis audiobook on Audible was linked to the Legion ebook. Now it isn’t linked to anything. On your Amazon page, Nemesis is there, but it doesn’t mention the audio version at all. In my chat with them, they stated “In this case since there’s a problem with the audio content of this book we’ll have to start an investigation on the book, contact the author and work this out”. Have they notified you of any problems?

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