New $10 level on this Kickstarter for just the fiction

I’ve talked about this Kickstarter before because I’ve volunteered to write a short story for them. Several other really awesome authors have also. However many of our fans want fiction, but they’re not gamers. So they’ve added a new level: ($10) GAMBLER: Not a gamer? Get an e-book that contains any fantasy short fiction we unlock during the campaign (written by our dream team of authors!) Plus, we include your name in the front of the e-book. It’s a gamble, but with these authors it’s worth it!

So if you just want some fiction, here you go!

The Drowning Empire, Episode 54: Second City Stories
John C. Wright reviews Hard Magic using the Periodic Table of Awesome

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  1. I’m seeing a black rectangle above “I’ve talked about…” and no link. In two different browsers to boot. Can you repost the link, please? Thank you.

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