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    1. “Buy Now With 1-Click:” the road to perdition. Or bankruptcy, whichever comes first. Even at Kindle prices.

      Oh well: At least the Kindle’s paid for, so they won’t repo *that*…

    1. When I preordered it, it was scheduled for release July 1, along with the dead tree format of the book.

    1. Poetry to my ears…..
      In fact, that’s sort of what I’d love to hear when libprogs see ME coming… but I’m just too much of a nice guy. ;D

    2. I actually wanted to title my Amazon review of “Nemesis” with the “Oh shit, it’s Franks! Run!” quote. (I downloaded the Kindle version as soon as I found it online, and devoured it in a single sitting. My review of “Nemesis,” BTW, is the first customer book review I’ve done for Amazon.)

      In any event, in the interest of decorum, I instead went with the title “Correia finally tells the story of Agent Franks…and it’s a doozy.”

      But I still worked the Franks quote in there… 😉

      A sample of my review:

      >”Part (literal) Frankenstein, part inhuman Terminator, possessed (again, literally) of Hell’s own fury, totally unconcerned with collateral damage and a virtual law unto himself, Franks is what the feds of the Correiaverse turn to when they’ve tried everything else to deal with supernatural threats, including hiding under the covers and praying it would just go away. Most of them feel that way about Franks himself, with good reason.

      And a few of them want to replace Franks with something “better.”

      Of course, it all goes horribly wrong.”<

      And now I'm craving Book Six. Write faster, Larry! Write faster!

  1. I prefer to go the Nook route, but it looks like B&N doesn’t even have the Nook version up for pre-order yet.

    1. B&N seems to lag behind with getting Baen books in Nook format. They get them eventually, they just take their sweet time.

  2. I already have the eARC, but purchased the “official” edition b/c Larry deserves sales numbers ;).

  3. Bought! Now, just exercise enough willpower to save it until my long, international flight in two weeks…

    1. The ILoH prefers (from previous statements of his) that you buy his book in whatever method, manner, and options that work for you as the reader (as long as those options do not involve piracy).

      Having said that, I believe he gets the same amount whether it is Baen direct, or Amazon, B&N, Uncle Hugo, etc, as the Amazon contract specifies they get the same deal or better than everyone else. I could be wrong on that, and it may be the ebooks that must be the same. I am getting all this from previous comments on the blog somewhere, and claim the God given right to be completely and utterly wrong.

      Of course, even if he made slightly more from one source over another, he is not about to annoy or anger the source that is less, just to make a few extra cents in the short run and loose a reseller in the long run.

      Just my 2 cents.

  4. You sir are an evil man. Here I am with my month budgeted for and this comes up. I am so excited I ordered on my lunch break so I don’t have to waste time downloading it when I get home.

      1. I think if that were to happen the world may be doomed, though given Franks nature as far as I understand it, the Denarius might be the one to get subjugated rather than the other way around, not likely that Franks would take having his head messed with very well, and even a Denarius being might not be up to taking Franks on.

        Also I would so want that book if there ever were a cross universe mix there. The sheer amount of destruction and mayhem that would entail would be awesome to read.

  5. Perhaps not the right forum for this, but I surely am conflicted about Kindle…which looks like an open-ended lease from Amazon rather than a purchase.

    Yes, “lending is enabled,” but it’s ONCE, ever, as it appears to me. If ever Amazon hiccups, or somehow changes its business, the storage of “my” books in “their” cloud looks far less certain than I’d prefer.

    Looking forward to reading book 5, but not Mr. Happy with my Kindle’s treatment of the verb, “purchase.”

    1. If you look under the Book Description you find this statement:
      “At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).”
      That means that you can make copies for archives and convert to whatever format you like.

  6. Although I buys from Amazon, if Baen eBook is available, I buys straight from Baen. Since I’ve already splurge for the eArc, just bought the normal version.

    1. Plus this month’s bundle had the new Kratman book. Nemesis + Rods and the Axe = Shut Up and Take My Money!

      Course, Nemesis came first because I’ve already pledged my eternal loyalty to the ILoH.

  7. Larry, if you can find the list of charity Redshirt donner, I’d like to see who gets killed by Agent Franks.

  8. Recently discovered the series, I k now, late to the party, Hey, I may be old, but I’m slow. Binge read all four of the series, so now I’m off to get the next book soon as I leave this site.

  9. I got my Kendal version on the 16th and am waiting for the signed edition once they get them and start mailing them out.

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