Twitter friend of mine on FOX talking about "white privilege"

Kurt is one of the guys on Twitter who I club morons with.

He’s got a book coming out later this year called Conservative Insurgency (which I failed to complete in time to blurb for him, damn it) but I’m going to Boom Bomb the hell out of it.

The latest from the Fainting Couch Brigade, they go after Uncle Timmy
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35 thoughts on “Twitter friend of mine on FOX talking about "white privilege"”

  1. Do you club morons in his company or do you use him as the club to pummel morons with? Given that this guy seems to have a fairly good set of huevos, I assume it’s the former.

    I just got a mental image of Franks using some idiot as a flail to clear out a room at a White Privilege Conference. Sweet.

  2. “Balzi residence – I like houseflies and eye irritation – John speaking.”

    “Googly-gampers, John, this is Jimmy.”

    “Jimmy Shines, you ol’ nyuckle-head. How’s it goin’. Still freezing kitten farts?”

    “That was a failed experiment I’d rather not get into now. The police came and talked to me. Oogly-googs. Have you been hearing about this white privilege stuff? We’re looking more like clown-pooping spiders every day. My neighbor threw a rock at me yesterday. Should we recant or whatever it is they call it?”

    “Listen, you little bastard. You and yer buddy Kate Idiot are the ones who goaded me into writing that crap, and yer not jumping ship now. I got TV deal coming up and I’m not letting you or anyone else mess it up. Try it and I’ll come over there and give you something to write about in that Sailor Moon diary. Understand?”

    “Jars of goblin-smells, John. No need to get sore. I was just mindreading out loud.”

    “You mean thinking?”

    “Sometimes. Then I strap the cat with my belt.”




    1. Dammit, you made me snort-laugh so hard, my co-workers are looking at me funny again!

      The trigger this time was deciding that Jimmy Shines sounds like a Bizarro version of John C. Wright. 🙂

      1. “Mary Kitchenette Swineherd – Regency is as Regency does – who am I speaking to?”

        “Frying fart-pans, Mary Kitchenette. We haven’t said anything yet.”

        “Jimmy Shines, is that you? How are you, buddy? When are you sending those Regency panties back?”

        Uhhh… Bagly-wags. I had an accident, Mary. I put them in the dishwasher to clean the stains and they were shredded to bits. Sorry. I get the runs a lot.”

        “Sorry!? Those were 200 years old you filthy moron! Oh, heh-heh. Sorry, Jimmy Shines. I’m on my 3rd triple-vodka and I’m rump-over-nipples high.”

        “That’s okay, Mary Kitchenette. Listen, Mary, about this white privilege thing. Oopta-poop. People are starting to talk and my ears burn at night. I nearly suffocated myself using a fire extinguisher on my head. Even Neil Gaiman hasn’t returned one of my 5,000 messages. Ya think maybe we should back off that privilege stuff a bit?”

        “You dirty little coward!! Oops. Hah-hah. Sorry, Jimmy Shines. There’s that Absolute swimming in my brain-pan again. Sorry, Jimmy. Sorry. I’m on a tight deadline for my latest novel.”

        “Elf-sphincters, Mary. What’s it about?”

        “It’s about how Teddy Roosevelt’s wife led the charge up San Juan Hill using her magic woman-fumes.”

        “Gosh, Mary, I love books about fart-magic.”

        “It’s not about fart-magic you sorry little gimp!”


  3. You know, of course, that pointing out a liberal’s racism is itself racist.

    Speaking of “tautologies.”


    1. Never mind the tautologies.
      That statement, “I’m rump-over-nipples high.” –
      I swear I’m gonna find a use for it. Probably at the next P.O.E.T.S. corner at the local watering hole.
      Fail Burton, I salute you.

      1. “As the noble PoC of the 10th cavalry bravely swept up the heights of San Juan, their white counterparts far behind, I coiled a ball of my own personal fumes and with a grimace let fly. The air shimmered from the heat and from where I was I could see the faces of the Spanish defenders turn green in agony, no doubt their first encounter with fully operational lady-steam. With another titanic effort I puffed hard and wafted the blimps of the Suffragette Squadron over the ridge, their Gatling guns a blazing fury of womanhood.” – A Break in the Wind, by Mary Kitchenette Swineherd

        1. Fail, would you do me a favor. I know you’re having fun, but would you not keep posting things with slightly altered versions of various authors names? If I’ve got a problem with something a writer said, I’m going to talk about it directly. There’s no need to make stuff up. And I normally don’t moderate comments or ask people to moderate comments, but you’ve posted a lot of these. So please, chill out.

  4. Speaking of White Privilege, I’d just like to wish y’all a happy Throw Molly Norris Under The Bus Day.

    It used to be Everybody Draw Mohamed Day, but poor old Molly got heaved off the Progressive bus and hasn’t been seen or heard of since. Literally. She’s changed her name and is slinging cappuccino in some down-at-the-heels Starbucks in the Midwest, with Elvis and Marilyn Munroe.

    Funny how the Gender Warriors and Progressive Social Justice Corps never mention Molly. Ever.

    Leftists are all about the free speech… unless they aren’t.

    1. I am quite content that Awlaki is pushing up the Yemeni equivalent of daisies.

      Except for the part where POTUS authorized the execution of a US citizen without due process and without credible evidence of a ‘ticking bomb’ scenario.

      So Sr. Phantomsoapbox might consider his approach to nuance a bit.

