The latest from the Fainting Couch Brigade, they go after Uncle Timmy

Since the Social Justice Warrior contingent of sci-fi fandom is on a quest for perpetual outrage, here is this week’s stupidity. A convention, Archon, had a guy many of us know and love, Tim Bolgeo, scheduled to be the fan guest of honor, until an anonymous internet pussy alleged that Timmy was racist, so Archon immediately folded and disinvited him.

Fellow warm beige Author of Color, Jason Cordova has more:

Most authors know him as Uncle Timmy. He’s helped out so many new and aspiring authors to get their work out in front of the fans that it is ridiculous. Uncle Timmy is the go to guy in southern and midwestern fandom to meet people. You know the guy who knows a guy? That’s Timmy.

First off, anybody who has ever talked with Tim Bolgeo knows this allegation is crap and Archon is being stupid.  Uncle Timmy is no racist. His crime was reposting jokes that would have been okay to laugh at if they’d been told by a comedian on TV. One lone ANONYMOUS jackass threw a fit so Archon tossed him.

Fascinating… So fandom is so trained and cowed by the constantly outraged Social Justice Warriors, that we’re to the point that anybody who ever said something even slightly edgy or outside of accepted group think can be booted. Of course, I’m sure if Timmy was a communist, abortion activist, anti-gun, Occupy Wall Street, gender studies major with a pony tail, then A. nobody would whine about him being a guest. B. If somebody did, the con committee wouldn’t have cared.

Second, I’ve met Tim Bolgeo several times, and I’ve met members of his family. He’s a good dude. He’s a decent human being. I’ve had conversations with him about various controversial issues, and he was never anything but polite, funny, smart, and articulate. He helped me out when I was first starting my career, and the first out of state con I ever attended as a pro writer was one that he’d been organizing for 25 years.

I don’t know what kind of raving lunatic this ANONYMOUS internet pussy painted Timmy as, but horseshit. My understanding is that he chose to go to one of the first non-segregated schools in the south, and has set up a charity on behalf of a deceased friend who was black. Oooooh, but that is soooooo outweighed by hurting somebody’s feelings for telling a joke that would be okay to laugh at if John Stewart told it.

Third, listen fandom, it is time to cowboy up. Put your big girl panties on. You have gotten into the bad habit of immediately rolling over anytime some shrieking Social Justice Warrior says they must retire to their fainting couch because they have the vapors. They started with big name writers, then they began freaking out about things award presenters MIGHT say, and now they’ve worked their way down to attacking other fans. They want a purge. Anybody who may potentially hurt their delicate lilac scented feelings is an untouchable and must be shunned. They’d clone Stalin to run for SFWA president if any of that crowd actually knew how this whole science thing worked.

Luckily for us the SJW’s weapons are their salty tears of sadness and Twitter.


Their outrage doesn’t grant them magical powers of discernment. Do your freaking jobs. Use your brain. If somebody is angry about a guest, maybe you should slow down and find out why before immediately surrendering to the angry mob, or in this case ONE PERSON.

Otherwise they own you. They own you because you let them. Rule number one of dealing with Social Justice Warriors is never apologize for anything that shouldn’t be apologized for. Rule number two is don’t be afraid to tell them to shove it.

Archon, you owe Uncle Timmy an apology.

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  1. You’d think that sci-fi and fantasy readers would be open to different ideas or ways of thinking. But nope, they are just as seduced by group think and New speech as any other group.

  2. Agreed. Why don’t these organizations wake up and realize that if you stop paying attention to these idiots, they will fade back into the sludge from which they first emerged?

  3. Sadly, being in California, I’ve never been to the cons in question, don’t know any of the players, and thus don’t have much of a dog in this fight – but having been reading about this incident for the last few days, I’d like to know who Jon Voisey, the “Angry Astronomer,” is. It seems he was another Fan Guest of Honor, who threatened to back out if Mr. Bolgeo was not uninvited. I’ve seen several posts by him to that extent, but I’ve never heard of him.

    1. To clarify, Archon has two levels of Guests. Guests of Honor (big deal), and general Guests (not big deal). I was the latter.

      If you’re interested in my background, I have a BS in astrophysics. In the past I was an outspoken blogger mostly known for my stance against pseudo-science. I’ve been too busy to keep up with that for the past several years, but did spend some time as a writer for Universe Today, one of the largest astronomy websites. I’m also a well known speakers at (mostly anime) conventions in the Midwest.

      I have also been sector director for two years and a programming con chair at Naka Kon (anime convention in Kansas City). There, I became deeply involved with issues of harassment at conventions, working with fans, police, and victim advocacy groups to craft that convention’s harassment policy.

      Outside of all the fan community, I am a middle and high school math and science teacher.

      1. So you helped to craft a harassment policy, which I assume is because you believe that everyone has a right to enjoy fandom, and then do this?

        Please, do clarify how in the hell you can look at yourself in a mirror and keep your breakfast down.

      2. TL, it’s a simple concept. You don’t go seeking a duck and then dump it in the closest not-your-pond when somebody gets mad that it quacks. Everyone in the community knows what type of person Uncle Timmy is. This con knew damn well. The comments the anonymous whiner is pissed off about are at least somewhat taken out of context, and the con caved in to invisible peer pressure.
        Here’s the thing about free speech – it really, truely means free speech. It means that if I want to stand on a rooftop and shout about how much I hate the color yellow, that I can. Now, if Mr. Yellow comes by and gets all butthurt about it, he has that right, but his butthurt should not make Mrs. Purple fold her opinion of me.

      3. To be fair, I’ve only read one of your posts. In that post you make accusations of bigotry and anti-science unsupported by direct evidence. You deride a work with no specific citations to the work, and smear a man by innuendo and allusion.

        You then seek to divorce yourself from the controversy by noting that you don’t think Mr. Bolgeo is exceptionally bigoted, and your concern was always more that Archon chose to honor the work. You believe it was unfortunate but necessary for them to separate themselves from the error of honoring the work by separating themselves from the not exceptionally bigoted man.

        I’ll leave your critique of harassment policies alone except for this one excerpt:

        The most important thing to understand is that harassment policies don’t actually effect much in the way of policy changes. Harassment of all sorts is typically covered in the general rules of conventions and as such, harassment policies are largely redundant from a convention standpoint.

        Their real purpose is to send messages.

        Forgive me if I’m not terribly interested in your background, or, after that casual smear of a man you don’t know, in you.

  4. Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard about the gender studies major with a ponytail comment.

    I don’t know who this guy is. I practically live under a rock. I think racism sucks. However, you’re completely right- you can’t ban people from stuff just for having different ideas. If that were the case, I’d ban every pro-choice person from every event I ever had.

    Then, I’d get sued for discrimination, though…

  5. You would think that people who READ- and read SF/F, of all things-would be on the front lines to fight the stifling of ideas. Good gravy on a stick, these people are idiots.

  6. Has Archon violated their own harassment policy?

    “All attendees at Archon are expected to treat other attendees, guests, staff, and the general public with respect. Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, deliberate intimidation, stalking, unwanted photography, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated.
    . . .
    Any attempt to have an innocent person removed from the convention by falsely accusing him or her of threats will be itself treated as an act of harassment and will be dealt with appropriately. The responsibility for settling interpersonal disputes lies solely with the individuals involved, and Archon will not tolerate being used as a leveraging point in such disputes.”

    Looks to me like the Con Committee needs to be escorted from the premises for harassing behavior. Certainly a reasonable person could consider being uninvited to be somewhat intimidating, at least.

    (Yes, it’s a stretch, but that certainly doesn’t stop the SJW brigade, does it?)

    Also, note the last sentence of Archon’s harassment policy.


    1. This is the big problem with Scalzi’s “harassment policy” notion. Real harassment is either a crime or a tort, depending on the circumstances, and is properly dealt with by the police or your attorney, not by some kangaroo court made up of the type of Stalinist busybodies who inevitably gravitate to such positions of petty authority.

      I haven’t gone to cons for years, and certainly won’t resume given the current climate.

