By popular demand, CorreiaTech swag, Powered By Hate!

As an International Lord of Hate, I should totally have merchandise.

By popular demand, Jack has put together some CorreiaTech logo stuff.


I’ve been holding off on announcing these because there were still a few people waiting on the Kickstarter, but I just got word that the very last few replacement items we’ve been waiting for are on the way and should be here Thursday! Which means that I finally get my personal coins too. 🙂

Oh my gosh, somebody actually reviewed my novel that's up for a Hugo?!? Or Writing Strategy.
Chuck Dixon on FOX News tonight

61 thoughts on “By popular demand, CorreiaTech swag, Powered By Hate!”

  1. I suspect Mr Correia is going to get some stick over this. Irony is often missed, even by people who pride themselves on getting it.

      1. Hmm..not mine or yours so how about a ghost chili sauce covered sex toy? *he says with a butter won’t melt in my mouth look*

  2. Great! Now if we could get Tamara to authorize a similar line of “powered by hippie tears” merchandise I could put together a set.

    1. There is a company that makes a weapons lubricant called “Hippy Tears” or “Liberal Tears” (I can;t recall which).

  3. Viva el capitalism! The libprogs must be horrified that you get to make money on the title was supposed shame you back into your hide-y hole. By the way, I’m ordering a travel mug. Can’t wait to see the expressions on my coworkers’ faces.

  4. I’m going to get me some off those mugs. I mean, I’m drinking my liberal tears from normal glasses! That can’t be good for the taste. The new CorreiaTech mugs ought to improve the flavor by, what, about 66.7%?

    1. Never use google translate on Latin.

      Latin codes meaning into variations of the spelling of words.

      Yes, a proper electronic dictionary may be able to help sort things out. Understanding enough Latin grammar to know what modifies what, and what goes where is very important. Mine isn’t up to this.

      My dictionary tells me that Futue rudely commands the reader to have sexual intercourse with a woman.

      English codes meaning with position, plus some other things that I don’t necessarily figure out all that well. So I dunno how to parse the provided translation well enough to figure if it is correct.

  5. I believe the translation he provided on FB was “Because Fuck You Is Why”. Like many modern phrases, it doesn’t get along well with Latin.

    Now, if we can just talk him into adding the “LC w/Big Gun and carried by Sad Puppies” graphic to a t shirt or other merchandise ; )

    1. I believe the translation he provided on FB was “Because Fuck You Is Why”. Like many modern phrases, it doesn’t get along well with Latin..

      Ah, thank you:-)

    2. “Because fuck you is why.” Heh. Reason enough to buy the shirt right there. Put me down for a coffee mug as well…

    1. Torani makes a bacon syrup (I’ve never tried it, although I’m fond of their unsalted caramel syrup).

    1. If you can get a photo of Jemisin looking at the shirt (which will likely result in a facial expression by her similar to someone sucking down castor oil), I might offer money in return. >.>

  6. I don’t suppose there’s any way to get them to offer larger sizes for the, ah, more substantially built minions would there? Perfect wear for Gencon along with my signed MHI hat.

  7. Is there any color coding for the minions? E.g. red for engineering/hard science types, blue for medical/gooey science types, black for the, er, special directorate?

    1. Yeah, we engineers need to know where the medical types are to rapidly find them whenever we hurt ourselves building Larry’s evil racist super-weapons of hate and doom.

      1. oh yeah, if one of the other branches of Minions wants to wear a red shirt, Feel Free. I’ll stick with the issue black, thank you very much. 🙂

      2. give me the pasty white version… The IT minions dont get out much and we tend to be translucent we need the extra white to set off our skin tone

      3. Ha, silly engineer! It you are so careless as to injure youself in the performance of his Lordship’s commands you can expect no medical coddling. If you sicken and die then it is merely proof that you were weak and inferior and thus unworthy of the glory and privilege of laboring in the construction of His Lordship’s Hate Mecha!

  8. “Fuck you” was not an insult used by the Romans. The closest might be “I will fuck you in the ass” although I speculate that “eat shit” would be closer to the emotional intent of “fuck you” while being an insult that a Roman might utter. But don’t ask me to actually construct a grammatically correct Latin insult.

      1. pedicabo is correct, ‘I will bugger’, but ego is unneeded and maybe even wrong, because pedicabo already codes for that. For example, pedico is ‘I bugger’, and pedicamus is ‘We bugger’.

