Chuck Dixon on FOX News tonight

My friend Chuck Dixon is going to be on Greta tonight.  Chuck is best known as a comic book writer (though I’ve Book Bombed some of his novels on here). Chuck is a conservative who has run into many of the same things in the comic business that I’ve been talking about in genre fiction. He recently wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal about political bias in  comics.

Chuck is a good dude, so I’m going to tune in. Plus, he created Spreadsheet, so you know he is awesome.

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The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape

21 thoughts on “Chuck Dixon on FOX News tonight”

    1. The WSJ’s subscription system is weird. Several articles are behind a paywall if you look inside WSJ’s system. But if you do a google search for ‘Chuck Dixon Wall Street Journal’, the first link to show up will be the article, and it isn’t behind a paywall.

    1. He did pretty well, just didn’t have much time. Segment was too short, IMO. I hate when they do that.

      I was hoping they’d mention something about the next Bad Times book, but it was all about comics. Looking forward to that one. See what you’ve done, Larry? You hooked me on another series with your Book Bombs! 😀

    1. Ugh…. I read that ‘review’ at The Mary Sue a few days ago and concluded that the site was a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy and I didn’t want to waste my time there. Sounds like my suspicions weren’t far off. Nice takedown on that guy reprinted on your blog, BTW.

  1. Incidentally and completely off topic, thought y’all would like to know that the last flying Avro Lancaster bomber in North America, (one of two left flying in the entire world) was chasing a B-25 Mitchel around my house this morning under a really low cloud deck.

    There really is no sound like four well tuned Merlin engines flying over. Oh. Yeah.

  2. Mosquito bomber just flew over. No shit.

    Its the air show at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum this weekend. Looks like I get to see some Super exciting stuff. Yay!

      1. A few minutes ago the Commemorative Air Force B-24 Liberator flew past, apparently on its way down to Port Dover to buzz all the 100,000+ bikers at Friday the 13th.

        When was the last time a lad like me got to see a Lancaster, a Mitchel, a Mosquito and a Liberator all in the air the same day? Not since the 40’s.


        1. That’s all kinds of awesome! I’m envious. We haven’t had anything good like that down here since the Air & Sea Show during SoFla’s Fleet Week got cancelled a few years ago.

        2. Wait, wait, wait…. I was scrolling through the Twitter feed pics on…. the Lancaster’s name is Vera? LOL, that’s awesome!

      2. I’ve been inside the Lancaster. For such a huge aircraft, the crew compartment is miniscule. I’m 6ft, I couldn’t stand up in it or turn around. Hands and knees in some places.

        The B-17 by contrast is like a barn inside. You can play soccer.

        I even got into the Heinkel HE-111 that used to live at Falcon Field in Mesa AZ, years ago. It was easier to move around in than the Lancaster, for a miracle.

        They have some very amazing aircraft at the Warplane Heritage museum up here. Fairy Firefly (looks like a Spitfire on steriods), a PBY flying boat, the Lancaster, a Spitfire, a Hurricane, a Hawker Sea Fury, a Sabre, some crazy looking thing called a Westland Lysander, all kinds of stuff nobody else has.

        They are also assembling, with painstaking detail, a Bristol Bolingbroke. They’re fabricating it out of eight separate aircraft they rescued from being chicken coops in Manitoba. When they get it flying it will be the only one in all the world.

        Best part, its a PRIVATE museum. No government BS. I go over periodically and give them money. Its my only charity I donate to regularly.

        If any of you know Bork The Invincible from Dorsai fandom, I had him up here for the official Phantom guided tour one time. He’s a solid dude, that guy.

        If you find yourself in the Toronto area, the Warplane Heritage is just about the only thing around here worth seeing. Its out in the country and its a cheap day trip.

        Highly recommended.

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