      1. If you don’t like the current climate, then go to the con and oppose it. The best way to change the administration’s mind is to go to the con talk after the con and complain. If just 10s guy showed up and asked WTF was happening to freedom of thought in a friggen Sci-Fi con I think there would be second thoughts before it was repeated.

    2. Re: Their harassment policy, the second quoted paragraph is apparently a problem and nullification of the purpose of the policies for Mr. Jon Voisey noted above.

      Safeguarding the innocent in the face of spurious accusations apparently “sends a message” that legitimate complaints will be disregarded and makes folks feel unsafe.

      UhHuh. That hasn’t resulted in disaster anywhere lately.


    1. -Drat. Don’t know how you fancy pants people know how to embed that in a comment. But anyway, click the link. 😉

  7. Someone really needs to map out the frequency of SJW campaigns to see if the frequency is rising or falling.

    1. They’re rising, because they WORK. It gives groups that have a lot of lefties in their organization an opportunity to get rid of people that they didn’t want invited in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the ANON accuser is actually on the Con Staff and was opposed to this person coming, and so used this tactic to attack them.

      There is a reason why in law and in court anonymous accusations are NOT supposed to hold ANY WEIGHT. Because they’re made up by people who have no facts, and just want to attack and bully others.

    2. Rising. They’ve been on a roll, but now the more people point out their bullshit the more shrill they become. They can’t help themselves. I provoked them as a demonstration to the world. Their reaction was exactly as predicted. Give them another week or two and they’ll find something else to get outraged about.

      1. Joy.

        I keep hearing how new SFF writers should go to cons as a form of marketing. I’m just not sure I really want to subject myself to that.

        Of course, I am also an unbridled capitalist so I’ll probably suck it up once I’m in a position to go. The only award that matters. George Washington’s in my wallet.

  8. He should sue them for libel. Until making false accusations actually starts to hurt people, they’ll keep making them.
    And I’m talking about suing the con and the con organizers. It doesn’t matter what the ANON said to them, THEY are the ones accusing this man of racism by their words, deeds, and actions.

    1. I hate the lawyer happy culture we’ve become. DESPISE it. At the same time, at some point people need to stand up and demand that the behavior of these asshats won’t be tolerated.

  9. Funny when I show actual racist quotes by SFF authors out of their own mouths that are in no way jokes the PC respond by giving them more awards. Hmmm…. bit of a cock-up on the double standard front.

    Once again the PC have proven they don’t understand the English language, logic, what law is based on, or what a “racist” actually is. In PC world, a “racist” is a white man, who gets that mark tattooed on at birth, and again when they wake up in the morning, just to make sure. In short, the PC don’t care about racists cuz they are racists.

    They are hunter and deer. Why would a hunter blackball another hunter when they have deer to hunt? Is there a double standard in hunting? No. In hunting they admit they will shoot deer and not hunt each other. The PC pretend they hunt each other with an equable moral ethos. They lie. Their definition of “racist” is deer.

    Meanwhile the lucky leprechauns of SFF known as PoC can engage in a torrent of racial filth not only without censure, but get “fabulous” from the president of a literary organization after asserting an entire continent is racist and should apologize and offer cash to make up for what gramma and grampa did, just like she is sending me a check for black crime and will send them to my great-grand children.

    That same moron will put that same restitution on the table for SFF at WisCon so I can laugh with a whale’s disdain at the Orwellian logic that makes me responsible for 18th century whites but no PoC responsible for making racial excuses/accusations for a PoC drug dealer on their front stoop this morning. It’s all perfectly logical… for a racist.

    Say yet another white Dr. Who leaves a dirty taste in your mouth and they’ll mail you a Nebula after you write an anti-white SF story about naughty white postcolonialists whose ancestors existed among invisible Mughals, Arabs, Mamlukes, Turks, Aztecs, Han and Incans.

    I am once again laughing at the thought these almost incomprehensibly stupid people can write literature.

      1. Co-manager of WisCon “safer-space” Jaymee Goh: “Seems lately every week is white stupidity week. And they complain about a month in a year!”


        2014 SFWA awards attendee and writer Sunil Patel: “Curious: how many of you refuse to watch/read something if it’s about Yet Another Straight White Man?”

        Reply from SFWA member and Nebula nominee Kate Elliott: “Same is true of books. I’m increasingly less likely to pick up a book if it is another straight white dude story.”

        Reply from SFWA member, co-editor of Long Hidden, and review editor at Publisher’s Weekly Rose Fox: “Alas, my job doesn’t let me refuse.”


        SFF author and Nebula nominee Kate Elliott: “Just read another call from a white man about the need for ‘nuance’ rather than shrill ranting.”

        Reply from SFF fan and blogger Jenny Thurman: “as if they’d know ‘nuance’ if they tripped on it”

        Reply from Kate Elliott: “nuance is when we are complaining about what they don’t want us to complain about.”

        (Here is the post by SFF author Richard Morgan they are talking about:)

      2. Co-organizer of WisCon segregated “safer-space” and PoC dinner K. Tempest Bradford: “What is it w/ white ppl who adopt children of color thinking it absolves them of racism forever? Do whites think it works that way for real?”

        Consulting editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Tor Books, the largest publisher of SFF in English: “Didn’t need the user icon to know you’re white and male.”

        K. Tempest Bradford: “Just… Fuck all you white dudes wagging your finger at the community on twitter. It’s not like most of you are helping. Sit your asses down”

        K. Tempest Bradford: “I am all done with white people today. All out of fucks to give.”

        Nebula Award nominee Kate Elliott on the film “Noah”: “I find the whole thing deeply offensive, with its white cast”

        Nebula and Hugo Award nominee Charles Stross: “angry old white men are angry, old, white, and male.”

        NY Times No. 1 best-selling SFF author, Phillip K. Dick nominee Sean Williams on who wrote the Dave Truesdale SFWA petition: “A disgruntled white guy, of course.”

        Kate Elliott: “‘lazy’ is such a code word for white people to use to denigrate & dismiss.”

        SFF author, Long Hidden co-editor Daniel Jose Older: “Imma film a new TV show in Maine starring 3 Jamaicans and a Mexican. No white people. See how they like that shit.”

      3. SFF author and blogger Foz Meadows: “Old white guys. What are going to do with them?”

        Reply from “Cranky LGBT rights supporting, proudly pro-abortion Aussie atheist feminist who hates rightwingers, MRAs, liars, and wankers” SFF author Ann Somerville: “they’re already jerks, so…jerky?”


        Blog post title by WisCon segregated “safer-space” co-organizer and panelist Jaymee Goh: “Anonymous Asked: How Do I Deal With This Racist White Friend?”

        Blog post by the then president of the SFWA John Scalzi: “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is.”

        WisCon organizer and panelist K. Tempest Bradford: “We will once again be in the Solitaire Room (racially segregated room at WisCon science fiction convention) since it affords us an out of the way space with no Gawkers (whites).”

        Blurb promoting racial revenge anthology We See A Different Frontier which includes SFWA members with a preface by a John W. Campbell and Hugo Awards nominee and winner of the Nebula and Locus Awards Aliette de Bodard: “… their fantasies of a reality in which straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, anglophone, white males don’t get to tell us how they won every war”

        Jaymee Goh: “Detroit,… suffering from problems which essentially stem from white supermacist [sic] capitalism,” 

      4. post written by Nebula and Hugo Award nominee Saladin Ahmed: “Is Game of Thrones Too White?”

        SFF illustrator Jim McDermott: “Is this a WorldCon or a WhiteCon?”

        SFF author James Worrad: “… genre’s Caucasian bloat.”

        Co-founder of SFF webzine Mary Anne Mohanraj guest-posting on the blog of the then president of the SFWA John Scalzi: “If you’re white, you have white privilege.”

        Comment on K Tempest Bradford’s blog by Communications Director for a religious-based nonprofit, radio commentator, essayist and fantasy writer with pieces in places such as Minnesota Public Radio, Strange Horizons Haddayr Copley-Woods: “Angry White Men are so boring and so near extinction that it doesn’t seem worth even noticing their feeble last gasps.”