      1. I’m going to point out there is precedent for this. During WWII about 200 Americans joined the Wehrmacht. With one exception, a US officer and pilot that flew a recon plane to Germany to defect, they were treated like any other German soldier (The exception was tried for treason). I would argue that they were simply treating Awlaki like any other member of Al Qaeda and blowing him to spaghetti sauce where they found him.

      2. @ rusty. I am aware that AMCITs have served in militaries engaged in ops against the US. However, unless you can cite otherwise, there isn’t record that we specifically collected intelligence (against them) and ran a strike operation with the express purpose of killing them. A population of 200 soldier (especially on the losing side) was undoubtedly attrited – but that would happen as an expected result of being a soldier in an army that was getting it’s ass beat (eventually).

        To sum up, no – this example is not precedent for the extrajudicial execution of an AMCIT by the US gov’t.

        If we accept fully at face value the US government explanation for the death of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, then maybe, just maybe his death was mere happenstance versus targeted killing AND would follow the precedent (which you cite) of the AMCITs wearing Wehrmacht grey. Of course, first you have to accept that he was an enemy combatant and not just a 16YO kid looking for a father he hadn’t seen in 2 years, and you would have to accept that the other teenagers around the fire were in fact enemy combatants and finally you would have to accept that missile strikes of this sort are lawful warfare of the same sort as running a B-24 raid over a troop concentration in the Bocage or a Mustang sweep over the Rhine.

      3. I view the fortuitous intersection of Mr. Awalaki and a drone-fired missile as one of the only decent and useful things Mr. Obama has managed to accomplish in his entire life, let alone his Presidency.

        I feel that it falls under the “non-uniformed illegal combatant in a war-zone” part of the Geneva Convention, and that such creatures forfeit their rights of citizenship the minute they participate in such a treasonous activity. Getting all upset about the lawyering is counterproductive.

        I’m also of the opinion that Churchill and Roosevelt would have used drones to blow up any Brit or American fool enough to collaborate with the Nazis in a New York minute, and damn the legal mumbo jumbo. If George Bush had blown the friggin’ guy up we’d all be dancing and handing out candy in the streets like a bunch of Palestinians.

        Just my opinion as anon-American furriner, of course, your mileage may vary.

        1. Agree. Anybody working in a foreign stronghold of an enemy of the US forfeits the protection of US citizenship.

    2. “Leftists are all about free speech… unless they aren’t”

      Yet another tautology. Could this be the best day ever?

  5. Awesome, Gotta love it when some steps on idiocy so hard the janitors are going to be cleaning it up for a week.

    BTW this is C.S. Gilmore I made a blog site on wordpress and now it keeps using that for my posts here it seems, so I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, I am still here.

  6. I need someone to photoshop a picture of Larry Clubbing a moron using Kurt as a blunt instrument. Not want. Need.

  7. It would be nice if people would compare behaviors (you know, something that can change) rather than skin. Then we could know what sorts of things a person can do to be more successful. I wonder if there’s all that much difference among people who it to 18 having graduated high school, avoided drugs, stayed out of legal trouble, and not having had a kid.

    1. THAT would be stereotyping and profiling, so such a study would never see the light of day. Unfortunately. The stats show that people under those circumstances are liable to succeed at various levels regardless of race.

    1. What a frickin’ knob. Wells’ Morlock-Eloi scenario looks more genuine with each passing year.

      Sometimes I wonder if some outlets have hired psychologists, did some market studies and found hiring retards for writers is a win-win cuz readers like to feel superior and angry. Is that writer faking? Can she really be that much of a stiff?

      I know seems to be a genuine retard-train. That latest MacFarlane binary column is like staring at the sun. I expect them to have a column about how not to drive into fake tunnel mouths painted on the sides of freeway underpasses any day now. These PC people are like insane monkeys. Their latest arguments are about – surprise – even more trigger warnings and whether white reviewers have the agency to say a PoC writer failed when using dialect like “mebbe” rather than “maybe.”

      A couple race-dinks complained at Strange Horizons and the editor apologized for a review. So white reviewers, if some PoC writes “Yah sho’ ’nuff gwine ett me sum hair-pie,” or “Old Chinese proverb say: Troot she steeng like meen bee,” just go along with it.

    2. There’s an easy solution to this, learn to read Mandarin or Japanese or Arabic or basically any far east language. The funny thing is, the US (and maybe Canada) are the only countries in the world who have people clamoring about diversity, well they’re also about the only countries in the world who actually have diversity. You think Japanese fiction worries about having black characters (they have gay characters but that’s because of a huge female audience—the whole ‘get paid’ mandate)? And we all know how much communist China just loooves allowing the people to have varying opinions and backgrounds. The middle east makes China look cuddly in comparison. It’s nice that so many people in our nation can have rich suburbanite ‘worries’, but come on, Peter Pan, you have to grow up sometime.

      1. I don’t know about Japanese written fiction, but I’ve seen sympathetically-portrayed black characters in various anime. The one that leaps to mind is _Black Lagoon_, but I know there’ve been others.

        How representative that is of blacks in other Japanese media I couldn’t say.

  8. WisCon has just announced a non-whites only “safer-neighborhood” where PoC will not be goggled at. Unfortunately analogues to shotgun weddings are forbidden by WisCon’s by-laws, so the project will probably have to be abandoned.

  9. In other news: the United Nations has just declared “Safer-Nation” status for Nigeria and Rwanda.

    Unfortunately, when Archimedes said, “Give me a fulcrum, a lever that is long enough, and a place to stand, I will move the world,” he didn’t recognize the mysterious physical omni-directional properties of immigration and the impracticality of building shoehorns and crowbars as big as aircraft carriers.

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