New John C. Wright book and FREE John C. Wright book

There is a new John C. Wright book out: City Beyond Time

And I was told that Awake in the Night Land is going to be free tomorrow:

I’m reading Count to a Trillion now. (started it over a week ago, but have had zero free time) It is mind bending. Very good, big brain, big idea, epic sci-fi.

EDIT: I was wrong. It is actually AWAKE IN THE NIGHT that is free right now.

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21 thoughts on “New John C. Wright book and FREE John C. Wright book”

  1. The only problem I had with Count to a Trillion was that I then immediately read The Hermetic Millennia and Judge of Ages, and now I have to wait for the next book to come out.

  2. John C. Wright’s books require multiple readings, IMHO, but for a really good reason. His prose is extraordinary. I mean, I really, really wish I could write like that. I can’t.

    More importantly though, unlike so many other writers who use prose as a crutch to hide the lack of a story, John doesn’t. He, among so many other writers, gets that the purpose of prose is to tell a story. It’s a tool to that end, and he uses it to that purpose like a master.

    Knowing that my broke butt can pick up another Wright novel makes me happy. It’s not like he’s not going to get plenty of money from me otherwise. 🙂

    1. I didn’t learn to like Vance (or Austen, or Dumas) until I was considerably older than the first time I tried him. So when it comes to authors with a really distinctive style of storytelling, you might want to check back in, in five or ten years, and see if it is now floating your boat better than it used to.

      (And since some authors stop floating one’s boat after a few years, it’s good to find additions as well as subtractions to one’s favorites.)

  3. I finally got around to reading “Awake In The Night Land” a couple of weeks ago. Very few books have given me nightmares, but that one did.

    I found it very Lovecraftian, with a side order of George R.R.Martin-style grimdark, but somehow without the hopelessness of the former and the nihilism of the latter.

    1. That’s b/c Wright comes from a worldview which isn’t nihilistic and hopeless. It shows through in his work, just like the nihilism of the existential writers and playwrights of yester year shown through their depressing and worthless works (“Mama died today, or was it yesterday?” ~ Camus “The Stranger”).

  4. Awesome. Another excellent book to spend my filthy capitalist earned-on-the-backs-of-the-poor money on.

    Count to a Trillion is an eeeeeeeeexcellent examination of what it would mean to be a post-human. Also the series slaughters an awful lot of Lefty sacred cows and smears their guts around. And he does it so smoothly you can’t even tell that’s what he’s doing.

    John C. Wright’s Indian name is now “Holy Cow Slayer”. ~:)

  5. Whoot! I’ve heard nothing but good about Awake in the Land of Night, and the only thing better than a new book is a free new book ; )

  6. Dear FSM, how many times have I fallen for this “The first hit is free!” stuff?

    Judging from the contents of my Kindle, quite a bit. And it seems to work. 🙂

  7. Larry,
    You forgot to mention that a big chunk of the money is going to a good charity if you buy the book before July 23rd. Important to buy it now and read it later if you are already swamped with good reads.

    At the price it is a steal already!

  8. Just bought it. And while I was at it, I saw David Drake’s latest RCN novel up for sale on amazon. Bought it too.

  9. You forgot to mention that a big chunk of the money is going to a good charity if you buy the book before July 23rd.

    I am culpable, not Larry. I neglected to mention it to him. Half the book’s first month’s revenue is going to a children’s cancer charity called Stillbrave.

    As for CITY BEYOND TIME, it is a very different kind of story than AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND, but the insightful reader will not miss the fundamental similarity between the two very different books. And I am confident that most readers will want to read at least one of the sub-stories more than once.

  10. For a truly immersive experience, I recommend listening to the soundtracks of “The Dark Crystal” and “Dune” while reading “Awake in the Night” or “Awake in the Night Land”

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