        Upcoming WisCon Guest of Honor, Nebula and Hugo Award nominee N.K. Jemisin’s Guest of Honor convention speech in Australia: “This is not a safe country for people of color.”

        Co-organizor of Wiscon segregated “Safer-Space” and dinner Jaymee Goh: “How much to [sic] white tears go for on the open market? I would likely think not much given the abundancy of them.”

        Jaymee Goh: “The truth about which white people are innocent of racist acts? Yeah, I’ll admit to not caring about that.”

      5. SFWA member and past official Jim Hines racially profiling a photo of white people consisting of past, present, and future WorldCon chairs: “After all, some white dude explained to me the other week that sexism and racism in fandom ended decades ago!” and “Someone probably just messed up the ‘White balance’ setting on the camera.”

        Post at SF blog io9 named to the Top 30 science blogs by The Times, written by Knight Science Journalism Fellowship and research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Anna Lee Newitz: “When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like ‘Avatar’?” where she writes “whites need to rethink their fantasies about race” and quotes 2014 Nebula winner Nalo Hopkinson “…the main mythic story you find in science fiction, generally written by whites, ‘is going to a foreign culture and colonizing it.'”

        SFWA member Charles Stross on Boston bombing before suspects ID’d: “my money is on crazy white guys with a political axe to grind: the provisional wing of the Tea Party.”

        Upcoming WisCon Guest of Honor, Nebula and Hugo Award nominated author N.K. Jemisin on the subject of historic whites: “…an ingenious system allowing it to dominate most of the planet. (Diabolical… but ingenious.)”

        About the Sherlock Holmes TV show by 2014 Nebula winner, nominated for the John W. Campbell and Hugo Awards Aliette de Bodard: “I won’t get into how much everyone is lily-White, but that was also a significant problem in that particular episode.”

        SFF author, blogger, and ReaderCon fantastic literature convention panelist Alex MacFarlane: “I suspect the ability to push boundaries and not cause hurt requires the pusher to not be a middle class white straight man.”

        Science Fiction Writers of America member and SFF editor and writer Carrie Cuinn on SF’s Golden Age: “…a time when SF writers hid their racism by attributing negative stereotypes to aliens instead of non-whites.”

        Jaymee Goh angry about white actor Benedict Cumberbatch playing PoC Khan on Star Trek referred to him as “sour dough-faced.”

        Multiple Hugo Award winner, SF conventions organizer, SF publisher and critic Cheryl Morgan: “… a bunch of old white men,” and “secret cabal of (mostly) old white men.”

        Guest post by Mary Anne Mohanraj at blog of then SFWA president John Scalzi about reading Ursula Le Guin: “I was so pleased to realized that these people were brown.”

        2014 Nebula winner Aliette de Bodard: “… ‘escapism’: it’s geared to white patriarchy).”

        SFWA member, NY Times best-selling author and writer for Marvel Comics Marjorie Liu: “White male privilege cares ONLY about white male privilege, and there is no goal except maintaining that position of power.”

        SFF blogger, Foz Meadows: “…white patriarchy. …man, does it get into everything.”


        SFF author Sophia McDougall on casting the new Dr. Who TV show: “…would honestly have thought it had reached the pointwhere it was simply *embarrassing* to cast another white man.”

        Reply by SFF author Aliette de Bodard: “yup, I agree. Outstanding actor, but still leaves a sour taste in the mouth.”


        Aliette de Bodard: “…aliens in SFF started out as the equivalent of POC natives in a colonial narrative frame”


        Hugo-winning editor, SFF author, Tiptree Award Honor List, Analog Readers Poll Winner on Twitter Ekaterina Sedia: “I think it’s the law of the internet that we can determine how racist something is by how many white people show up to defend it.”

        Response by SFF author/editor/publisher, SFWA member, Manchester Fiction Prize finalist, winner of the Carter V. Cooper/Exile Short Fiction Competition Silvia Moreno-Garcia: “CAN SOMEONE THINK ABOUT THE WHITE PEOPLE?!!”


        SFWA member Sunny Moraine: “Well-educated white dudes with a lot of opinions and just enough smarts to think they have it all figured out make me so goddamn tired.”

        Hugo and Nebula nominated author Saladin Ahmed: “I know that the Clarke shortlist (British SF Award nominees) is all male. Looks like it’s all white, too? Does that just go without saying?”

        Saladin Ahmed: “Writers Guild of America lists best written TV shows of all time. Every single head writer in the top 50 is white.”

        Saladin Ahmed: “It’s pretty gross that Back To The Future fantasizes about a white boy inventing rock n’ roll.”

        N.K. Jemisin: “… the average American is bigoted as fuck and can’t tell their Sikhs from their Muslims.” 

        SFWA member Delilah Dawson: “Growing up in the South, I assume that most white people I meet, especially the Conservative-Christian-Republican types who people my family reunions, are racists.” 

        N.K. Jemisin: “I realized two things: a) that Heinlein was racist as fuck, and b) most of science fiction fandom was too…” 

        N.K. Jemisin: “Homeschooling won’t protect black kids from bigotry. Not in this society.” 

        Blog post by Nebula and British SF nominee Jason Sanford: “Why Super Angry White Man is a pretty shitty superhero.”

        (Don’t expect K. Tempest Bradford, Jaymee Goh or WisCon Guest of Honor Jemisin to be disinvited from WisCon, though their remarks are worse than disinvited GOH Elizabeth Moon. That’s because they’re hypocrites about racism.)

      6. What every one should do is Tweet these with one word changed and watch them go nuts when they don’t recognize quotes from their own community.

        “Old black women. What are you going to do with them?” How does that sound to the SFWA?

        The NBA’s black bloat.

        Seems lately every week is Arab stupidity week.

        Alas, my job doesn’t let me refuse to read gay blacks.

        Latina women wouldn’t know ‘nuance’ if they tripped on it.

        Didn’t need the user icon to know you’re a black woman.

        Black Orpheus, I find the whole thing deeply offensive, with its black cast.

        Angry old black women are angry, old, black, and female.

        Come to our whites-only dinner!! No black gawkers.!!

        How much do Arab tears cost? Not much given how many are on the internet.

        Look at this photo of the Miami Heat. Someone probably just messed up the ‘white balance’ setting on the camera.

        The main mythic story you find in science fiction, generally written by non-whites, is pretending they can build space stations.

      7. Kate Elliott: pasty white.
        Rose Fox: pasty white.
        Teresa Nielsen Hayden: pasty white.
        Charles Stross: pasty white.
        Sean Williams: pasty white.
        Foz Meadows: pasty white.
        John Scalzi: pasty white.
        Jim Hines: pasty white.
        Annalee Newitz: pasty white.
        James Worrad: pasty white.
        Carrie Cuinn: pasty white.
        Cheryl Morgan: pasty white.
        Sophia McDougall: pasty white.

        There are *maybe* three Blacks and a couple of Latinos in that group. The other “minorities” are all Asians and Indians (hint: not exactly “underprivileged”, as a rule, although I’ll give “Jaymee” Goh a few trauma points based on that name — but only if it was given by immigrant parents who didn’t speak English. If it was self-inflicted, nope.).

        “SFWA member and past official Jim Hines racially profiling a photo of white people consisting of past, present, and future WorldCon chairs”

        Cool. Let’s see him do the same thing to a photo of the staff at his publisher, Tor Books (unofficial motto: “Diversity is our middle name. We even have a couple of Jews and some Italians!”).

  10. There were people on the Archon Facebook page saying that they would insult/harass Timmy to the point of him notifying security and then claim he was lying so that security would throw him out for false reports of harassment. What a nice group of people.

    1. What a truly vile bunch.

      Oh, and here’s a tweet which was retweeted approvingly by Ann Leckie:

      “Archon 38 Cancels Bolgeo As Fan GoH”.

      Why am I not surprised?

      1. Leckie should be booted from the SFWA herself for her remarks about heterosexual white men. Her analogy is they randomly punch women, gays, and PoC. How savage are white men then? Instead it’s award-time.

        If someone wrote her exact words about black men being dangerous, there would be demands for her removal from the SFWA.