        As for vos, maybe it is declined right for the grammar, I can’t tell with just my dictionary off the top of my head.

        The other pronoun one could use as that part of the sentence is ‘te’. ‘te’ is the right declension of singular you. If ‘vos’ is the right declension, it translates to ‘I will bugger y’all’, because ‘vos’ is plural.

        ‘amabo te’ is literally ‘I will love you’, and is the idiom for please.

        ‘necabo te’ is literally ‘I will kill you’, and is how Jack Bauer says please. (Well, actually Jack uses clauses, which changes the translation, and I never got that all sorted out. Ioannes Agricola is Latin for Jack(John) Bauer.)

        Anyway, I’d suggest ‘Pedicabo Te’.

        I’m most of the way to having a translation for ‘eat poop and die’, but I can’t recall which declension of feces I need.

      2. from a poem by Catullus:
        1 Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo,
        2 Aureli pathice et cinaede Furi,
        3 qui me ex versiculis meis putastis,
        4 quod sunt molliculi, parum pudicum.
        5 Nam castum esse decet pium poetam
        6 ipsum, versiculos nihil necessest;
        7 qui tum denique habent salem ac leporem,
        8 si sunt molliculi ac parum pudici
        9 et quod pruriat incitare possunt,
        10 non dico pueris, sed his pilosis
        11 qui duros nequeunt movere lumbos.
        12 Vos, quod milia multa basiorum
        13 legistis, male me marem putatis?
        14 Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

        1 I will sodomize you and face-fuck you,
        2 bottom Aurelius and catamite Furius,
        3 you who think, because my poems
        4 are sensitive, that I have no shame.
        5 For it’s proper for a devoted poet to be moral
        6 himself, [but] in no way is it necessary for his poems.
        7 In point of fact, these have wit and charm,
        8 if they are sensitive and a little shameless,
        9 and can arouse an itch,
        10 and I don’t mean in boys, but in those hairy old men
        11 who can’t get it up.[24]
        12 Because you’ve read my countless kisses,[25]
        13 you think less of me as a man?
        14 I will sodomize you and face-fuck you.

      3. Okay, the vos is because he is addressing two different people, maybe fitting the one pronoun with the two verbs. I guess the ego makes it scan better. I heard the first line translated ‘I will poke you and I will choke you’. I avoided learning more than I had to about Catullus because I found the whole situation, and him as a person, creepy.

      4. “Okay, the vos is because he is addressing two different people…”

        I find Latin grammar hopelessly confusing.

        Do you remember the hilarious “Romans Go Home” scene in Life of Brian?

        We need a helpful Centurion to turn our favorite insults into proper Latin…which we will write 100 times before sunrise.

  9. Sir, the link appears on my computer, to have been cyber-mauled: Clicking the link brings up a catalog page, which instantly disappears, pre-empted by a perpetually-loading, as in never finished, blank page.

    By way of tardy reply to a previous post of yours, I offer What appears to me, is that feminists antipathetic to self-defense want not to admit even the slightest possibility of legitimate civilian use of firearms.

  10. Just in time for Father’s Day! I’m excited because not only do I now have an appropriate thermal mug for drinking my buttered coffee from, I now have an appropriate water bottle for triathlon training and racing (I know my performance is often powered by hate of various kinds). The only thing missing is a tech shirt option — I’d wear such proudly on race day. Any chance I could pay a royalty for the graphics and have something made on my own?

  11. Larry, you really had a lot of fun with that Jeopardy! guy Arthur Chu this morning on Twitter. Now get back to you regular paying job.

  12. I saw that thing with Arthur Chu too. Chu did an amazing impression of QUILTBAG feminism privilege doctrine in SFF. That’s the first thing.

    The second thing is he’s just like the folks you see who flog that stuff in the SFF community: obviously very high functioning when it comes to behaving like a computer but with the abstract perception of a child. Chu can win Jeopardy but not make the simplest comparisons to overcome his bias. He just throws “racism” and “privilege” out there like it’s documented science.

    It’s also telling that Damien Walter thought Chu won that debate while I felt Chu fell on his face. In a debate setting, where Chu would have to present facts, context and comparisons, he’d be no Jeopardy winner but a loser. By Chu’s reckoning anyone in a racially homogeneous culture should be building space stations cuz privilege. Is he really that dumb? That’s getting into high functioning retard territory.