        After she lambastes them she does what got Elizabeth Moon booted from WisCon, she adds a disclaimer: “Granted, some white straight cis guys have noticed and will talk about how they don’t like it and they wish it would stop.”

        Moon’s disclaimer which got her yelled at was: “I know–I do not dispute–that many Muslims had nothing to do with the attacks, did not approve of them, would have stopped them if they could. I do not dispute that there are moderate, even liberal, Muslims, that many Muslims have all the virtues of civilized persons and are admirable in all those ways.”

        Either both are patronizingly racist comments, or neither are. WisCon has set their benchmark. So has the SFWA – and then each has proceeded to ignore that benchmark if your racism is correct racism.

        What can you say about an organization that basically gave Leckie an award for opening perceptions about gender pronouns, which then observably has no race or gender-neutral definition of racism? That’s just nuts.

      1. The one about Cumberbatch had me facepalming HARD. They actively changed that specific character to being played by him because they wanted to avoid the whole charge of racist typecasting of a man who kills possibly hundreds of thousands of people to ‘brown person profiling’ bullcrap. You can’t please the idiots, ever.

    1. “Come to the matriarchy side. We have vaginas.”

      That right there deserves some sort of warning. Is there a trigger warning for that?

      Trigger Warning for Accidental Coffee Snorting

      That makes no sense. Eh. I tried.

      1. The proper response to any woman that says that is
        You may have them but you’ll claim rape if you decidet hat you didnt want me seeing it AFTER you showed it to me. So you can put it away.

    1. From what I’ve got from behind closed doors from various con committee members, they’ve tried in places. Luckily for me I’m A. Popular. B. Honest. C. Prolific. So when I’m accused of some made up nonsense I’ve had people willing to go to bat for me and cite what I’ve actually said.

      1. What do you expect when they just skim until offended? They don’t dare actually read what you wrote.

        I mean, they might find out that you’re not really a Hatey Hate McHaterson.

  11. Aaaaand here they go again. Special Snowflakes are like wasps. You’re never completely rid of them. All you can do is trap them, poison them, crush their nests, and plant lots of mint to attract honey bees that’ll kill the ones you missed. Sorry, guys, my wife has had me planting a garden this week, so these are the metaphors you’re stuck with. 😀

  12. Hey, I just saw an anonymous comment that claims the Archon staff are all racist, sexist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic cigarette smokers who drive diesel pickup trucks and worship Jesus!! It must be true, so I guess we can expect their mass suicide as soon as they hear about it… 🙄

  13. I have known Uncle Timmy for years. When I would attend a con for the first time and Uncle Timmy was there, I knew there would be a friendly face and good company.

    If there was an author I wanted to meet but was too shy to introuce myself, Uncle Timmy would call them over and start chatting with them and introduce me to them.

    Uncle Timmy gave me career advice when I needed it, and was one of the people who encouraged me to go back for Graduate School.

    What the people on the archon facebook page are saying about him is filth and dreck. How he has been treated by the archon concom is deplorable.

    The people attacking Uncle Timmy are small and petty. I would pity them, but I fear that would only feed their victemhood status.

  14. Not quite a decade ago, when I was active on Live Journal, I ran afoul of a group that counted among its victories “destroying the career” of an editor because he was a racist and doing something similar to a fantasy writer because of her hatred for Native Americans.
    [Note: Since I don’t have their permission, I’m not using their names. However, I will say neither was either a racist nor destroyed.]

    I’d never heard of the group when a member engaged me in a comment thread somewhere and invited me to join an online community dedicated to combating racism in science fiction.
    My first mistake was thinking this was a group interested in addressing institutional racism and legitimate dialog on diversity (mostly because that’s what their group’s banner said they were about).
    My second mistake was trying to talk sense to them once they’d revealed themselves as a pack of loons. (Meaning no disrespect to diving waterfowl in North America and Europe.)
    Before I managed to extricate myself they informed me in no uncertain terms that I’d been married to Valerie 25 years (now 34) because I was a racist. As one person who clearly had never been married – quite possibly had never been involved in a meaningful relationship with a sentient being – put it: I was acting out my “slave master fantasies.”
    I was also told that whenever I wrote a story with a protagonist of any race or gender other than my own I was “exploiting” that race and/or gender.

    I got free of them without having to delete my Live Journal account or abandon my email address, as some before me had. As a guy who writes and edits for role playing games I’m evidently not significant enough to hound. Although I think one member was responsible five or six years ago for an Amazon review of a novel of mine that ranted about my racism without mentioning the book; Amazon removed it.

    I worked in mental health for decades and have taken part in many diversity and cross-cultural programs over the years, but none of my experiences seems applicable to this phenomenon. I have no idea what motivates these people.
    Whatever the cause, these people are irrational. And mental health 101 teaches it’s pointless to expect rational behavior from or meaningful dialog with people who are irrational; it’s beyond their abilities.
    All we can do is take what steps we can to minimize their danger to themselves and others

    1. From what I can tell, there are a few phenomena in play:
      Isolated Groups and Social Proof: Groups that begin relatively small, become hardened by their observations of each other. When people of this sort of thinking move into an institution, they bring their social proof with them. Everyone thinks like me, so I’m right.

      Minimal Threats in a Low Threat Environment: The majority of SJW rarely experience any significant threat to their environment. In the US, it’s unlikely that you’ll starve to death or even be without shelter if you’re relatively functional. It’s a comfy place where you’re not likely to be mugged or killed. With so few serious threats, there is no way for the mind to gauge the significance of a perceived threat. “He’ll hurt my feelings” may well be the most serious consequence a person has ever faced from another human.

      Institutional Corrosion: One bad apple spoils the bunch. One shrill person spoils the group for everyone who finds them shrill and obnoxious. People who would rather not be around that sort of behavior leave unless there’s an overriding reason to stay. In time, the most toxic and persistent (see Isolated Groups and Social Proof) forces dominate the institution. Eventually, this sort of corruption kills the group, or at least destroys it’s mission, but that takes time and zombie institutions can go a long way on their name.

      1. Eric Raymond (esr) has this on his blog a couple of days regarding Evaporating Cooling. That is an organization gets more and more crazy that it droves the logical and sensible members out of the the fold so it reaches an equilibrium of echo chamber. The blog post was about Global Warming, but it equally applies to SFWA and the Social Justice Whiners.

  15. Half the battle is picking a good label. One where even explaining the label itself exposes truth.

    I’m liking “Neo-Paternalists”, for the GHH/SJW crowd, but admit it could use a third word perhaps.

    It’s exactly what they claim to not want (Someone using force, intimidation, and rules to harsh their buzz) as opposed to “Maternalism”, which is always the ruled-by-fluffy-bunnies-utopia. Plus the term itself exposes their own inherent sexism.

    SJW is something they’d probably adopt themselves as a badge of honor. Nice when you’re trying to get people to self-identify (like the term ‘Jihadist’) out of a crowd. But target identification isn’t really a problem here.

    GHH is amusing. But, while descriptive, is ‘just’ a slur.

    Not sure about FCP.

    1. I remarked in my blog post on the matter, that it seems in the last year that some sort of ideological zombie apocalypse had broken out. I mean, you know, everybody in fandom seems to be trying to eat each others’ brains. So I’ve proposed “ideological zombie”…

      1. Now, now Fail…

        The tea party movement was protesting the federal gov’t flushing trillions of dollars (borrowed) down the toilet.

        The SJW and GHH crowds hat them because they like their own team in power to be able to keep buying votes. The media hate them because they proved a credible political threat in 2010.

        The entire discussion topic is about bastards spewing hate and lies to advance their own goals.

  16. 42 responses, plus multiple blog posts, and not one of them quote the actual things that Bolgeo wrote that were found objectionable. If you don’t find them objectionable, why don’t you pass them along? If they were all harmless opinions, why not show the world how harmless they were? Wouldn’t that settle who was right and who was wrong?

    Tim Bolgeo’s Fan Guest of Honor award was withdrawn because the Archon board was, grudgingly and against their will, shown that no matter how much he claims he isn’t a racist, no matter how many people say he isn’t a racist, and no matter what other good he’s done for the community, someone who spent more than a decade publishing racist humor is not someone the convention should honor, not when he was still proud enough of that decade-plus of racist humor to continue distributing it on the LibertyCon website.

    If you’re saying that that isn’t so awful, that that shouldn’t count in light of how many friends he has and what other good he’s done, quote the racist humor that you’re defending and say, “See? I think this isn’t so bad.”

    1. Wait… We DON’T think he’s racist, so we need to find the racist things we think he DIDN’T write, post the objectionable things we didn’t find objectionable, and explain how they’re NOT racist? Wow.. Are there enough unprovable negatives in there? Since that isn’t actually how proof or evidence works, how about you show us your evidence that he is?

      Oh… Wait… I forgot, white guy repeating a joke that would be okay if told by the hip white cast of Saturday Night Live is racist. Well, never mind then! How about you put up these awful, terrible bad pieces of evidence, and for every one we find a similar joke told by an “acceptable” source like Colbert, George Carlin, Richard Pryor or some other comedian, or we find something far more hateful told about an approved group by a left wing guest who you’d never dare disinvite from a con?

      Then you can explain how everything they said is okay there but awful when said by somebody who doesn’t practice proper good think.

      1. Larry, I have it on good authority that you’re all “sad old white people grasping at straws”, although “you probably don’t realize your own racism and are simply old and out of touch conservatives, frightened by the rapidly changing world and the looming end of white privilege”.

        And on the other hand, the very fact that Tim is defending himself, and that you all are defending him, from charges of racism—why, that’s just more evidence of how racist you and he all are!

        (I have never before seen a Model A kafkatrap used quite so blatantly as in the second post I linked to.)

    2. Have you read his “racist jokes” in context? IE in his newsletter? Sorry, everything that I heard from his friends is that his “racist jokes” were taken out of context to make the jokes “sound racist”.

    3. Mister HIcks, you sound like an anti-intellectual to me- you use the same language, the same ignorant tropes.
      I demand that you prove that you are not.
      If you aren’t, it should be easy for you and you should treasure the opportunity to prove your bonafides… only a true redneck knuckledragger would balk at the chance to prove his open-mindedness.
      I eagerly await your proof… or your shameful admission that you truly do side against Mr. Bolgeo not out of conviction, but out of plain, narrow, bigoted hate for his mind.

    4. I don’t have to prove jack. I’m not the one trying to overturn someone’s reputation. You’re the one who says he should have the appearance withdrawn, and any effort he’s made toward it flushed. You want to destroy a persons time and effort, you prove it.

      1. Since when have leftists EVER cared about things like “due process” or “proof?” Such things are impediments to their arguments, which rely entirely on emotion, a self-righteous attitude and “the seriousness of the charge.”

        And under the circumstances, why should we even give a damn about any after-the-fact “proof” that a spiteful, libelous little fascist like Bradley might excrete? It’d just be a case of “defending the indefensible,” as Orwell put it.

      2. “spiteful, libelous little fascist”

        You left out “old”, “white”, and “male”.

        Why is it always old white guys like Brad, Scalzi, Hines, et al who take preemptive offense on behalf of others (or should that be “The Other”?).

        Do they think they’re going to get an honorary Vagina of Color award or something?

    5. “..shown that no matter how much he claims he isn’t a racist, no matter how many people say he isn’t a racist, and no matter what other good he’s done for the community…”

      And all i read is:
      “I don’t care if you have an iron-cast aliby, twenty witnesses all swearing you never did the deed, and forensic evidence of your innocence- it proves nothing!! Nothing i say!!

      But then again that may be my white male privilege clouding my mind.

      1. ..shown that no matter how much he claims he isn’t a racist, no matter how many people say he isn’t a racist, and no matter what other good he’s done for the community…” Yet by liberal standards Jesse “Hymetown” Jackson is a super hero. Harry Reid is swell. Go figure.

    6. Brad: judging from your profile pic you are way too old, too white, and too male to have a valid opinion on this subject.

  17. Ok, as one of the resident pain in the ass liberals here who happens to think GENUINE racism falls under the umbrella of fighting words (ie call a black person a n****** and they get to knock your ass out for free) can I get a link to the ACTUAL WORDS allegedly atributed to Mr. Bolego? Not some stuff he reposted from somewhere else but words that actually originated in HIS brain and left HIS mouth. What I keep seeing is people screaming that this person or that person is a racist and then noone being able to point to what they really said or did that’s racist. Just once it’d be nice to see what someone getting accused of hating on color is supposed to have actually said so I can judge for myself.

    1. Well, yesterday I could have. I guess Tim Bolgeo isn’t very proud of his ethnic humor any more, or else LibertyCon isn’t — the ‘zine isn’t hosted there, or anywhere else that people have seen, any more. Which puts you all in the interesting position of defending something that even the guy who wrote it is treating as hard to defend.

      1. Yeah, because branding someone with the worst name we generally use for someone couldn’t possibly have a negative impact on them and make them want to withdraw a bit from the world, now would it.

        Seriously, people like you absolutely disgust me.

      2. Tell me Sir are you a fan of Chris Rock and his “Humor” how bout Wanda Sykes? Or George Lopez? Or Margaret Cho? – Because I find each of them as rasist as it gets.

      3. So it’s there, but you couldn’t bother to find the offending pieces and their context, so you thought no one here would look?

        Something to keep in mind about us here. We WILL check out your comments. You step out of your lane, you will be put back into it. Abruptly.

        So, do you want to try that shit again? Go, find the offending jokes. Copy and past the whole thing, including the relevant tags that Uncle Timmy mentions in his post dated today. Provide links so we can verify (if you don’t, we will find it and check your ass).

        So what do you say, Brad? Want to give it another shot?

      4. @Joel Salomon: Thanks for the link. Just signed up for the newsletter.


    2. Still waiting for that link. Now here’s MY take on racism. And I’m going to start this with an ACTUAL QUOTE from my degenerate scumfuck oxygen thief of a father who I am pleased to say has been lowering property values in Hell lo these 20 years now. “When you get ready to get laid go find a nigger gal because they’ll do anything to have a light-skinned baby, even fuck a loser like you.” . I was TEN when he said that to me. So when I say I have some passing familiarity with racism I don’t mean that someone once told a black joke at a family gathering. I mean I spent the first sixteen years of my life being taught to believe that nonwhites weren’t actually human beings. “They might dress up in clothes and mimic human speech but never imagine they’re human. The fact that we can breed with them is just one of God’s little jokes.” .

      I obviously no longer ascribe to that bullshit, brainfucked philosophy. But I don’t think that repeating a racist joke makes you a racist any more than singing the song Yoda makes you a skilled accordion player. You have to look at the bigger picture of a person’s actions. Do they ONLY tell ethnic jokes about non-whites? Then maybe they’re a little bit racist. Maybe a lot. Are they just as quick to take the piss outta their own tribe as others? how many sober Irishmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Couldn’t say; noone has ever SEEN a sober Irishman. Then maybe not. Do they treat people, regardless of color with courtesy and equality? Then odds are they just have questionable taste in humor. It’s like Larry said on my facebook yesterday; real racism exists and the word gets tossed around so much these days that the genuine article gets lost in the noise. I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

      As a lifetime member of fandom I think this is a bunch of bullshit over nothing. You HAVE NO RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED. And it is frankly fucking retarded -a word I get to use because I actually am supposed to be on SSI for a mental disability but chose to work instead so spare me the butthurt on that score- to try and ban a person from a convention just because they say something that has offended you. Shit, Larry has said some things directly too me, about me personally (I believe the phrase ‘fucking liberal idiot’ featured in their rather prominently) that I found pretty damned offensive and I happen to consider his pressence at this years CONvergence to be the coolest thing to happen to the Con since Peter Mayhew was a guest. You get my rambling point? The world is full of stuff you don’t like and people saying things you don’t like. GET OVER IT AND DON’T ASSOCIATE WITH THEM BUT DON’T BE SUCH A WHINY LITTLE PUSS! If we ban everything and everyone that anyone finds offensive from fandom then we’re gonna find we’ve banned everything and everyone from fandom. And *I* find *that* offensive . So i guess we gotta ban that too.