    That poses the question of just what it is that has so benefitted Europeans in national competitions in the last few centuries, and I think it’s the way we problem solve, not intelligence. Chu’s a lot smarter than I am but he can’t actually “think,” but Chu is obviously a racist who thinks he’s anti-racist. Intersectional feminism is a paradigm of failed thought and failure and Chu and Walter are steeped in it, not to mention chumps. Each represents a cult that is unable to critique itself because they consider their gay and Asian identities to be wisdom, just like goofy feminists. That won’t get you to the moon, but it will produce an excellent excuse factory for why this and that didn’t happen and lucky whites. It never occurs to these chumps that the idea of “lucky whites” sits right next to the neo-Nazi concept of “lucky Jews.”

    And there’s the fascinating thing about these people. Their entire world view is based on the notion the straight white male is a supremacist bigot; everything else flows from that. Chu scoffs at the idea he could be a racist yet uses racist language while in his child-like mind tens of millions of whites are just racist – period. No proof needed, just success. Who does that sound like? Even the Nazis knew they didn’t like Jews. I cringe when I watch people like Walter and Chu debate, because I realize that to whatever extent they’re successful in mainstreaming their ideas, it’s to that extent we chance eventually falling back into the dark ages.

    The one perspective few people have is that when you travel around the world, it’s absolutely stunning how much American know-how and culture permeates countries that, left on their own, would be Victorian. Generally speaking, Third World cultures are extremely unsophisticated top to bottom compared to America, thus the excuses.

    1. Because he wins 4 days of Jeopardy! that he’s entitled to more Hollywood opportunity. But playing a jerk on TV doesn’t always get the casting director to call on you to do their show. But what do I know? I’m just an Corporate IT immigrant from Taiwan. If anything, he has more privilege than me, being born in New York.

      1. I’ll try and make this as clear as possible: much of this divide is about diversity equals “better,” and by that the PC mean racial diversity. Even if we set aside the idea that “diversity” is usually used as camouflage to attack whites and fixing an America that wasn’t broken, I’ll go back to part of my original comment.

        In my own personal experience as an American, the diversity of thought and interests in American culture is staggering when contrasted with Third World nations. That’s not a thing I can convey with statistics or facts but when you move around the Third World, it is in your face obvious. Americans are lightning quick (naive PC excluded) smart and intellectually aggressive. The PC call my observations racist. It is what it is. Look where people want to live – end of story.

        A global minority of Americans are all over every Third World landmark everyday – the reverse – no. The PC will say that’s money. That’s hogwash – it’s curiosity. The entire backpacking circuit that opened up all those Third World treasures was created by young people with no money who scrimped and saved to go on mammoth 6 month excursions. Infrastructure and the middle class followed their explorations from Kathmandu to Bali, but penniless 20-somethings created every guidebook in existence.

        There are so many cultural/technical expressions happening in America at any one time no one could possibly keep track of them all. It is the complete opposite in the Third World, and to whatever extent you’re starting to see more abstract interests there it is mostly styled on the American approach to hobbies and is still ruthlessly shallow, as it is empowered by our tech and interests and not their own native ingenuity or interests.

        Everywhere you go there is MTV [add nation] and ESPN [add nation], and on our cable systems. Multiply that by thousands of times throughout the world. Even in the UK American-style kitchen fixtures are the default. Some people are just jealous, that’s all, and express it as racism/privilege and Walter and Chu jump on board.

        That’s what makes this notion that Americans “culturally appropriate” from the Third World so laughable. The truth lies in precisely the opposite direction and it is massive, and it is massive because American know-how moves into a vacuum. The idea the West might benefit from racial diversity from the Third World is precisely opposite to reality. I’m not surprised the PC, especially those who hyper-relate to Third World identities, exhibit symptoms of cultural low self-esteem, resentment, and demonization theories to inflate themselves and deflate us.

        That is a classic source of racism. It’s usually along the lines of the innate spirituality of the oppressed trumps the spiritless empty technical know-how of the white West. That is also Sayd Qutb/Muslim Brotherhood and feminist intersectional doctrine 101.

        The bottom line is that a guy like Chu is completely empty-headed. He thinks if he reads a lot of books then that’s the world. Same with Walter, who you can tell reads a lot and doesn’t know jack shit – about anything. It’s the same with all these PC Twitter feeds: they’re always dispensing wisdom and haven’t done squat in their lives.

  13. Did someone call larry The Lord of hate? I googled this and don’t see it. He strikes me as a like able guy. Checked his facebook page…. Seems to be friends with a lot of liberal authors….

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