  18. I’m blown away by those quotes from Fail Burton. I know a lot of these people are bigoted racists, but shit, they’re not even hiding it. It’s upsetting to see how deeply their hate is rooted. That right there is a permanent state of revulsion at a whole class of people, and nothing will persuade them to feel differently. It’s engrained. My existence offends them. WTF?!

      1. More importantly, the people with incorrect politically unacceptable thoughts. You get three extra strike if you happened to be heterosexual white man.

        1. What’s really funny is their own prejudice. They automatically assume that any white male who disagrees with them are straight.

          I know for a fact that they’re not. Know at least one who’s gotten into it with the SJW crowd online, been accused of being a cis-gendered, heteronormative fascist (more or less) who’s really not straight at all. He’s just not really out of the closet, so didn’t correct them.

          Of course, he ascribes to badthink, and therefore must be purged anyways.

      2. I’m getting that impression, yes. Sounds like selective racism or so-called fair discrimination. The problem with that is obvious: it’s toxic. It divides people, cause resentment, and fuels hate (on their part). It shouldn’t be allowed. I’m serious. Otherwise It’s going to get worse.

        1. I’ll go so far as say it’ll eventually fuel hate among white folks.

          You can only shit on a group for so long, especially a group that doesn’t have a history of being shit on, before you have a real problem.

          These people just don’t get that you don’t correct past wrongs by committing those same wrongs to a different group of people.

  19. I think we’ve lost a vital and enriching part of our culture when we are so fearful of our differences that we cannot find advantage and pleasure in them.

    1. I’m with you, Andrew. Whatever happened to the attitude, “I hate what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?” (I kind of miss that, y’know?)

      Railroading anyone _out of context_ is wrong. But a bunch of people who are supposedly devoted to reading science fiction and fantasy doing this out of context is so mind-jarringly wrong that I don’t have the words to express my contempt.

      One final thought: Why didn’t Archon at least have the bare decency to allow Mr. Bolgeo to answer these charges? (If they could answer that one with a straight face, I’d have far more respect for them.)

      1. When they’re chanting for my death, I kind of lose the will to die defending their free speech rights.

        1. Can’t blame you there, EH. Most of us would.

          Maybe it’s because I grew up in SE Wisconsin and I saw the police have to go and defend neo-Nazis when they marched in IL several times that I feel this way. The police went out there because as distasteful as the neo-Nazis were, they had the right to peacefully assemble and protest, the same as anyone else.

          I felt sorry for the policemen who had to defend the neo-Nazis, but I’m glad they did it. I understand the underlying principles involved and felt what the policemen did was honorable.

  20. “A wonderfully thought-provoking speech, with plenty to study on and act on. You’ve given me fodder for moving ahead with my own writing in terms of a wider variety of characters, having begun in a time when simply creating active female heroes was a revolutionary act. We keep plugging away, hoping to create a better, more inclusive world. With people like you sounding the call for us to listen, keep working, and stay aware, not to rest on what’s been achieved, I hope we’ll get there.” – Tamora Pierce

    That’s this year’s Archon Guest of Honor Tamora Pierce commenting on N.K. Jemisin’s web site when she posted her Continuum Guest of Honor speech in Australia.

    In my own opinion, it is an incredibly racist speech where Jemisin told all the white people of Australia “This is not a safe country for people of color” and patronizingly added “You’ve still got a long way to go before Reconciliation is complete, but then again, you’ve started down that path. You’re trying.”

    Gee. The whites are trying. Bless their white souls. Then Jemisin links to a page about Australia’s Reconciliation and adds “It is time for a Reconciliation within SFF.”

    This week Jemisin Tweeted “still thinking abt what SFF reconciliation would look like. Political models incl confession, restitution. What’s appropriate for lit?” In the Tweet before that Jemisin makes it clear she is considering tabling this at WisCon this weekend – “Gathering my thoughts for the con.”

    So if you’re an SFF writer, and though there is no proof SFF ever ganged up on black folks, Jemisin is considering whether you should confess and pay cash. This is a woman who rarely misses a day without going after white folks, and she’s not telling bawdy jokes, but talking about a race of people she considers “diabolical” in how clever they’ve been setting up an “ingenious system allowing it to dominate most of the planet.”

    You think Archon or that monk whining about white privilege will go after Pierce for supporting a “wonderfully thought-provoking” bit of flummery that includes all white SFF authors who ever lived as well as every white on an entire continent? Keep dreaming. It’s all about social position. What that translates into is the word “racism” means whatever the hell you want it to mean. There is no binding principle we can all grasp at. None. It is the equivalent of a culture without law. No surprise then that some burglars get awards and others banned from society. It’s chaos.

      1. As a first generation immigrant from Taiwan, I have to as this question: What did my ancestors ever did to ANY slaves in America? I know logic is too hard for these folks.

        1. The last I heard, the “logic” was that the US was built by slavery therefore anybody who benefits from what was built and doesn’t have slave ancestors has to “pay back” to the descendents of slaves.

          The “benefits from what was built” apparently applies to anybody who immigrated to the US after slavery ended.

          Of course, non-whites normally don’t have to “pay back” but Asians may be counted as White.

          1. Trust them. The democrats are experts on what is actually racist because most of this country’s racism was committed by democrats. 🙂

            And they need to hurry and get this stuff in while they can. Since the entire concept of race is flawed and it matters less and less to each generation. the left needs to milk it as hard as possible while it lasts. Human beings like to have sex with each other and make different color babies. Repeat. Repeat. Currently the main places race still matters is on government paperwork and in democrat controlled inner cities where they like to color code groups of voters for convenience. My grand kids are going to look back on this craziness the same way we look at eugenics in the 30s.

          2. Most American blacks wouldn’t exist absent slavery, their ancestors would’ve been sold to Muslims, or executed outright, or never would’ve met their other ancestors of the opposite sex, or would’ve produced different children, or…

            So if we’re discussing modern groups that have benefited from the existence of slavery in the U.S., I know who goes at the top of the list.

      2. Lament today from the gracious Nebula-winner Aliette de Bodard: “SFF is, alas, dominated by white westerners,”

        I think it’s safe to say that’s so casual it’s completely unaware of itself. But if you say basketball is, alas, dominated by blacks, awareness alarms go off and guest’s of honor get dumped. I’m taking a wild guess her neighborhood is dominated by white westerners though she would never say a black neighborhood is, alas, dominated by blacks. In fact I take it on faith none of SFF’s social justice warriors would ever live in a black neighborhood. It’s easier to defend from a distance. That’s why these are Orwells’ kiddies.

        Let’s face it: SFF is a bad neighborhood. Anyway, white SFF authors should know more about how much they’ll have to kick into a reparations funds after WisCon. How about a Kickstarter: HELP US PEOPLE OF NO COLOR (PoNC) PAY REPARATIONS IN SFF!!!

        Maybe if you start a Twitter campaign you’ll get a discount for confessing in advance. I’ve heard that always works with torture. #reparationsinSFF “Get on the ball SFWA – we’re anxious to show our loyalty to QUILTbaggery.”

      3. Bets on if “reparations in SFF” comes out along the lines of ‘those darn white male authors sell way more books than I do, so they should give me a some of their money so that we all earn the same income’ Marxist wealth distribution?

      4. dyingearth,

        Wealth inherited by blood does not reliably pass down the generations. After the people who made it die, wealth can vanish rapidly. Very functional productive people can raise dysfunctional screw ups.

        Transmitting wealth across generations well seems to require using one generation’s money to help the next generation generate money. This works better in an organization that can select on ability to learn to generate money.

        Jim Crow saved the Democratic Party after the war of southern Democrat treason. Several of the Democratic Parties used murder, terrorism, and various other forms of oppression to advantage themselves at the cost of disadvantaging the United States. They gained political capital by hurting the freed slaves, and their descendants.

        Political capital expires very quickly. A party that lasts uses their existing political capital, their power, to attract younger politicians capable of generating political capital from the younger voters.

        The only politicians who directly benefit from creating an oppressive environment for minorities are the likes of Sharpton.

        The Democratic Party, by which I mean the national Party, and the Parties of all the states and territories, lasted.

        The southern Democratic Parties of the late nineteenth century used their criminally obtained federal legislature votes to attract politicians in the north to the national Democratic Party.

        The Democratic politicians of the 1920s and 1930s used their power, in some cases associated with mass grave amounts of blood, to attract political heirs, who obtained power in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and so forth. A mover and shaker who ‘gets things done’ might well have a career of eighty years or more.

        Bill Clinton may have come from a background of poverty, but his association with the Arkansas Democratic Party means that he inherited the benefit of some pretty nasty stuff. Frankly, the people who did the stuff, who organized Jim Crow within the Party, were not the nicest, most lawful and most ethical of people. They selected political heirs with those same qualities, and capability. Those heirs did the same when they were looking for followers, and so forth. Since I mentioned Bill Clinton, he is a serial sexual predator and almost certainly a rapist, and his wife ran very efficient cover ups for him. That is probably tied in to their success in the Arkansas Democratic Party.

        I see the Democratic Party as a white supremacist organization that apologizes on behalf of other people for what they did, and refuses to take personal responsibility, or make personal restitution.

        If you ever registered Democrat, voted Democrat or gave political funding to a Democrat, you made things worse, but maybe not knowingly so.

        If you ever took favors from a Democratic politician, or benefited from a partisan Democratic policy, you benefited from white supremacism. Again, maybe not knowingly so.

        Democratic and other theories of wider support/benefit seem to hinge on a few things:

        a) Seeing imaginary positives in white supremacism and related policies.
        b) Counting as benefits things that are actually harmful.
        c) Overestimating wealth transmission by blood. Or guilt transmission by blood. There is a whole raft of supplemental theories that require racism have some validity to have any truth.
        d) Bringing in stuff like critical race theory, and refusing to follow it to the logical conclusion.
        e) Outright falsehood

      5. Dyingearth, this was retweeted by the organizer of WisCon’s segregated room and dinner K. Tempest Bradford:

        “white people #PSA: Your specific ancestors needn’t have been slave-owners or native-killers for you to benefit from white supremacy.”

        I believe if the QUILTBAGs consult the race-chart they keep in a tabernacle at WisCon, you may be eligible for a discount. Although it does clamp the lid down tight on whites even if you were born in Poland 5 years ago.

      6. We do not owe Blacks reparations for slavery. Nobody alive today was a slave in America or owned slaves in America. What we do owe is reparations for allowing Progressive Twits to ruin inner city schools. They were never all that great, but there was a time when they could be counted on to graduate students who could read, write, and to basic math.

        The best way to pay these reparations would be vouchers. The second best way is to support private scholarships for inner city kids.

        But think how much FUN it would be to put Al “photographic negative of a KKK klegle” Sharpton and Jesse “pay me off” Jackson in the position of telling their constituency (read; victims) that they don’t want control over their children’s education, they want more of the payoffs that never seem to do them any damn good.

  21. I’m not always the biggest fan of Vox Day as an internet polemicist, but you’ve gotta admit: his comments specifically about Jemisin were right on the money.

  22. I don’t find this surprising in the least. SFWA has been attack us (your fans, Larry) for years. They got the panties in a bunch because your fans voted for the Hugos. All because we’re not the ‘right’ type of fans.

    1. Which PROVES how fucking stupid SFWA is because pretty much everyone I know is a libprog and most of my friends and family who I have shown Larry’s work to are PISSED that he doesn’t write faster and publish more frequently. Quality product is quality product, piss on the politics of the guy creating it.

      1. I see someone that needs to go back for goodthink training. We will schedule that for you just as soon as you meet with the financial counselor on how you will contribute to the reparations fund.

  23. We need a T-Shirt:

    The Social Justice Warriors’ 12-step Program

    1. WE admit that YOU have a problem.

    2. If you don’t, you’re racist.

    3. …………

    I’ll let the rest of you fill in the remainder….

  24. Well said. I recall when fandom tolerated everything except violence. It was out pride to be so. That included tolerating all races at a time when many states were legally segregated and it took some courage to do so. It included tolerating all sexes and genders at a time when their actions were against local and state laws. It included toleration of bizarre piercings and very odd people indeed; all this in a time when the social order encouraged no such thing.

    Fandom welcomed fans, and to the best of our ability fans were treated equally. But we also tolerated free speech. And we did not condemn anyone for imagined thoughtcrimes. Apparently that fandom is gone. We are the poorer for that.

  25. From Fail….
    Lament today from the gracious Nebula-winner Aliette de Bodard: “SFF is, alas, dominated by white westerners,”

    She’s French-Vietnamese. Born in the US. Lives in FRANCE.
    She’s almost the very definition of “white westerner.” Hasn’t she heard…. Asian people aren’t “minority enough.”

  26. Amusingly, the Archon FaceBook page _just now_ finally got around to deleting the giant thread started by the trolling ponytailed Leftist douchebag.

  27. These SJW types see racism and prejudice everywhere, because they are such hardcore bigots themselves (in MULTIPLE ways). It’s simple projection. They will continue to rant and rave in this regard, because somebody has to be continually scapegoated for their own prejudice. Abnormal Psychology 101.

    Well-known far Left genre writers are among the worst bigots in SF (in fact among the worst bigots period), on both sides of the Atlantic, but you know it’s PC moral relativist bigotry, so it’s just hunky dory.

    As ‘Fail Burton’ put it, Charles Stross blamed white guys from the Tea Party for the Boston bombing when it went down, and only he and I have called him out on it. That’s not the only prejudice Stross is guilty of… All this is tip of the iceberg with the far Left in the genre community, who get away with the most hardcore in-your-face hatred. Then again, that’s a reflection of the wider culture (the media, the universities, NGOs etc.), but it’s no less scary for all that.

    1. What makes Stross’s comment even funnier is he wrote this 1 hour earlier:

      “The comments on this blog entry are not intended for wild speculation about the identity and motivation of the bombers; comments on those lines may be deleted, especially if I think they amount to hate speech directed against minorities.”

      It’s classic PC: they make up a rule intended to fight racism, break it, and then do that actual thing. It’s a pattern you see the PC do over and over again. The racist sexists they’re looking for are themselves, because other than a few individuals here and there, there has never been anything remotely like an institutional trend in SF to keep out women, gays, and non-whites. The PC will tell you the exact opposite but they can’t document a trend like that. It’s all urban myths.

      Even funnier, even after sweeping the Nebulas, they’re still going on about Joanna Russ’s “How To Suppress Women’s Writing” in an America where half the paperbacks published are romance and 80% of romance authors women. 3 of the 5 richest authors in the UK/America are women. Somehow that all translates into America punching them in the face everyday and wanting to drag them behind pick-up trucks. Unsurprisingly, Russ was published in the Magazine of Fantasy & SF when she was 22.

      These PC see a hostile misogynist white male supremacy in SFF where there is none and then turn around and behave and use writing exactly like neo-Nazis. Except even neo-Nazis presumably like women.

      QUILTbaggers practically define nutty conspiracy theorists. It’s no wonder nothing they write makes any sense to normal people.

      1. Fail – can you provide either a cite or steer me to where I can find it? This is in regards to the 50% of paperbacks are romance and 80% of those… comment above.

        Not arguing, just interested in using this data if you have a cite.

      2. “Illouz discloses more staggering numbers: Romance novels are a billion-dollar-a-year industry and make up 46 percent of all mass-market paperbacks sold in America”

        My understanding is that the total share is about 1/4.

        A 2005 PDF from the Romance Writers of America states “54.9% of paperback sales in 2004 were romance fiction—which is almost half of all paperback fiction sold” and “39.3% of all fiction sold is romance.” Wiki confirms the first.

        I couldn’t find the author thing again but I found another that suggested it was a much higher female authorship. If you Google it I’m sure you’ll find it.

      3. It’s hard to know how many men might be writing romance because romance is one of the fields where it is *absolutely* necessary to use a gender specific pseudonym.

  28. The SJW’s are using the wrong historical model. It is as if they want to set up a 12th century aristrocracy, but based on carefully categorized classifications of race, gender, yadda yadda.

    As artist, better to look at the music world, with the Jazz scene being perhaps the best model. The governing factor is “are they good” rather than “we need to fill a minority quota”.

  29. As is usual with the PC, their own reality trumps satire.

    “Retweeted by N. K. Jemisin
    Ribbon Knight ‏@ribbonknight 4h Here’s my liveblog of the Reconciliation Within SF/F panel: #wiscon #SFFReconciliation”

    No sooner do I make a satirical hashtag “#reparationsinSFF,” here, than a real one appears there. Not only that, the panel semi-transcript quotes Jemisin’s Australia speech. The link with the transcript is informative to say the least, and I urge you all to read it. Or you can just bang your head against a wall – same difference. Here is a quote attributed to Jemisin:

    “NKJ: That was my thought process. If we can’t even acknowledge what happened, of course you can’t move on from it. That was my thought in SF/F. Still not acknowledging a lot of what happening, not acknowledging what’s still happening, nor longterm impact. Genre dominated by white male voices. That wasn’t nature. Start with questions in panel. What would a Reconciliation look like?”

    My own position is that there has never been a white supremacist movement in SFF in the last 100 years and there is no one on the face of this earth who can present facts there was. The reason for that is such facts don’t exist. This is all a lie. Nothing “happened.” There have never been “white male voices” in SFF in a racial sense any more than NASCAR represents white male voices or the NBA black male voices.

    “Problem not with POC. POC do read divergently.”

    What a nonsensical thing to say about a culture that has restored neglected ruins from Borobodur to Abu Simbel to Tikal and saved great swaths of Urdu literature from mold in New Delhi and the very language of the ancient Pharaohs not to mention thousands of translations too numerous to mention. This is not driven by facts or history, but by sheer racial disdain with the facts and context stripped out.

    Don’t look for these people to ever talk – EVER – about Arab reconciliations for the entirety of the Middle East, or Ottoman reconciliations for the Balkans and Greece, Arab and N. African reconciliations to Spain, Egyptian reconciliations to Coptic Christians who to this day are ineligible to be president in their own country.

    Unless you’re dumb enough to think the main thing wrong with neo-Nazis is blue eyes rather than the principle of hatred, you’d better see these people for what they are using that principle. As they themselves are so quick to point out: skin and sex doesn’t protect you from being a racial and sexual bigot. It’s a question of principle, and by the measure of any principle I’ve ever seen, this is nothing but a hate-fest of mass defamation.

    “AUD: Just read TNC’s (Ta-Nehisi Coates) on case of reparations. Would love to see that in SF. People get just the facts, the history, over and over, every time, really loud, no blushing, just no, this is what happened. Why do you think Heinlein is the best? I will tell you why you think Heinlein is the best.”

    Apparently we all think Heinlein is the best cuz we’re racists and Heinlein is white and we dote on that. No, we don’t dote on stuff like that – they do, and I have the FACTS to back that up. I leave it to you to laugh at their use of “facts” and “history” when it comes to SFF.

    Read it – read the whole damn delusional hateful mess.

    1. I keep trying to figure out what this “reconciliation” talk is all about. I mean, they’re the ones on a tirade about how horrible white men are and going on about how they don’t want to read another book written by a white man, but somehow we are supposed to reconcile with them?

      Um…no. Just no. Even if there was some institutional racism, none of us alive had anything to do with it.

      Something that’s been on my mind though. They talk about diversity in SFF, and I get that. But there’s something they keep missing.

      People who write SFF typically are people who grow up reading SFF. It’s the same as how the people who grow up and become rappers are people who grew up listening to rap music.

      I can’t speak for everywhere, but I live in a community that is over 70 percent black. I won’t say black people everywhere are like black people in Albany, Georgia, because no group is monolithic. What I will say is that milling about the SFF section of our Books-a-Million, I know what I typically see. White guys. Occasionally I’ll see a female or black person of either gender. Culturally, black folks in Albany, GA aren’t big fans of SFF.

      If they’re not reading it, why on Earth are people shocked that they’re not writing it? I mean, it’s not rocket science here. You’ve got a group of people who aren’t fans of the genre, so of course you’ve got a lack of them writing within the same genre.

      If SFWA and that crowd wanted to increase diversity in SFF, maybe a good place to start is to work towards increasing readership in these groups? Have they looked at numbers of how many “PoC” are actually reading SFF? If so, they might find that there are a higher percentage of PoC writing SFF (and being published, since it’s hard to tell how many writers never publish a thing) than reading it.

      Plus, let’s be honest, an outreach to increase readership for SFF isn’t going to be met with a lot of backlash. I’m sure Larry will agree with me that such an outreach would be awesome. After all, we all can win. More readers are more readers, so that has the potential to win over more SFF fans.

      The flip side is, it can naturally increase the diversity of writers, since some of those readers will become writers.

      Of course, it’s a lot easier to scream “diversity” than to actually figure out where the “problem” actually lies and direct efforts accordingly.

      1. The problem is this outreach is always in the context of what idiots white men are. Diversity is a natural thing. You can’t hatefully social engineer a hobby or make up black readers that don’t exist. How are you going to stuff black people into demolition derby – put up posters saying “Please forgive our racism – you’ll like smashing cars?” That kind of thing is not going to increase readership but decrease it. “Rocket ships are fun black people!!! You just don’t know it yet!!!” The assumption black people want in and are being kept out is absurd.

        What can you say about a culture that is best fought simply using their own quotes? In contrast, notice how often the PC maim quotes, or don’t present them at all, and how they have to take 1 guy and multiply him into an army. Where’s all the quotes for Uncle Timmy? If it’s such a big deal, present the facts and let us judge them.

        If you want to increase readership write some novels that are too good to ignore and stop lighting up your readership as ignorant privileged racists. The latter is not going to work. I used to be astonished how I’d pick up a Heinlein or Bradbury PB and see how they were in their 66th printing or something like that. In contrast, these PC authors routinely rank a quarter of a millionth on Amazon and none of them are ever in the Top 100 in their genre. You can’t sell hate. Americans just aren’t that dumb. Who reads SFF to be lit up as an ex-Nazi or see some daffy broad saying I symbolically punch her merely by existing?

        Let’s be honest: core genre SFF is losing readers. They’re still there, but they’re going where they feel fun, not non-stop acrimony, ditsy feminist supremacy, and racially obsessed goofballs who feel SFF will never be legitimate until it reflects some wacky pie-chart. SFF had legitimacy, and these morons wrecked it by turning it into the gay-feminist section of the bookstore. Diversity is thought, not race, and SFF was doing just fine.

  30. I’m a democrat and this is bullshit. Archon did a CYA. Larry I like your books. We are not all like this… Each party has idiots on their side. I just want to read books I like. I don’t background check authors.

    Never been to a con. So I can’t speak to what they are like.

  31. Wow. Seems the chick who got Vox Day thrown out of SFWA just basically called for a race war.

    A sample of her manifesto: “(Incidentally: Mr. Various Diseases, Mr. Civility, and Misters and Misses Free Speech At All Costs, if you represent the civilization to which I’m supposed to aspire then I am all savage, and damned proud of it. You may collectively kiss my black ass)…”

    Well, at least Nemisin’s latest spew is marginally more readable than that weird dinosaur-porn-revenge-fantasy thing that won a Nebula Award a week or so back…

    Exit question: We’re supposed to worry about Vox?

    1. Almost sounds like a break through of sorts. As a descendant of pillaging Scandi’s (or at least their stay-at-home farming siblings) I’ve long been damned proud of my barbarian roots.

      It’s far healthier to decide to quit playing and do your own thing than it is to constantly fuss and strive and complain that the rules aren’t fair.

      Of course, without “free speech at all costs” you might not have the RIGHT to say eff-it and go start your own game and do your own thing… but realizing that takes a bit more thought.

    2. “SFWA did throw that one bigot out, though plenty more remain”

      She’s right, plenty more DO remain. She and her SJW misandrists are still there.

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